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The Second Set : The Theory of Everything

Log Entry #14: Past Mistakes – Who will succeed Sentinel Prime?

«Senators, the general populace is now aware of Sentinel Prime's resignation. By law we have gathered here in the Chamber of the Ancients to decide who will succeed him as the next Prime. We have now seen through the reign of four Primes – Alpha, Vector, Nova, and Sentinel – and it is up to us now to determine how best to use our knowledge and history in searching for the next leader of Cybertron.

«I need not provide a discourse on the reign of Alpha Prime, as we all know of his accomplishments in establishing a fledgling race on this planet. Senator Vector Sigma succeeded him as the next Prime and oversaw our growth as a race, successfully populating the entire planet save the inhabitable Wastelands, but, and I apologize, he was unable to control the increasingly unruly general populace and we were nearly overthrown.

«We had agreed ever since that the Prime should not be one of us but rather a member of the general populace, and therefore created a database to help us select the best possible candidates based on past and present criteria. Given the corruption rife in other branches of the government and the underground cells harvesting our resources and selling them to other planets, we selected a general as the succeeding Prime. And while Nova Prime did an admirable job bringing order to Cybertron, he became increasingly warlike and took the initiative to attack other races and other planets, his only explanation being that we needed to spread out and make our presence known to our galactic neighbors. I apologize for my negativity, Senators Liege Maximo and Jhiaxus, as you served as his general and scientist, but the reality was that he became a threat to our race and existence.

«Nova Prime left on the Ark I with a mixed company of soldiers and scientists to supposedly explore deep space, leaving behind a planet struggling to find its own feet. It is my belief that it was pure luck that led us to the Cybertronian who would be Sentinel Prime. We were able to rebuild Cybertron and then advance on the successes, ushering what we all call the Golden Age. We have not seen conflict for over five hundred astro-cycles.

«Alas, Sentinel Prime had confided in Senator Cohrada the difficulties of ruling a planet that's becoming increasingly prominent on the intergalactic stage. The effort he put into transforming Cybertron from disaster to glory ruined him, and therefore he resigned, leaving us with the task of finding a Cybertronian who would not buckle under the stress and elevate us to the heights of opportunity.

«Chairman Xaaron and Senators Liege Maximo, Jhiaxus, and Ariex consulted one of Nova Cronum's scientists, Thunderwing, about the possibility of manipulating the Allspark and the Creation Matrix into giving us the perfect individual, one with a strong constitution and the ability to rule fairly and firmly. Unfortunately it was deemed impossible, as not even Thunderwing, the planet's foremost authority on our two life sources, could predict when they'd combine to create a Cybertronian. Understanding the Allspark and the Creation Matrix is still beyond us, so we have resorted to the database system but decided to changed the criteria for selecting the candidate.

«We have unanimously agreed to adopt Chairman Xaaron and Senator Liege Maximo's proposal that there be two leaders of Cybertron, not one. They will divide the various duties of the Prime between them while keeping each other's power and authority in check. Since it would displease the great majority of us to call them both Prime, we have created a title for the second position – Lord High Protector.

«We are of the belief that the Prime and the Lord High Protector must come from different backgrounds and training, yet must be familiar enough with each other to be able to work together. At least one must have experience on the field, and one must be proficient with the politics and economics of Cybertron. These are the new criteria for selection of the new Prime and Lord High Protector, and we have been able to narrow down the candidates to a perfect two. They are siblings, one an archivist here in the Stellar Galleries and the other a CSF commander.

«Senators, and the general populace of Cybertron, I propose as our next Prime and new Lord High Protector Optronix and Lieutenant Megatron. They are to be summoned to the Chamber of the Ancients within the next ten megacycles.

«The meeting is adjourned. Blaster, begin the editing process and broadcast the news to Cybertron. Senator Jhiaxus, if I may have a word-»

Author's Note: Well this was a pain in the ass to write. The Condensed History of Cybertron, if you will. Also, welcome to the second set, where everything's connected.

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