Author's note: So the real series ended with an epilogue nineteen years into the future so I decided to follow similar but not so far. This takes place the fall eleven years after the last chapter. As the original books ended sending Albus Severus off to school I end with the twins.


Harry smiled and called down the stairs to the lab. "Cassie you're going to be late angel. We need to get to the train station."

Severus came up beside his husband and kissed him. "You don't really think any child of ours is going to be late for the first day of school."

Harry laughed and kissed his husband on the nose. "Not with the headmaster and deputy headmaster for fathers. But she does seem worse about your lab then you."

Cassidy came bounding up the stairs with a potions text she had left in the lab with her Papa. Cassidy was not only her father's natural secret favourite as the daughter he had always dreamed of but also because she had lived up to his hopeful prophecy when she was born of being his clever little potions master. He no longer taught but she worked with him in the lab he kept at school and home since she was six and could already do third year level potions. She may have had her grandmother's eyes and coloring but she was her Papa in every way including the smirk.

Severus laughed as they shrunk the trunks to apparate the twins and Brendon to the train. "All three of them officially students at the school. I'm old."

Harry kissed his husband. "You didn't seem too old to me in bed last night."

There were twin groans from behind them and "Dads."

Harry turned around to see their sons had come down. Brendon was again as predicted by his Papa, a pea in a pod to Harry. Entering his third year he was a lion, a starting chaser on the quidditch team in his first year, and always up to something. He gave Fred and George a run for his money. He was a top student though especially in DADA and transfiguration, which pleased his dads. The chaser and not seeker part was the only real difference. Jerod on the other hand did not live up his brave moniker. He was a bit like Luna really though he shared Hermione's book love. He loved magical creatures and plants, and wanted to become a magical zoologist like Aunt Luna one day,

Harry smiled as they lead the kids out. "You should not feel too old. Lucius has grandchildren starting school in the next few years."

Severus laughed. "You have a point. To think his grandson and his youngest son will be sorted in the same year as each other."

Hermione and Lucius had of course been blessed with another two babies, both sons, after Ariel. Like Cassidy, Ariel was her Papa's favourite for they were both only daughters, Cassidy the only girl her entire family. Ariel was a lion like her mama, one of Harry's prophecies come true.

They apparated to the train station where as the twins were anxiously waiting Harry smiled as he saw one or two familiar faces. "Dean. Audrey."

Dean laughed and came their way with his wife and their entourage of children. "Hey Harry, your two youngest and my eldest off to school finally."

Though it had been a slower path for love for Dean and his wife they had gradually fallen in love and their eldest son Zachary Thomas Flint would be starting school this year with the twins, turning eleven in October. Audrey had got her wish and they had three, their son Daniel now eight and their daughter Anne was six.

Harry looked at his bunch. "It will be a few more years before anyone else but Hermione, has kids going to school. Then it will be a real reunion on the platform."

Dean laughed. "Better you teaching at the school then me. I mean the way the Weasleys are procreating; the school will soon be full of red heads."

Harry shrugged. "The ones I worry about are the twins' kids but Lynette is already at school as is David."

Molly had her hands full with thirteen grandchildren from her biological children and more from Hermione and Harry who she still considered to be her children even after all of these years. Ron and Padma had been married now for seven years and had twin daughters who were only five so it would be a few more years for them.

"Hey cub and my mini cubs." His father's voice met him.

Harry turned around to hug his dad and Tonks who were bringing Evan for his first day of school. "Hey dad. Evan, excited about school?"

Evan was his mother in every way including her special abilities. Tonks had retired from teaching when Evan was three and Harry had gone from flying teacher to DADA professor when she did. Tonks taught at the auror academy part time now and along with Evan they had eight year old Medea.

They were talking when the train stated getting ready for people to board and his son tugged on his sleeve. "Hey Jerod, what's up?"

Jerod looked a bit worried. "Daddy what if I am a Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw and not a snake or lion like you and Papa."

Harry knelt. "You know Aunty Susan was a badger and your Aunt Padma and Aunt Luna were eagles. We'd be proud what ever house you're in."

Severus and Harry watched with pride as their sons and daughter got on the train and smiled down the platform as they finally spotted Hermione and Lucius seeing their own two off.


Malfoy manor was busy that morning. Hermione would usually have been at the firm by now and her husband at his office but Draco and their grandkids had spent the last few nights and now it was time for Ariel to head for school.

Lucius smiled at his daughter. "Third year top of her class in every grade and just as head string as you are. She is really our little lioness isn't she?"

Hermione kissed her husband. :" I never even had to convert her. Between your calling her a lioness since the womb and Harry's name choice..."

Lucius could not have been more proud of his daughter for she was smart, funny, friendly and was his wife all over again though she was a Malfoy in looks. All of their kids were. He had three sons, two from Hermione and one from Narcissa but only one daughter so she'd always have a special place. Their eldest son if he had been born weeks earlier as he was born the first week of January, would have been able to under the new rules, start this year but would wait till next.

Ten year old Boyd Harry and eight year old Justin Severus came down with Ariel. "It's no fair, we want to go to school too." Justin complained.

Lucius kissed his youngest son on the head. "A few more years and you and your brother, nephew and niece will all be going to school,"

Susan laughed when she came through the door. "You do realize how odd it sounds don't you? Your son and grandson starting school together."

Lucius laughed at his young daughter in law. "Well not as bad as Remus whose son was born minutes before his grandchildren."

Hermione and Susan had not planned their pregnancies as Harry had joked and Hermione had given birth to Justin three months before Susan had given birth to her own son Edgar. Susan and Draco had waited some time after they wed to start a family and Edgar was their eldest, followed by daughter Amelia Grace who was six.

Draco appeared with his own kids. "I suspect you will not be coming into work today Mione? Or just late?"

Hermione smiled. "I already told her senior partners I was taking the day off. Your father and I are taking the boys out after Ariel to the train."

Draco and Hermione worked together at the same private law firm since graduating though Draco was starting to slowly move away from law and into the business field as he would take over for his dad. Susan worked in law enforcement under her Aunt but not as an attorney or auror but in drafting new legal bills.

Boyd laughed at his sister. "You have to go to school and we get to go and visit Uncle Fred's and George's shop."

Ariel laughed and shook her head. "I get to go have a feast and go learn to do magic and you get to go to your muggle school for another year."

It had come to a shock to many that the Malfoys had chosen to send their kids and now their grandchildren to muggle schools until Hogwarts instead of hedge witch schools. Harry and Severus could not as they lived at school and the only town in the area as Hogsmeade but their kids too had a lot of muggle parts of their life.

Lucius looked at the boys. "No teasing your sister or we will take you to the book store and nothing else."

Both boys groaned and it was Justin who spoke up, "Sorry father."

Ariel might have been her mother but Boyd was Draco all over again when he was younger, though slightly less pompous for he did not have his older brother's need to pretend, as a spy, as Draco had. Justin on the other hand was a bit of a mix of both of their parents though he too was not a huge reader.

Lucius shrunk hiss daughter's trunk and handed her the owl cage. "Come along or we will miss the train and you can walk to school."

Ariel laughed and hugged her brother and sister in law. "Miss you Draco. You're coming to my first quidditch game right?"

Draco kissed her. "Yes even though I am not sure if I will ever forgive my little sister for making me cheer for the lions against the snakes."

Ariel was the second seeker of the generation though she played for Gryffindor and unlike her cousin Brendon she had only made the team in her second year. It would be her first year as a starting player for she had been reserve seeker last year.

As they watched Ariel get on the train later Hermione kissed her husband. "Feeling old yet?"

Lucius laughed and looked at his two sons. "Not until these two start school and my grandchildren with them. I can still pretend to be young until then."

Hermione shared a smile with Harry who was down the platform with his husband and father, and thought how odd even now it felt to be here as parents with kids and soon her step grandchildren, seeing them off to school.


Harry and Severus sat at the head table watching the sorting. Even among the teachers there were familiar faces including Neville who taught herbology and his wife Luna who had taken over care of magical creatures from Hagrid when he retired a few years before. Among the students there were of course those they watched for.

The first of course came in the form of Lupin, Evan Theodore. Harry smiled. "Gryffindor, like his mum and dad, you know it."

Severus kissed his husband. "And like his ever so proud big brother as well."

Sure enough not even on his head for ten seconds the hat shouted Gryffindor and a green haired Evan went to join his older nephew Brendon and his cousin Ariel at the table.

Harry turned to his husband. "Well I guess I should be glad I get one this year. Cassidy is a snake through and through and heaven knows what Jerod will be."

Severus laughed. "You know he could surprise you like Neville and become a Gryffindor."

Though they both knew that was possible neither of them were holding their breath on that for Jerod was far too timid. They smiled when the hat finally came to the twins and Snape, Cassidy Remy was called.

To no surprise when the hat was put on her head. "Slytherin" was called and with a wave to her daddies, she ran off to join the snakes.

Snape, Jerod Severus was called and the hat took a few minutes and Harry was reminded of the debate the hat had with him over Gryffindor and Slytherin and Harry wondered what it sounded like this time.

"Ravenclaw." Was called and he happily scooted off to the table.

Jerod would later tell his dads he had been given a choice between a lion and an eagle and he had decided he'd be better in the house with the other book worms and not over shadowed by his older brother all the time. Harry and Severus smiled for they knew their children had been placed where they belonged and were proud.

2nd author note: Boyd (Irish) blond for his fair hair and Harry (English) means army ruler, Justin (English) just and Severus (Latin) severe

Edgar Draco Malfoy: Edgar (English) rich spear for Susan's Uncle who was killed as original order of phoenix, Draco (Latin) dragon

Amelia Grace Malfoy: Amelia (Latin) to strive, for Susan's aunt, and Grace (Latin) Grace of God

Medea Lupin: Medea is an asteroid and follows the Black astral theme and also means cunning in Greek