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The First Set : The Rookie's Tale

Log Entry #2: New World – The Dream of Cybertron.

You don't understand me.

You don't see what I've always seen. No matter how carefully I choose my words you refuse to listen, refuse to imagine, refuse to acknowledge that brightly burning potential that lives inside us. You refuse to see what we can do.

This living, this thriving potential will have the universe at our feet.

The Allspark created us this way for a reason. I've done my research; I've had scientists sift through file after file of archived material at Nova Cronum's huge database. The evolution, the transformation, of the Cybertronian race illustrated the Allspark's sense of purpose; eons ago the life-giving cube created thirteen non-transforming Cybertronians, the founders of the planet Cybertron, and several astrocycles ago we were, should I say, graced with the presence of our first ever femme Triple-Changer, a femme with the firepower and ability of the rare mech with three alt modes.

The more files my scientists pulled out, sorted, and compiled, the clearer it became that the Allspark wanted us to venture into deep space, and begin the Expansion. Our thirteen Senators are weaponless conservative archaic remnants of a time when we didn't know who we were and who we could be. When other races – more powerful, more advanced – tried to wrest the Allspark out of our grasp we fought back with the gifts the Allspark granted us, revealed to the others what we really were.

We are living weapons, with defense mechanisms and weapons systems interwoven into our skeletal structures. We could navigate deep space without need for transport ships. We could adapt to everything thrown our way, because we could disguise ourselves by transforming our very infrastructures to blend into alien environments. We could hide in plain sight, and strike when the enemy least expects it. We even have sculptors who developed their trade enhancing our natural armor, making us invincible.

It's there, within our grasp. The ones that have watched us, fought us, and tried to conquer us – we can bring them to their knees. The whole of the universe lies before us. We only have to reach out and take it.

But you, you would power off your audio processors and ignore my messages and bury yourself in the same data you used to drown yourself in as a lowly archivist. You avoid me, you avoid my report, my explanations, my reasoning, and refuse to say more than, «Sentinel Prime established the peace we needed and I intend to keep it.»

The status quo is rotting Cybertron. I've seen it myself. The southern states, especially Kaon, harbor disillusioned and angry Cybertronians. They are fighters in a world that doesn't need them. I intend to give them what they want, what they need. I intend to make them the trailblazers of a new age of Cybertron. The Allspark is all I need to begin the march for a better future. Let the other worlds cower in the face of the glory of Cybertron.

If only you could see, Brother, what I've always seen.

Author's Note: I've never been able to accept the idea that anyone can only be evil and nothing more. There's always a reason. I also take Optimus Prime's calling Megatron "brother" literally.

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