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Sakura was exhausted. She just got off a gruelling 9 hour shift at the hospital. She treated countless of injured shinobi, and now all she wanted to do was go home and sleep. So then why were her feet taking her the opposite way from her house? She smiled briefly as she remembered the last time she saw him. He was called away suddenly on a mission a few days ago, and although she heard he'd returned already, because of work she didn't have a chance to see him yet. Not for the first time that day Sakura cursed Shizune for making her take her shift at the hospital.

Although it was dark Sakura could just make out his building up ahead, and felt excitement coursing through her as she got closer. Sakura was thankful it was dark, that way she didn't have to use ninjutsu to enter his home. Instead she could directly climb inside through the balcony, and chances are no one would see her.

When she arrived outside his apartment she could see the light on, and as quietly as possible she channelled chakra to her feet and made her way up the small building and landed softly in the balcony. Careful not to interrupt she opened the doors and made her way inside the small apartment.

She sighed softly when she saw that he was sleeping peacefully on his bed. Maybe I should leave. She thought.

"Don't even think of leaving Sakura-chan."


Naruto laughed heartily at Sakura's surprised reaction, of course he'd felt her chakra since before she started climbing through his balcony and he thought it'd be funny to pretend to be asleep when she came in.

"Naruto! You idiot!"

"Ah sorry Sakura, I didn't think I'd scare you like that haha."

"Hmp it's not funny!"

Sakura was still upset that Naruto scared her but that feeling was soon replaced with worry and fear, when she saw him visibly wince in pain and grab his side.

"Naruto... did you get injured on your mission?" Sakura's tone promised pain if he lied, yet he knew that she'd get angry at him either way.

"Uh well I got kinda injured on the way back, but it's no big deal."

Sakura shot him a sceptical look and went over to where he was sitting on the bed, motioning for him to lie down as she went.

Naruto knew better than to argue with her so he simply did as she asked without further objections.

Sakura began inspecting his body for injuries using her chakra, and immediately found that Naruto had 3 broken ribs, a hair line fracture and a deep gash on his shoulder.

"Take off your shirt."

"Yes Ma'am!"

She gave him a stern look. I guess Sakura-chan isn't in the mood for my teasing. He thought.

" So tell me Naruto, why did you feel it necessary to walk around with these injuries all day? If you don't get these kinds of things checked out you'll develop an infection!"

"But that's why I have you Sakura-chan! You come by almost every day and check to make sure I'm not injured; you do that with the rest of the team too. So why bother going to the hospital for just a few scratches?"

Sakura didn't bother to respond and instead began healing his various injuries. She knew he was right, and although his logic was slightly distorted, she really wasn't in the mood to argue the matter.

" O and before I forget you might want to check on Kakashi in the morning."


"You know he hates hospitals."

"Urg, I swear you guys are going to be the death of me, especially you Naruto! I mean why didn't you just pop into the hospital today? I have it on good authority that you got back from your mission before dinner!"

"Ah you see well, I was going to go to the hospital but before I could ,I heard from Tsunade baa chan that you were working there today."

" I see."

Naruto could see the hurt in her eyes, and it pained him to have to avoid seeing her in public but he knew that she understood why it had to be done, at least for now.

" Sorry Sakura-chan, but we talked about this..."

"It's ok Naruto, I already know. But do we really have to avoid seeing each other that much? I mean we are teammates and friends so what would be so unusual about us hanging out every once in a while?"

"It wouldn't be unusual but we should keep public one on one interactions to a minimum. It's one thing when we're with the team or training together, but people will start to ask questions if we're alone too much; even if those questions are innocent teases from a friend. I don't like having to sneak around but those are the rules for now."

"I know, I'm just getting frustrated. Anyways how did you get hurt? Kakashi told me it was only a B class mission."

"O yeah the mission was easy. But on our way back we had some spare time so we thought it'd be fun to have a little sparring competition. You know it's been a while since we'd all sparred together... ah, could you stop looking at me like that?"

"Like what exactly?"

"Like you're going to kick my ass."

" Hmm well maybe if you didn't act so reckless all time I wouldn't have to reprimand you. I know how intense sparring matches can get between you guys. Let me guess and please feel free to stop me if I get something wrong. Yamato sparred with Sai and neither of them got seriously injured because they both know how to control themselves and... well they're not complete morons. You sparred with Kakashi and since the both of you are extremely stubborn and hate to lose, you went overboard and ended up injuring each other more than what's normal."

"Ah you know us too well Sakura-chan."

"I should just refuse to heal your injuries as punishment!"

But as soon as the words were out of her mouth she knew she'd never follow through. She looked down and saw the worried look on Naruto's face; he actually thought she was angry at him. How cute. She thought. Sakura thought it best to finish healing him in silence, that way they would avoid getting into a more serious argument.

"Okay Naruto that should do it for your injuries. Just make sure to take it easy for a day or so."

With that she bent forward and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. Too quick for Naruto and he groaned in frustration when he tried to pull her towards him again, but had his advances playfully denied.

"Sakura-chan!" He whined.

Instead of replying Sakura got up and took off her shoes and began fumbling around in Naruto's small kitchen.

"Naruto do you have any tea?"


"Okay do you have anything to eat besides instant cup ramen?"


" Tomorrow after my training with Kakashi, we're going grocery shopping."

It was a statement not a question, and Naruto knew better then to argue with Sakura when she was having one of her "wife moments". Although she wasn't his wife and they didn't even live together, they still sometimes acted like a married couple. Something else we have to hide about ourselves. Naruto thought bitterly.

"It's fine Sakura, I'm not hungry right now anyway."

"Ok but promise me you'll eat something bedsides ramen for breakfast!"

"Sure, I was gonna go over to Shikamaru and Temari's for breakfast anyway."

"Really? How come?"

"O I bumped into them today and they invited me over, plus I have a pile of paper work to go through, and Shikamaru offered to help me figure it all out."

" Ok then I'll see you around lunch?"

"Sure, unless Kakashi insists you guys go out for lunch."

"You could just come with us."

"True but..."

"But what?"

"Just that we need to be more careful, especially around Kakashi."

"Why does he suspect something?"

"No. At least I don't think so. But he's smart and on the mission he kept asking me why I didn't ask you out on dates like I used to. And I didn't really know what to tell him, so I kept trying to change the subject."

"Naruto you idiot! Why didn't you just lie and say you don't like me like that anymore?"

"Sakura-chan you know I'm not a good liar! If I would've said that then he'd know for sure that something's going on. At least this way he probably just thinks I'm too embarrassed to talk about you to him."

" Hmm that's true. Well I bet it's nothing to worry about, he was probably just curious."

Naruto knew that Sakura was most likely right. And even if Kakashi suspected or knew that he and Sakura were in a relationship, he knew they could trust him to not tell anyone.

"Enough worrying for one night Naruto, let's go to sleep."

"Yeah ok."

Knowing that Sakura didn't have a change of clothes with her, Naruto walked over to his dresser and pulled out a long shirt, and a clean pair of boxers for her to wear.

"Here just don't take them with you tomorrow, remember what happened when Ino found my clothes at your house that time?"

"Oh yeah. Well I managed to lie my way out of that one." Sakura said while beginning to take off her work clothes and change into the ones Naruto gave her.

"Yeah but still it was a close one. I mean if that had been Kakashi instead of Ino you wouldn't have been able to get away with lying."

Naruto watched appreciatively as Sakura stepped out of her white medic uniform and gracefully covered her body with his clothes. Although he would've preferred her to continue shedding all her clothes, he knew now wasn't the time for that. He'd just got back from his mission and she from working at the hospital; a night of harmless yet intimate cuddling awaited them, and that was fine by him. Besides we have at least a week off from missions, that'll give us lots of time for other things.

Naruto couldn't help but smirk at the smug thoughts that crossed his mind; thinking of the many ways he was going to make Sakura scream his name by the end of the week.

"What're you smirking at?"

"Huh? O uh nothing."

She was done changing and she turned off the dim light, and made her way over to the bed. There she got comfortable in Naruto's arms and kissed him briefly while he began tracing soothing patterns on her back with his hands. With his other hand Naruto expertly grabbed his comforter and threw it over them, preparing himself for the best sleep he'd had in days.


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