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Inspired by the LJ prompts.

The First Set : The Rookie's Tale

Log Entry #8: In a Good Mood – Optimism is not part of the job.

Where was that infernal whistling coming from?

Shaky concentration gave way to suppressed annoyance and then to controlled frustration and Prowl finally slammed his hands down on the touch screen, and stormed out of his office to confront the glitch.

Ah, the new CSF recruit. Some said he was a bit too cheerful for the Security Force. This explained quite a bit.

The short Cybertronian looked up at him, and gave him a jaunty salute.

«Good to see you, chief!»

Prowl could only stare as the brazen detective strolled down the hall, whistling some mysterious melody that-it was a tune originating in Protihex, the databases told him, and that was Detective Jazz.

Author's Note: Decided to have some fun with this prompt. Character development for the win!

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