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"Edward, my truck is acting funny again," I whined into the phone the second he answered.

"That's the third time this month, Bella. You should take up the offer to get a car that was made in the last twenty years or so." It seemed that the entire world was against me on this issue, but I loved my truck.

"Fine, Edward, if you don't want to give me a ride to school, then you don't have to. I'll call Rose. She can fix my truck." Maybe it was a little cruel undermining his masculinity like that, but he'd get over it.

"I can fix your truck too," he said. His voice sounded amused, completely unscathed by my comment. I silently pouted. "I have the number for a great mechanic. Or better yet, I have a number for a great car dealership. I'll let you pick the color," he offered.

What was it with everyone trying to buy me a car? They had to know that I couldn't accept. Still, every single one of them had suggested a car. Actually, Emmett wanted to buy me a Escalade, but I think it was because Carlisle and Esme didn't want him driving one.

"Are you coming to pick me up or not?" I asked, annoyed.

"Is Charlie still there?" I rolled my eyes.

"Why does it matter?" Silence. "Yes. He's still here," I replied, growing angry.

"I'll be there in a few. Bye."

"Bye," I said and hung up the phone.

I informed my father that my boyfriend was coming to pick me up. He didn't say anything. I couldn't really tell if Charlie liked Edward or not. If anything, he seemed to tolerate him. It was better than nothing.

Edward pulled up to the house a few minutes later. He must have been speeding again. One of these days Charlie was going to pull him over and I would have no sympathy. He flashed a wide grin at me as he walked around the car to open my door.

He opened the passenger side door and I slipped in. He carefully shut the door. I thought that he would walk straight to his side and get in, driving us off into the sunset and whatnot. Edward stopped and talked to Charlie.

I watched with curiosity, unable to hear the conversation. At one point Edward looked down at the ground. He was blushing. What could make Edward blush? Then, Charlie laughed. It got me really worried. Both of them turned to look at me, smiling. Finally, my father patted Edward on the back and climbed in his car.

"What was that all about?" I asked as soon as Edward got in.

"Nosy much?" he replied. I scoffed. His hand reached out and found mine. He brought it to his lips. "I just wanted to apologize to him for my confusing behavior on Sunday."

I thought back to Sunday. Was it really only yesterday? It seemed like years had passed since yesterday evening.

Edward came over after dropping me off at my house. He had seemed all flustered. For a second, I thought that he was breaking with me. He told me that he wasn't.

"Then, what is it, Edward? You can tell me anything," I had told him.

"I know. And I want to tell you, but every time I try the words won't come out."

"Just start talking. The words will come out eventually," I suggested.

"I saw Emmett and Rosalie today and they are just so happy with each other and I couldn't help thinking about you. I feel like we've been through so much in such a short amount of time. I mean, you're my best friend and I share everything with you. You know nearly everything about me, everything but this. And I'm really worried about your reaction to this." He looked at me, his glorious green eyes more intense than I had ever seen them.

"Nothing will change the way I feel about you," I said.

"I really hope that is true," Edward replied. I kissed him.

"Just tell me."

"I love you."

My heart had stopped completely after he spoke the words. My mind struggled to for a clear thought. It was stuck on a loop. The only thing repeating over and over was "Edward Cullen loves me."

"I know that it's a lot to take in," he threw in nervously. "And I don't really expect a response. I just…I can't keep it in. I had to tell you. It might be too soon and it might seem ridiculous to—"

Edward had a habit of rambling when he got nervous. I put one hand over his mouth and the other on his heart. It was racing. I knew that mine was too.

Edward bumped me and brought me back from my thoughts. He looked at me. We were already in the parking lot. Jasper and Alice were leaning against his Audi. Rose and Emmett were making out against her BMW.

"What were you thinking about?" he whispered.

"About how much I love you," I replied. His answering smile was more brilliant than thousands of exploding supernovas.

"You knocked the air out of me yesterday when you told me you loved me. And now again. Are you trying to kill me, woman?" he teased.

"Please, I thought my heart was going to explode yesterday."

Edward laughed as he got out of the car. He walked around to my door, opening it for me. I kissed him.

"Is love really this morbid or do we just make it this morbid?" he asked.

"I have no idea. Alice?" Maybe a second opinion, or would that be third, would be helpful.

The little pixie twisted around in Jasper's arms. He never released her. "You two just make it morbid," she said. All the while, Jasper shook his head.

"I disagree. I think that you have to be just as crazy to fall in love as you are to die. They are very similar." Alice looked surprised. It was probably the first time I had ever seen her look surprised about anything. "Rose, back me up."

Rosalie pulled herself away from Emmett. He groaned loudly. Then, he turned to glare at Jasper.

"I think that you guys are all freaks. Love is not morbid," Emmett said.

"But it kind of is," Rosalie argued.

"It must be a Washington thing," Alice said.

"But Edward agrees with us and he's from Chicago," Jasper threw in. I laughed. They all turned to look at me.

"We are fighting over if love is morbid or not. That's ridiculous. We're young. We're in love. We should be kissing each other," I said, blushing a little. No one said anything for a second.

Then Emmett walked over to me. He wrapped his arms around me and winked. I knew what he was doing, but the others thought that he was trying to kiss me. Edward growled and Rosalie pulled his hair.

"It was a joke. Gah, Rosalie, my head hurts now," Emmett complained.

"It's what you get for trying to kiss my girlfriend," Edward said in his incredibly sexy, scary voice.

"It was a joke. Bella knew that," Em said, dragging me into it.

"It was a joke," I told Edward, who had started to calm down again.

I brought my lips to his. He was still pouting, but that was over soon enough. I pulled away from him just as he was starting to respond. Edward growled playfully.

"I love you, Edward Cullen."

"I love you too, Isabella Swan."

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Also, here is a little teaser from the sequel:

"I would like to talk to you about something, Chief Swan," I said. He laughed at me.

"You've been dating my daughter for like nine months, Edward. I think that it is okay if you call me Charlie."

"Yes, sir. As you might know, Alice's and my birthday is coming up and I'm going to Chicago to take care of some legal issues--" he interrupted me here.

"Legal issues? You don't have a warrant out for your arrest or anything, do you?" he asked jokingly.

"I'm sure that you've already done a background check and know that I don't even have a parking ticket on my record." He nodded. "I'm going to Chicago. And I want Bella to come with me."