You're Who?!

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John Connor was walking to school beside his bionic bodyguard. He was thinking about the day before, when he and Cameron had had their first date. It had been a terrifying experience; but John really did enjoy it, well most of it. Suddenly John was awakened from his reminiscing by the mailbox next to him exploding in a hail of gunfire. John immediately kissed the sidewalk. The other people on the street ran, and Cameron moved between John and the gunman.

Cameron instinctively reached under the back of her shirt, intending to pull her nine millimeter from her pants. She only to grasped air. Shit! Stupid no guns allowed school! Cameron ran through her tactical options. She took five rounds in the chest then reached down and ripped a piece of sharp metal from the mangled mailbox. She looked up at the power lines and took another four rounds while calculating trajectories. It's a good thing I'm not a human, or this would really hurt. Cameron took aim and let the metal fly.

It slashed a power line above the assailant. The line fell unto him. The assailant went into convulsions as the smell of burning flesh filled the air. After a moment, the gunman fell to the ground. The heat from the electricity charred off some of his skin, exposing the metal endoskeleton beneath. Cameron grabbed John, slung him over her shoulder and started to run. An internal timer counted down from one hundred and twenty seconds. They needed to find a way to escape before the terminator got back up.

"Cam, put me down." John sounded embarrassed.

"We have to hurry."

"I can run on my own!"

Cameron understood John's discomfort. It wasn't everyday that a male had to deal with his girlfriend carrying him over her shoulder. It must have bruised his ego somewhat. However, John's safety took priority. "Not as fast as I can carry you." She'd tend to her boyfriend's ego later.

Cameron saw a parked car. She opened the passenger's door and, rather roughly, tossed John inside. She slammed the door and ran to the driver's side. Her internal timer still registered eighty-seven seconds. Plenty of time to hotwire this thing and get out of here. It was then that Cameron felt a strong hand grip her and spin her around. She was face to face with the gunman. Oh great, upgrades.

The gunman threw a punch at Cameron's face. She ducked and jabbed him in the side. Then she locked her foot around his and pulled out his support. The other Terminator went down. I guess that karate stuff I downloaded came in handy after all.

Cameron heard the car start. Good, John must've hotwired it himself. John reached out of the car. Unfortunately, the other Terminator was already getting back up. Cameron kicked him, as hard as she could, in the jaw. The car was on, but John was just sitting there. "John, go!"

"I'm not leaving without you."

"I need to hold him off." Cameron fell on top of the other terminator and immediately went to work on his face. She repeatedly punched the other terminator. The force of the constant blows even wore the flesh off her knuckles, but it wasn't enough. The other Terminator brought his hands up and pushed her off.

Cameron rolled and began to stand back up. She saw the car speeding away and couldn't help but feel hurt. Her programming told her that what John' leaving was for the best, but she still felt abandoned.

The other Terminator grabbed Cameron's head and slammed it into a nearby street lamp, scraping off part of her skin. "Where is John going?"

"Get scrapped!" Cameron saw the car pulling out of sight; but she wasn't going to betray John, even if he did leave her. Then she saw it pull a tight u-turn and accelerate towards her.

The car smashed into the other terminator at top speed, knocking him back a good thirty yards. The passenger door flew open, and John extended his hand. He smiled. "Come with me if you want to live."

Cameron smiled too, remembering when she said that to him. She grabbed his hand and pulled herself in. She wanted to scold him for coming back for her. Instead she pulled him into a brief but deep kiss. After a moment, she broke the kiss and not quite yelled, "Gun it."

John did just that. However as he tried to drive past the enemy terminator, it latched onto the back of the car. John managed to drag the thing a for fifty yards, but then it sunk it's feet in and lifted up the rear of the car. "Just our luck, we would end up with a vehicle with rear wheel drive!"

The terminator roughly slammed the back of the vehicle down, destroying it's rear axle. He ran over to the driver's side door and tore it off. "John Connor, you will be term…" The cyborg didn't get to finish. Something grabbed him from behind, hefted him and threw him away.

John stared at the new player. He looked about John's age with green eyes, high cheek bones and brown hair. "Who?"

The kid shrugged. "Jacob Con…" The enemy terminator had recovered. It tackled Jacob to the ground then grabbed his arm and broke it off halfway between the elbow and wrist. Jacob got his feet up and kicked the terminator off him.

John and Cameron both exited the vehicle. They ran. Cameron looked over her shoulder and saw the broken arm. As the sunlight passed through the exposed tip, it cast a small rainbow. It looks like the kid's skeleton is made out of diamond. Cameron corrected herself. No, not diamond. Diamond wouldn't have broken so easily. It must be some form of crystal.

Cameron looked around. There were no other cars nearby. It was doubtful that they were going to outrun the enemy terminator. No flight? I guess that means fight is our only option. Cameron pulled John over to a dumpster. "Stay here."

"Where are you going?"

"To help the newbie." She looked over at the kid who was doing his best to fight off the enemy terminator one-handed. "Looks like he needs it; and, maybe between the two of us, we can take that terminator apart." Cameron rushed back into the fray. John watched from behind his dumpster.

Cameron grabbed the terminator and spun him around. He went flying and impacted a telephone poll. It toppled over. As the wires, hissed, sparked and danced, Cameron did her best to press her advantage.

Jacob jumped over and grabbed hold of one of the downed lines. John assumed he was going to try to jam it into the enemy terminator. Instead, Jacob stuck it to his damaged arm.

Jacob let the energy course through him and used it to regrow his crystalline arm. He directed the regrowth so that, instead of a hand, the arm tapered off to a fine point.

Cameron was having some trouble with the terminator. He'd managed to pin her against a brick building. It was then that Jacob came up behind the enemy terminator. He grabbed the machine's head and pulled it back, so that it was bent over and looking straight up. With a yell, Jacob brought his regrown arm up and over. He jammed it into the machine's eye socket and shish kebabbed the thing's chip.

The terminator twitched, then Jacob pulled out his arm and let the enemy drop to the ground. Jacob ran over to Cameron. "Are you all right?"

"A little banged up, but not too worse for the wear."

"Good." Jacob looked down at his arm. More to himself then Cameron, he said, "I really hate this part." Jacob grabbed his regrown arm with his hand and held it while he brought his knee quickly up. Jacob grimaced when he shattered the end of his regrown arm. He let out a suppressed cry and began walking back to the power lines.

John, who had left his hiding spot as soon as the terminator got impaled, rushed over to Cameron. "Are you okay!"

Cameron's voice took on a sweet and reassuring tone. "Yes, John, I'm fine."

Assured of his girlfriend's health, John turned to Jacob. The kid had just finished growing a crystalline skeleton hand at the end of his damaged arm. John asked, "What are you?"

Jacob grinned. "What, don't you recognize the family resemblance? I'm your son."


Jacob chuckled. "Oh, come on. It shouldn't be that surprising. You sent your father back to be your first protector. This kind of completes the circle, don't you think?"

John looked nearly dumbstruck. "Wait a minute! If you're my son, who's the mother?" Jacob glanced over at Cameron. Her and John looked at each other.

John asked, "Can you…"

Cameron shook her head, an utter look of disbelief on her face. A barely audible, "No." escaped her mouth.

"Then how?"

Jacob smiled. "Really guys, you're John and Cameron Connor. You do the impossible on an almost weekly basis. When the two of you set your minds to something, there's very little you can't accomplish, even having a kid together."

Jacob's parents both looked at him, their jaws hanging down. "But how?"

Jacob answered, "My body is made of a hardened crystal endoskeleton under living human tissue, tissue cloned from John Connor. My programming is a copy of Cameron's virus infected one, but with all the memories wiped before it was installed in my crystalline neural net."

Cameron asked, "Why a crystal endoskeleton?"

Jacob replied, "Isn't it obvious? Crystal grows. If I was made with a coltan endoskeleton, you would've both been stuck with a child who was always the same, physically. But with crystal, they were able to make me the size of a newborn, and you two could have the full experience of raising a child. Besides, although it isn't quite as durable as coltan, the crystal does have some advantages. For example, I can regenerate damaged portions of my endoskeleton. At least, as long as there's an available energy source."

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