Personal Log:

It is still hard to believe that we are as far from home as we are. Even harder on the Tua'ri members of the crew, some are taking it better than others but they lack the experience of the Lantean and Asgard crew; all of whom for lack of anything else see the ship as their home.

At times I regret ever agreeing to allow the testing of the Geodesic Fold Drive, and other times I am glad that it is the Aurora that the GFD was installed on. I am not really being fair in my feelings but when ever I think about it, it could have been one of the other ships. Yes, Earth only has a small fleet of Tua'ri ships and even smaller is the fleet of Lantean ships, but at least the Asgard make up the difference. At times I can not help but think of whom it would have been if the Aurora had not have been equipped with the experimental Geodesic Fold Drive, it could have been a Daedalus, a Prometheus or even a Titan class ship that had been flung half-way across the unknown universe.

I guess that we are all lucky that it had been the Aurora herself and not any of the other ships. Yes the Asgard ships would have survived this far and yes a Lantean ship would have the advantage with dealing with anything thrown at them; but it is the Aurora that will make it home. This is because Asgard have the know how, Lanteans have the experience and Tua'ri have the will; the Aurora is the first ship to field a joint crew and I am certain she would not be the last.

But I digress; officially it has been five months since we learned of our location and the navigational course to return us home and to make matters worse is the spatial anomalies of this region of space makes it near impossible to utilize Hyperspace the way we're use to.

Currently we are traveling with a refugee fleet of approximately one hundred ships of varying types most of which are civilian in nature. Luckily enough thirty-one percent of the fleet is military in origin making our lives easier. The Colonial Fleet as they call themselves is the only legally armed forces of their former civilization the Twelve Colonies of Kobol. It was during the first meeting that we began to realize just how far from home we had been.

Kobol was a long range Lantean outpost world, and when I say long range I mean that even via Stargate it would take at least all of the Aurora's power generation ability to send a Gate Network Data burst back to Atlantis let alone Midway, the Ark or Earth itself and to make matters worse, when it comes to communications our Hyper-Subspace frequencies only have a range of two hundred light years before the interference causes terminal signal loss. Still at least that distance we still have real time and not lagged time connections. Doctor Myers is working on modifying one of the Comm. Arrays for at least a Data burst using the GFD systems as a base for the new FTL Comms.

I still wonder why Dr. Ellen Myers ended up overseeing the GFD FTL instead of the unit's creator Professor Willings, but at least Dr. Myers is more than willing to accept input from others unlike Willings. If we are successful our first task will be to modify the Colonial systems for FTL Communications, it is strange when you think about it; the Colonials have FTL Drives but they are still using Modulated EM carrier bands for communications and worse yet it is the same for the scanning range. At least one hundred and twenty times now a Cylon attack group jumped to just two light minutes out. The Colonials at first found it strange that we could predict when the Cylons attack, at first it was only a few minutes before each assault but with each encounter we were able to gleam more information on the GFD's energy systems from an external point of view; it has reached the point where we can determine the exact ship that is jumping within a range of ninety light years.

Took nearly a week after we explained to the Colonials how our sensors worked before they would believe us about any ship jumping anywhere outside of dradius range and that was only after installing a sensor pack on the Warstar Zeus, took nearly three more days to train them how to use the sensor pack. Of course after that they were a bit more open and willing to believe us.

I often wonder how the fleet would be like if we had not encountered them, but than again we would have been worse off than we are now.

As of this time we are searching for two groups, one the Battlestar Pegasus under Rear Admiral Helena Cain, whom is now hated with a passion though out the majority of the fleet including nearly all of the Colonial Officers for stripping a group of civilian ships for supplies and personnel. The surviving two thousand people of the stripped fleet long to be reunited with their families and for Cain to be left behind in a life-pod. We will deal with that when we recover the Pegasus.

The second group is our main target with nearly Fifty Thousand people being lead and protected by the oldest of all Colonial Ships the Battlestar Galactica. I can't help but smile at the thought of a fifty year old Battlestar that was barely manned and armed not only survived an all out surprise attack that took down the biggest badest of ships has not only survived but has been protecting civilians and kicking Cylon ass. The moment we meet up with Galactica and her fleet I am going to announce a fleet wide holiday called Galactica Day, everyone could use the symbol the Galactica has become including my own crew.

I will also be glad to hand over leadership of this fleet to Commander Adama and President Roslin, it would be better for Colonials to be lead by Colonials instead of a group of people from another galaxy. Of course as of the moment no one outside of my crew knows that we are anything other than a group of humans form the Colonies. I guess that we will …

"Commander to the bridge, Supreme Commander Phoenix to the bridge Please."