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The First Set : The Rookie's Tale

Log Entry #1: Courageous – Bluestreak earns his colors.

The drone collapsed at his feet, headless. The torso broke into pieces as the body hit the ground while its bottom half, still whole, twitched, failing to obey the last impulses in its severed circuits.

Someone – he didn't know, couldn't know, couldn't see – forcibly lowered his arm, and a firm voice said, «Stand down, soldier.»


He kept staring straight ahead, at the Autobot troops swarming into the ruined city center, picking off the retreating Decepticon forces, until he heard someone – Ratchet? – call out, «He'll live! One more hit would've done the idiot in, but he's going to be fine. Sunstreaker, get out of the way.»

«I'm not leaving Side-»

«Don't make me repeat myself. Move

A hulking figure was moving through the field, searching for struggling but broken drones and Decepticons, and blasting them in the face with his cannons. Shuddering, he finally looked away, and behind him to the pile of rubble he and Sunstreaker and Hound hastily stacked together into a barrier. There was Ratchet and First Aid and a few repair drones assessing the damage done to members of the unlucky squad. Sunstreaker hovered nearby, faceplates twisted in distress.

Wheeljack appeared, his left arm hanging uselessly from his side, and Ratchet stood up to berate the engineer. Wheeljack beat him to it.

«How's Jazz?»

«Didn't you hear me the first time? What did he do, lead the charge?»

«Something like that-»

«He's going to get himself killed if he doesn't stop it, and you, what on Cybertron were you thinking

He looked at Prowl, who seemed to be in the middle of a transmission. The lieutenant had taken a few hits – scorch marks on his dull gray armor – but didn't seem fazed by it. Then Prowl turned to him, and he stiffened, twitched.

«Congratulations,» Prowl said. «You are now classed as a sniper and a member of Jazz's black ops squad. Get yourself checked by Ratchet and if he asks, I'm with the City Commanders.»

He watched the lieutenant stride away, abruptly ending the conversation – if it could be called a conversation in the first place.

Was this battle his last test, the deciding factor in determining his place among the Autobots? And he succeeded? Oh by the Allspark-

He wobbled. Suddenly he was aware of the warnings the Spark was sending through his circuits. Remembering what Prowl told him, he staggered his way to Ratchet and First Aid, withdrawing his cannon into his armor.

The younger medical officer was finishing patching up a half-functioning Hound while Ratchet and the repair drones worked on Jazz and Sideswipe. First Aid was telling the scientist that he was going to stay here at Autobase with the City Commanders, and then dismissed Hound.

«How you feel?» First Aid asked as he began inspecting a blast mark on his left shoulder.

«Tired. Really tired. I didn't notice until after Prowl told me I was done training and that I'm a sniper now and that I'm going to be joining Jazz's team and I don't know why he's putting me on Jazz's team. I mean, it's a black ops team, and that means we're going to be doing dangerous stuff, the stuff that would get anybody else killed, even Optimus Prime- why is Hound even on this team, he's a scientist and Sunstreaker kept making fun of him, saying he'd rather observe the effect of Decepticon ammo on Autobot armor instead of fighting, but I guess he's there because Wheeljack's on the team, too. So why'd Prowl put me in the team, you know what they're all like, they're all scrambled in the circuits, that's what everybody else says, and the only team even crazier is the Wreckers and Impactor thinks Jazz is his long lost brother so that means they're both crazy and I'm on a crazy team and I don't know what I'm going to do-ow

First Aid inspected the piece of shrapnel before tossing it aside.

«Maybe Prowl sees something in you that most of us don't-»

«So you think I'm not up for it either?» He couldn't decide if it was a good or bad thing. «I don't think I can take it. They always say I don't have the nerves, that my Spark's been messed up since the Allspark made me, and ever since the Decepticons destroyed my district I didn't think I could do what I just did a cycle ago, but it just happened, they kept coming and I kept shooting and-»

«See, you have it in you,» First Aid interrupted. «Transform your left arm. Good, it didn't hit the main gears. Now your right.» First Aid paused. «You're shaking.»

«See what I mean?» he whispered. «I just kept shooting and shooting and not just drones but Decepticons and I don't know who I hit but I think I killed them, I took them out and their Sparks died and now they're just dead bodies and they're going to be tossed into the Smelting Pools and that'll be it, that's it and I'm supposed to move on like this team does but how am I supposed to do that, I've never killed anyone before-do drones count? I don't think they count, they have no Spark, but I didn't think this would bother me, killing Decepticons, but I didn't think about it, all I thought was that I couldn't let the others die and I just kept shooting-what about you, First Aid? Is it why you won't fight?»

The medical officer looked at him with unblinking optics.

«You're going to get used to it, Bluestreak. I don't have it in me – I don't know how Ratchet can do it but I can't bring myself to kill anyone. Maybe in self defense, when I don't have a choice, but my place isn't on the field. I think you'll figure things out. Have some courage, Blue. You did take down all those drones. You did save Jazz and Sideswipe's lives. Isn't that something?»


Author's Note: This is a series of oneshots based on my fanonverse, which was drawn from the 2007 live-action movie. It is directly related to my other fanfiction.

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