I killed Matt. D: I feel so filthy. -hides away from the fangirls and from her shame-

Click. Click. Click.

Matt looked up to see Mello spinning the barrel of his pistol while he watched Matt, who'd been attempting to hack something for him for the past two hours. Their eyes met for a second, and Matt held Mello's stare for a split second longer before his eyes were drawn to the gun, which Mello now dangled between his thumb and forefinger, holding it in a way that reminded him vaguely of L.

"Let's play a game Matt."

Matt followed the gun's pendelum like motion with his eyes as Mello continued talking.

"We'll play Russian Roulette. I have one bullet in here, and the rest are empty."

"Why Russian Roulette?"

He gave him a flat look, before flipping the gun to hold it properly. Snap. The chocolate between his teeth cracked in two, one half sliding into his mouth, the rest hitting the floor by his feet. "Don't fancy testing your luck?"

"I don't fancy a shot in the head, actually."

"Tch." He held out the gun. "Take it Matt."

The gamer shoved his goggles up into his hair while he studied the blond, who sat motionless, gun in his outstretched hand. With a sigh, Matt reached over and took it, pushing his computer systems away from him. He eyed the gun a moment, before spinning the barrel and placing it to his head.

Mello's eyes followed the gun's path. Matt locked eyes with Mello, watching as a slow smirk spread over the blond's face.

He tugged his gogles down, tinting Mello's face orange. The orange made him feel better. He squeezed his eyes shut tightly and pulled the trigger.


The blood spattered across Matt's systems, and Mello reached out, taking the gun from his friend's limp fingers. After a second, he flipped the chamber open and emptied the bullets into his palm, counting them.

There were no blanks.