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Otoha sighed and turned around at Mai's call. The girl was a good friend of hers, but she had the kind of personality that would wear one out. After Otoha talked to Mai, she sometimes felt like she needed a nap. And currently, that was true without Mai.

"What?" she asked, setting down a clipboard and turning slightly.

"Did you hear?!"

Ah, a notorious gossiper who made her tired. Just what Otoha needed right now. "I will probably hear it from you at some point, so go ahead," she said, offering Mai a small smile.

"Remember how Jiraiya went out after that Akatsuki and lost the first time?" Mai waited for a millisecond, just long enough for Otoha to nod before continuing. "Well, this time, he won! And he got him alive! And he's bringing him back! And he's supposed to be really cute!!"

Otoha sighed. "That's great, Mai, but I'm really not interested," she said. She turned around, picked up her clipboard, and walked out of the room to check on another one of her patients, a shinobi whose leg had been broken on a mission. As she left, Otoha could hear Mai sigh and walk away, and almost sighed herself with relief. She was so tired!


This time, there was no sigh of annoyance. The woman whose voice had called out wasn't exactly a preppy friend. This was Tsunade, the Hokage of the Leaf and the number one medical ninja in the world. Otoha turned around and gave Tsunade a small bow, asking politely, "What do you need, Tsunade-sama?"

"I'm sure Mai has run around and told everyone and their mother, but, long story short, Jiraiya grabbed a member of Akatsuki, knocked him down hard, and is dragging him back here. Obviously, we are going to use him as negotiation with Akatsuki and as an information source. And we need someone to make sure he doesn't die after torture. Ibiki says he's tired of holding back on most prisoners and refuses to hold back on this one. And I'm not letting go of such a valuable piece of ass so soon. So, can you heal him after Ibiki has his fun?"

Otoha slowly bit her lower lip. She usually didn't have the stomach for these things, especially if Ibiki wasn't playing nice anymore. She had seen what the torture master did to some people, and she never wanted to see it again. Otoha shrugged, licking at the blood she unwittingly drew from her lip.

"I know you're capable, and I hear he's entertaining to work with. And, if Mai had a say in it, hot."

Otoha sighed. "Are there any other options?" she asked. "Anyone else to do it?"

Tsunade shook her head. "Only Sakura, and she has less of a stomach than you. She might be a good ninja for poisons and internal damage, but past maybe broken bones she gets sick. Shizune is pretty busy, and so am I. Like I said, I know you're a very good medical ninja, and that's why I came to you. So, can you do it?"

Otoha raised her head, staring Tsunade in the face. If she was this man's only hope, then she might as well try. It would strengthen her, as well, to help her deal with the more gruesome side of being a medical ninja.

"I'll do it."


Otoha leaned on the wall of the prison's medical unit-basically, two rooms with basic supplies, and a table with heavy restraints on it. She wasn't fond of this place; as a medic, she tended to want perfection, cleanliness, and easy access to medical supplies. She didn't have a lot of that here. Otoha decided not to waste time, and went into the first room, armed with disinfecting wipes and a few extra supplies of her own. She knew that it was filthy and decided not to get anything too infected. She wiped down the table, the counter, and the few surgical supplies she found, making sure also to clean the trays they were stored on. Otoha then cleaned off the counters, and the sink in the center. She cleaned the cabinets and put her stuff in them temporarily, then glanced around the room.

Out of things to do.

Well, at last it smelled better in here than it had before. Really, it still smelled like the blood of the last person to be in here. Now that everything was clean, it smelled like lemon and chemicals. Otoha leaned on the counter, exhaling and blowing a stray piece of hair out of her face. One leg crossed over the other, then began tapping impatiently. She had wasted time, made use of time, and was now wasting more. What else could she do…? Otoha shook her head, dark brown hair beginning to come out of its neat ponytail. She needed more time to kill…

A shout rang out down the hall.

Stone was the number one carrier of sound, and that was exactly what the prisons were made up. Hewn out of the rock underneath Konoha, it was mostly underground. However, a few of the rooms were soundproofed-to keep the desperate screams of those in Ibiki's hands in check. Otoha had not seen these-she figured they were at the other end of the hall. One of the guards had given her a brief overview of the prisons, but did not go terribly into detail. Otoha shook her head. Oh, why did she ever agree to this?! She could hear the shouting getting closer, and could hear the sounds of an argument down the hall. Otoha swallowed hard and opened the door to the room, stepping out and hoping to get an idea of what was going on.

"Calm down, Ibiki. He can't do anything, I cut off his chakra, and we'll just keep him restrained at all times. It's not like he can do anything."

"It won't change what he can do!" Ibiki retorted. He rounded the corner at a furious pace, hands balled into fists at his sides. His boots slammed into the floor just as angrily, and he brushed right past Otoha into the room. Another man followed, this one carrying an unconscious person across their arms. Otoha recognized Jiraiya, one of the three sannin, as he laid out a lifeless body on the table, and she approached immediately.

"I'll handle him," she said, gently pushing past Jiraiya. And that was when she got her first good look at Pein.

He was tall, she could tell. Just from the length of his body on the table, she could tell he was close to six feet tall. He had spiky orange hair that stuck up at all angles, but somehow made him look attractive. His eyes were closed, but everywhere on his face was pierced: thee bars across his nose, eight rings and two bars in each ear, and two in his lower lip. His face itself was smooth and young, but splattered with blood and twisted in pain. Otoha could see blood stains in his Akatsuki cloak, but couldn't see the damage done. She reached out and pulled open a single eyelid, trying to see how close to death he was. She gave a sigh of relief; his pupils dilated and shrank with light, and his eye movement was normal. But his eyes themselves…they were gray, and had numerous spirals in them.

"Excuse me? You gonna get him under control any time soon?"

Otoha glanced up at Ibiki and glared. "I wanted to see if he was in any immediate danger," she said. "He is not, but we do need to stop the bleeding soon. From the looks of it, he is completely unconscious and will not be waking up for a good few minutes." Otoha opened the Akatsuki cloak and eased it off the man in front of her, careful not to move him too much. She could hear him moan in pain, and the ninja in the room jumped. "He's fine," Otoha said exasperatedly. "Don't be so quick to panic." It was then that she noticed the other five jounin in the room: Hatake Kakashi, Yuuhi Kurenai, Sarutobi Asuma, Maito Gai, and Nara Shikaku. Probably here in case he broke away…who was this man that they were all so jumpy around him?

"By the way," Otoha asked, pulling the Akatsuki cloak off and casting it aside. "Who is this? Why is everyone flippin' out?"

"His name is Pein," Ibiki grunted, "And he's the leader of the Akatsuki. He single-handedly overthrew a shinobi that not even the three sannin together could defeat, and took over a country. He can control a band of criminals who could take down a small village by themselves, among them Uchiha Itachi!"

Otoha's eyes widened, and she suddenly saw the man beneath her in a much different light. She sighed, and then pulled his shirt up and over his head. "Get his legs, please," she said, and began securing Pein's wrists with the metal cuffs attached to the table. Ibiki immediately did so, and seemed very relieved to have Pein restrained. Otoha moved back up to Pein's shoulders, quickly assessing the damage. He had several deep gashes in his chest and stomach, and the rest of his body was littered with cuts and bruises. Otoha even thought she saw burn marks on the inside of his arms. "Tortured him already, Jiraiya-sama?" she said dryly, and walked over to the cabinet where she had stored her supplies. She pulled out a syringe of anesthetic, a large amount of bandages, and some disinfectant and walked back over to Pein, setting the stuff down on the table.

Gray eyes calmly stared at her.

Otoha started and jumped back. He hadn't made a sound! "How long have you been awake?!" she gasped. Pein shrugged.

"Apparently, long enough to fool you."

Ibiki delivered a harsh punch to Pein's cut-up stomach, snarling, "Don't pull that crap with me," and raising his hand again.

"Ibiki," Otoha said tiredly, "could you please?"

Ibiki sighed and withdrew his hand, stepping back and folding his arms over his chest. "I don't like this," he mumbled. "He's not exactly going to do this quietly."

"You don't know that."

Otoha glanced at Pein. She was surprised he was speaking so calmly-it sounded, from his tone, like he was ordering dinner. And he hadn't even reacted to that punch-what was he?

"You won't be tortured today," Otoha said, tearing open a gauze pad and using it to wipe the blood off a wound in Pein's stomach. His stomach rippled under her touch, and then relaxed and held still. Otoha was hardly surprised to discover that Pein had pierced his navel-four times. She threw away the gauze and reached over for another, opening that and pouring disinfectant on it. She then wiped out the wound, feeling Pein's stomach ripple again. Was this how he expressed pain? His body shivering or spasming? He was interesting, that was all she knew. Otoha made sure to thoroughly clean out the wound before letting her hand touch it, green chakra swelling up and pushing into Pein's body. "You'll live," she said slowly, "If I can stop this bleeding. Aren't you in pain? At all?"

"A great deal."

Otoha finished with the wound and removed her hand, staring at Pein. "And you don't react at all? Ibiki, good luck with him."

"I'll have him squealing like a piglet in a day," Ibiki growled, ominously cracking his knuckles. "That little shit won't know what hit him."

"First you'll whip me, then beat me, then burn me, then either electrocution or amputation. And, if I still won't talk, rape. Been there, done that."

Ibiki's teeth grit in frustration. "Pretty words. But you can't take all that without a sound."

Pein shrugged. "If it's information you want, by all means, ask. But please, do not expect an answer every time."

"Ibiki!" Otoha warned. "Leave him! Take it out tomorrow!"

Ibiki glared at Otoha, but held his tongue and stepped back again to sulk. Otoha returned her attention to Pein, repeating the process on all of his bleeding wounds. But when it came to the marks on the inside of his arms, Otoha had o idea what to do.

"Pein, can you tell me what happened here?"


A sharp, sassy answer brought a harsh slap to Pein's face. "Answer me!" Otoha cried. Pein looked bored with proceedings, but rolled his eyes and responded.

"Probably got the bones chopped up."

"Chopped up?!"

"Broken. Whatever."

Otoha sighed and healed the bones and marks, then pressed her fingers into the spots where the marks used to be. "Better?" she asked. "Any lingering pain?"

Pein shook his head. "Much better, and no pain."

Otoha nodded and let go of his arm, moving on to heal the next one. The entire time, Pein didn't move, and didn't make a sound. It seemed he knew exactly the predicament he was in. Otoha noticed the rest of the people leaving out of the corner of her eye. Did they trust her, or trust Pein's nature and the restraints? Otoha decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and say herself. She continued healing Pein long after the rest of the people were gone, making sure that all his wounds were dealt with. By the time she was finished, Pein's body was practically clean and Otoha was exhausted. She sat down next to his head; there was enough room on the table. Otoha found herself turning sideways and gently running a hand through Pein's hair, watching the blood flake off the silky locks. So unbelievably soft…Otoha shook her head and slid off the end of the table, suddenly realizing what she had just said. Pein's face had an unreadable look on it when she stepped away from him; loss? Longing? Regret? Otoha shook herself again and sighed with confusion. "I'm going now," she announced. "But I'll be back tomorrow to heal you when Ibiki finishes with you."

Pein nodded. "Good night," he said lightly. Otoha started at this.

"How do you know what time it is?"

"It was afternoon when I was brought in. Several hours now have passed, which means it is now evening. And besides, you said you wouldn't be back until tomorrow. May I assume that means tomorrow in the morning, or are you coming back tomorrow before the sun?"

Otoha sighed and stepped out of the room. Pein thought too much…or maybe he was just a genius. He was an aggravating genius, though. "Goodnight, Pein," she said with a smile. The door clicked softly, the lock turned.

Pein was left alone with his thoughts…and his telepathic connection with Konan.

I'm here…I'm alive. Don't worry about me-they won't kill me yet. Gather your forces, and rally the Ame. Bring them with you to get me. And, whatever you do, don't let them see you.

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