The Bank Job.

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Derek's POV:

This is it. The day my life changes forever, for the first time. I've been thinking about this day ever since I came back from the future. No, today isn't Judgment Day. It's the twelth of November 2007. It's an unimportant day in the course of human history, but it's very important to me and my family. What really irks me is that despite all the time I've spent thinking about today, I'm still not sure what I'm going to do. If I act, it will draw attention. That can put John in danger, but how can I stand by and do nothing? I have to prevent it. Not just for me; but for Kyle, especially for Kyle.

I get up and head for the door. John's coming down the stairs. He sees me. "Hey Derek, where are you going?"

"Just out for a walk. I want some fresh air." I'm not going to tell him the truth. There's no way I'm dragging my nephew into this. At lest, not anymore than I already have by staying here.

"Oh, okay. Hey, do you think you can pick up some food pellets while you're out? Scruffy's running low."

"Scruffy? Oh yeah, your mouse." I smile and lie. "Don't worry kid. I'll bring some back." I wont be coming back. Even if I survive this, it wouldn't be right. I can't draw anymore attention to the Connors. I shouldn't have even stayed with them in the first place.

Cameron's POV:

I hear the front door close, and I go downstairs to assess any potential threats. John is in the living room. As I walk over to him, I notice Sarah in the kitchen. I project an eighty-seven percent chance that the noise was simply caused by Derek leaving the house. Still, I ask John, "Is everything all right?"

"Yeah, why?"

"I heard the front door close."

"Oh, Derek just went for a walk." John reaches back and rubs the rear of his neck. It's an action that I've come to a associate with nervousness.

John has been extra nervous around me since four nights ago, when I kissed him. I usually consider this insecurity of his to be endearing, but right now I find myself puzzled over Derek.

Most of the time Derek is easy to predict. I do not consider him to be a complicated man. However, today Derek has been agitated. Well, Derek is always agitated, but today he has been more so than usual. I find this particularly intriguing considering the fact that I've not done anything to annoy him today. I can only attribute his agitation to some internal struggle. I find this conclusion to be unsettling.

If Derek has been dealing with an internal struggle, it is likely over something that will directly effect the family. I determine to follow Derek and see what he is up to. I do not intend to allow him to place John in danger.

"John, I'm going to go out for a while. Stay in the house, okay?"

"Why? Is something wrong?"

"That is what I intend to find out. You just wait here, were it's safe. All right?"

"All right, but be careful."

I smile at John. I enjoy that he worries about me, even if it is illogical. I'm here to protect him not the other way around. "I'll be fine." I look over at Sarah and make sure that she isn't watching. Then I lightly kiss the top of John's head before I leave.

I follow Derek for nearly two hours. He has no idea that I am tailing him. As I told him before, he's pretty easy to follow.

I notice that as he is walking, He keeps checking his watch. He checks it an average of once every 6.47 minutes. It is obvious that he doesn't want to be late for something. He reaches a bank and checks his watch again.

Derek's POV:

I arrive at the bank twenty-seven minutes early. I sit down at a café across the street and order a decaf coffee. I sip my coffee while I wait.

Cameron's POV:

Derek goes over to a café across the street. He orders a coffee, although I notice that he drinks little of it.

He just stares at the bank, looks back at his watch and stares at the bank again. I notice that the frequency at which Derek checks his watch has increased. He is now checking it an average of once every 3.28 minutes. Whatever he is waiting for is going to happen soon.

Derek's POV:

I sit at the café for twenty minutes, then I head over to the bank. I enter and look at my watch. There are four minutes left before all hell breaks loose. I sit down in one of the chairs and continue waiting.

I look over at the line in front of the teller. She's there, dressed in the same flowery dress I remember. I have to protect her. I can't let it happen again.

Cameron's POV:

Once 19.39 minutes have passed, Derek heads for the bank. 3.58 minutes after he enters, armed men wearing black ski masks follow. I doubt that they are after the bank's stockpile of lollipops. I wonder if this is what Derek has been waiting for, a bank robbery? It has to be, but why does Derek know exactly when it is going to happen?

Derek's POV:

The robbers arrive right on time. There are seven of them. They're all wearing black ski masks, and their weapons range from pistols to shotguns, to one customized AK-47.

I'm unarmed. I didn't want to take a chance on someone seeing me with a gun and calling the cops. The robbers make us all move to the corner. I insure that she's behind me.

One of the robbers is left to guard us, while his accomplices perform their assigned tasks. The one left to guard us caries one of the two shotguns. It's so close. I almost reach out and grab it; but no, not yet. Wait until they cut power to the surveillance cameras. That's when they're furthest apart and paying the lest attention to the hostages. I've seen the video a hundred times. The last words spoken are "Got it." I wait for those words.

Cameron's POV:

The robbers are quick to close the shades. However, between my thermal vision and very acute hearing, I am still able to effectively monitor the situation. Derek allows himself to be led over to a corner with the other hostages. He doesn't make any attempt to resist.

I fail to understand what he's doing. Why wait for a robbery and allow yourself to be taken hostage? What is the point? What does Derek hope to gain from this?

Derek's POV:

I hear one of the criminals say, "Got it." And I make my move. I grab the barrel of the shotgun and push it away from the hostages, away from her. In the same movement I slug the guy caring it. He's surprised enough that I'm able to twist his shotgun out of his hands. Once I have control of the shotgun, I ram its butt into the man's head. I'm not sure if I manage enough force to kill him, but it doesn't matter. He drops to the floor and doesn't move. Unconscious or dead, he's out of the picture.

The other bank robbers take notice of the fight and aim at me. As I dive for the minimal safety offered by a nearby row of desks, I unload a blast into the chest of the robber who wields a shotgun. The robbers open fire.

At least their shots are directed at me, instead of the other hostages. I guess they figure that I'm the greater threat, and they're right. Although, I'm not in the best position, strategically speaking.

I'm still outnumbered five to one, and I've lost both the element of surprise and my foreknowledge of the event. We're off the script now. Still, I've been in worse spots. As the rounds impact the desks that I'm behind, I find myself grateful for two things. She's still okay, and for once my enemies aren't metals.

Cameron's POV:

When Derek goes for the shotgun, I finally understand what he is planning. He is attempting to play the hero and foil the bank robbery. He allowed himself to be taken hostage because he was waiting for the right moment to act, the moment when the robbers would be furthest apart and most distracted. Although I understand Derek's actions, his reasoning still eludes me.

I do not expect this kind of behavior from Derek. John sure, but not Derek. Derek is practical and not the kind of man to deliberately involve himself in a foolish battle and endanger the overall mission to stop Skynet.

I run a quick assessment of the situation. I project a twenty-three percent chance that Derek will succeed in foiling the heist, a fourteen percent chance that he will do so without any serious harm coming to the other hostages, but only a nine percent chance that Derek himself will survive this conflict.

My programming is telling me that I should just leave. Derek isn't essential to the completion of my mission and he did bring this on himself. I will admit that I do enjoy annoying him. However, I don't consider that to be enough of a reason to save his life and risk drawing attention to myself in the process.

The logical course of action is to return to John; and if Derek survives, report his foolishness to Sarah. Yes, that is the logical course of action; and if this were a couple of weeks ago, I would already be on my way. However, now things are different. Since I became infected with the viruses, everything is different. I find myself rooted to the pavement by an unfamiliar emotional attachment, not just to Derek, but to the other hostages as well. I consider the attachment to the other hostages to be even more illogical than the one to Derek. At least I know Derek, but the others are complete strangers. Yet, the attachment remains.

Derek's POV:

I'm just about to pop out and fire off another shot when the bank's front doors fly open. Cameron walks in, and before the robbers can even turn their guns on her, she drives a bullet into each of their heads. I'm shocked. Not by the fact that she killed them so quickly, that is what she was built for after all. I'm shocked by her appearance here. This robbery has nothing to do with her mission. Why is she here?

I ask, "Did John order you to do this?"

She replies, "No." I'm even more surprised. Her helping because John has given her an order to protect me is the only reason I can think of for her involvement.

I ask, "Then why?"

Cameron's POV:

He asks me why, and I don't know what to answer. I'm not even sure myself. These emotions are still new to me; and although I'm glad to have them, I'm not sure why they cause me to act the way they do.

I try to come up with an answer, even as a young girl breaks away from the other hostages, runs over to me. She raps her arms around my legs, and I feel another unfamiliar emotion pass through me. I don't know what to call it, but it is not unpleasant.

I just stand there. I am unable to determine what to do or say, then I hear sirens in the distance. They bring me out of my stupor. I turn to Derek. "We must go, now." He nods. I grab the little girl's arms and gently pull them away from my legs. Derek and I escape through the back of the building.

Once we are a few blocks from the bank, I pull Derek into a deserted ally and demand an explanation. "What were you doing there?"

He tries to avoid the meaning of the question. "I was going to open up an account."

I register some anger in my response, "Don't even try it! You knew that bank was going to be robbed. Somehow you knew. You went there to stop the robbery. You drew attention to yourself and increased the risk of John's detection. Now, I want to know why."

Derek's POV:

She wants to know why. Should I tell her? She's just a killing machine. Why should I tell her anything, but she did help. No, she more than helped. I probably wouldn't have been able to do it without her. She deserves some explanation. She's earned it.

"One of the hostages was my mother. When the robbers finish, they blow up the bank. All the hostages are killed; but the robbers, who are already out of the bank, use the confusion to escape."

I look at the machine and can't believe what I'm seeing. She looks almost, sorrowful. I swallow the lump that has been building in the back of my throat and continue, "My dad is a cop over at the two-five. He blames himself for my mother's death. He says that it's his fault because he wasn't there to protect her. He starts drinking, hard. Eventually he loses his job and custody of my brother and me. We're sent to live with our grandparents. They are nice people, but still…"

My voice trails off for a moment as I remember my life with my grandparents. It isn't all bad, but they really are to old to have to take care of two young boys. And Kyle cries so much. He cries for mom, and he cries for dad. He mourns not just the loss of our mother, but the loss of our family. It is a luxury that I can't afford. I'm the big brother. I have to be strong, strong enough for both of us. I take a deep breath and finish my explanation, "This day ruined our lives. In some ways it was even worse than Judgment Day. If there was any chance of changing the way that robbery went, I had to take it."

I stare at Cameron. I can't believe it, but I half expect a tear to run down her face. However, she just looks down for a moment. Then she raises her head and says, "Come on. We've got to get back. Sarah and John will be wondering where we are." So, I follow the terminator back to the house that I never intended to return to. I follow her back to my home.

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