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Summary:Rosalie finds Emmett when his life is on the line, all because of a bear. When she makes the decision to save his life, she doesn't realize that she chose the path that will lead her life intertwined with the man she saved. This is their story.

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Chapter 1: For You I'll Bleed Myself Dry

July 1935

I always found that looking at my reflection in the mirror made my otherwise heavy heart, light. I could smile easily at my beautiful face that stared, lovely, at me. It was pleasurable to see my golden locks cascade down my back and over my shoulders. My perfect angular nose, flawless, unlike the complexion of most humans my age had the misfortune of having. My full, red lips perfect and enviable. Women go to great lengths to draw on lips that I am fortunate to have naturally. My pale complexion was perfect and where it might look unnatural on humans, it made me all the more beautiful.

I did that a lot.

I compared myself to humans.

My golden eyes tightened as a feeling of emptiness touched my dead heart. Humans. I really had no reason to envy them. Yes I did. They had it all. Family. Friends. Love. Children…death.

I frowned. Did I really wish to die?

If I aged naturally I would only be twenty right now. That's hardly the right human age for your heart to stop beating…But my heart stopped beating at eighteen. And yet, here I sat at my vanity, still breathing. Although, I had no need to. As if to prove that I could breathe, I inhaled sharply.

I leaned forward and rested my elbow on the vanity and placed my chin in my open hand. I realized I was pouting and I looked irresistible. Pleased, I sat back and flipped my hair over my shoulder. I held onto a lock my gold hair and examined the different shades of yellow. Lately, I found that I was more intent at staring at myself in the mirror. Maybe it was because my eyes were finally changing that topaz colour that I wanted so bad in the beginning. The beginning of my life as a vampire. I let go of my hair displeased at the word. Vampire.

It was astounding that some humans embraced the idea of vampires. Those humans were more than a little disturbed if you ask me. And not a lot of their peers knew that they wished for a life of the undead. I only knew about it because Edward had pointed it out to me while we visited town, to test my resistance, only last week.

"Do you see that man, there?" Edward had nodded his head towards. He spoke softly. I was not paying attention; the potent aura that the humans possessed were keeping me very occupied as it was. I wanted to taste their blood, but was using every ounce of resilience I had to avoid a disaster. He was trying to distract me. He gave me an impatient look.

"Yes." I was annoyed that he believed that I needed a distraction. But I was grateful all the same.

"He wants nothing more than to be one with the shadows, and be something of what we are." Edward furrowed his brow in what I could only conceive of as annoyance as he stared at the pitiful dark haired drifter.

"He's a fool." I said through gritted teeth, I avoided inhaling.

"I agree."

Humans could be imbeciles. They really had no clue. But I sympathized with them, as much as I was irritated. How could they be so daft? I shook my head, and tore my body from my reflection as I gracefully rose from my seat and stood at the end of my bed. I trailed my fingers over my soft sheets. I enjoyed spending nights just lying on my plush bed, reading, or thinking.

I wondered idly what time it was. I looked out my window to see the sky a deep blue, giving the hint that it was well into the night. It was the time that I should probably use to go outside and not stay in the confides of this house. But I saw no real desire to venture out. The outside world held little interest to me. It was there, and I could use it as I please. But no need for it, to explore it, entered my mind.

I closed my eyes and concentrated on what the others were doing. Carlisle and Esme were in their room, and I immediately turned away from their intimate doings. I was jealous of what they had, I admit. They were perfectly in love. Of course, they could never be truly happy. They were immortal, and could never move forward with their relationship. They would forever be stuck. No changes. No children…

Edward was fiddling around with a new tune on his piano. I rolled my eyes. That boy was so predictable. He held nothing new. I was pretty sure I knew what he was about more than he did. Edward never felt the desires that I wanted. In some ways you would think he held no feelings for anyone but Carlisle and Esme. He treated them with respect and love, but other than that he was annoyingly content. It was as if he had no hopes or dreams. He just lived. He was also very condescending, and had the absurd notion that he knew it all. I rolled my eyes, and I heard Edward growl slightly. He had read my mind, obviously.

At first, it infuriated me that he'd know my inner-most thoughts. But after living with him for two years, I could care less what he heard from my brain. It was his own fault for intruding in the first place. He didn't have to listen to my thoughts. He chose to, unwisely. He never liked what I was thinking and often scolded me for my ideas and thoughts. He was so immature.

"Rosalie, please stop bothering me with your inane ponderings," Edward said so quietly I almost didn't hear him. He was all the way downstairs, and it still unnerved me that he could hear me at times.

"Go away then Edward, if I'm being too loud," I huffed. He had no right to tell me not to think.

I heard the piano bench scrape the ground as he pushed it away so he could stand. I heard him make his way down the hall and eventually leading to the front foyer, and exiting outside. He ran away, just like I suggested to him. I smiled, satisfied that I could be alone without his interruptions.

I knew partly the reason why he was concentrating so much on my thoughts was due to the fact that Esme and Carlisle were not thinking such innocent thoughts and mine were probably more preferred for Edward at the moment.

Bored, I made my way over to the bookshelf that I kept in the corner of my room. I pointed my index finger towards the spines of the books, as I scanned the writing on the sides, deciding what I would like to read. I finally decided to inspect my copy of Pride & Prejudice.

I read up to the point where Elizabeth met Mr. Darcy for the first time, and in frustration I threw the novel onto the floor. No matter how many times I tried to read that book, I could never find it as appealing as most young girls. They fell for Mr. Darcy, and aspired to be Elizabeth. But I, I could not find the patience to deal with their love. I didn't even see it as love. Right from the beginning, Mr. Darcy treated her poorly, and yet he had the nerve to claim that he loved her from the moment he saw her. Elizabeth was an annoyance, at that too. She felt that she knew it all. The two main characters aggravated me to no end. That wasn't love. In my opinion, they didn't deserve the opportunities their love had the privilege to experience.

I sighed and pushed myself up from my lying position on the bed and picked up the book, returning it to its spot on the shelf. I decided to read something that was less likely to irritate me. I settled on Macbeth.

I was enjoying the ending where Macbeth's head was shown to the people of Scotland, when I finished the play, and looked outside my window. The sky was lighting up. I could see the sun rising in the east. It would definitely be a sunny day. It would be difficult to avoid going outside on such a beautiful day. Although, it almost always was sunny here in southern Kentucky; especially with the summer months coming so soon.

I heard Edward reenter the house, and Esme make her way downstairs.

"Good Morning, Edward," Esme said, once she reached the bottom of the stairs and Edward opened the front door.

"Good Morning, Esme."

"It looks like it will be a lovely day. I think I'll work on the garden today." Esme told him. Edward said nothing but took two steps at a time up the stairs. He walked past my bedroom, to the end of the hall where his room was. I decided to venture down the stairs, and greet Esme, before she made it a point to visit me in my room later on.

Esme was in the kitchen, assembling her gardening tools. I made my way over to her and kissed her lightly on the cheek. Esme smiled.

"Do you have any plans on what you might do today?" she asked, giving me her full attention, just how I liked it.

"I figured I might go for a hunt," I shrugged.

Her eyebrows knitted together slightly. "Would you like Carlisle to go with you? I'm sure he'd be more than happy to join."

"No," I shook my head. "I'd rather go alone, today."

"Do you have any idea where you're going?" she seemed careful. "I'd like to know, just in case." That just in case, was just in case you don't come back because something horrible happened.

I was pleased that she was so concerned for me. It made me almost smug, I suppose. "The smoky mountains."


"I would like to hunt a bear. They are quite delightful." I grinned at the memory of a bear's blood.

"Are you sure you don't want Edward or Carlisle to accompany you?" I suppose since I was still quite new to this life, concern for my self-control was to be expected. But I had confidence in myself that I knew I would never drink from a human.

"No," I assured her. I left her to take her gardening tools outside and work on the weeds that had begun to sprout.

In no time at all, the sun was fully over the horizon, and I made my way out the back door. I knew Carlisle was behind me.

"Are you sure?" he questioned my need to go alone.

"Yes." I showed him that I was serious about this hunt.

He nodded. "Be careful and aware." He gave me a worried and loving look, and I nodded slightly, happy to be free of the stuffiness that the house held. I inhaled the sweet, fresh air; letting the many different scents that I smelled waft through my nostrils.

I walked slowly to the edge of the forest and soon whipped through the trees, free to run. The wind tickled my face as I sprinted and darted throughout the bark and rocks and leaves. My long legs probably gave me the advantage to move faster than other vampires who were shorter in height. Of course, nobody could run as fast as Edward, even if they had longer legs than he. I loved to run - at such speeds - everything felt possible. The world was open to me, and all I had to do was grab hold of it and do with it whatever I pleased. As I thought about the wind whipping my hair, I wondered if it would be terribly out of place once I stopped. I halted my running and ran a hand through my hair, making it tamer. I didn't revel in the untidy hair that Edward seemed to welcome. Once I was sure my gold curls were set in their right places, I continued my running.

I smelled many different animal blood, but I ignored it. I had a goal, and I was going to savour my thirst for the bear I planned on catching. I wasn't going to waste it on a doe.

Soon enough, I began to notice the excessive amount of mountains that surrounded me. I breathed in the new scents and decided that here was the perfect place to begin my hunt. I took my time walking smelling out my prey, but stopped short when I caught a whiff of something else entirely.

Human blood.

My body froze and I stopped breathing. My legs were begging to run into the direction that the blood was emanating from, but I used every ounce of strength I could muster to keep myself standing here. Relax, I told myself. I tried to ease up my stance, but I found it difficult when I was protecting myself and the human from what I could become if I lost control.

And yet, I was curious - even if it wasn't for the need to ease the tearing that was erupting in my throat, begging for a release. I wanted to see it. See the human. I wasn't a masochist. But I couldn't help but not see. Blood. Red. Delicious.

I had never tasted human blood, but oh, how I wanted to. With the blood in the air, it was harder to avoid. Without my consolation, my legs took me toward the bleeding human.

When I realized, the human wasn't alone. I smelled the bear. Its scent was nothing compared to what I could now identify with as a man. The bear was embarrassingly undesirable. I still did my very best not to breathe, and without this sense it was becoming very difficult to manage. I wanted to breathe. I wanted to taste. I wanted to see.

I had to come to the understanding that today, I would not get what I wanted, no matter how badly I wished for it. Ahead, I saw the bear rise on its hind legs, ready to swing down onto the man. As if in slow motion, the world moved. The man backed up, shuffling on his backside. He was trying to get as far from the attacking bear as possible. I couldn't see his face, but I noticed his head had curly dark locks. I gasped. The blood was so potent. I strained my neck and moved closer to the edge to the clearing where the action was occurring. The bear finally stamped down on the man and I heard bones cracking, he cried out in pain.

I was surprised by how much I didn't want this man to hurt. The bear opened its jaw and closed on his arm. He went limp. He wasn't dead, I could still hear his erratic heart beat, but I supposed he had given up.

He shouldn't give up. I wanted to yell at him to put up a fight. But I couldn't find my voice. I moved around to get a better look at his face. Even contorted in pain, I could see his dimples. And I knew. I was supposed to save him.

An uncontrollable urge, so unlike my need for blood, swept through my body and in no time I threw the bear off the bleeding, dying man. The bear fell to the ground in surprise and I growled before pouncing and sinking my teeth into its mass amount of fur. I needed to drink some form of blood to sustain me. The bear snarled and thrashed against me, but I could only respond with grunts. Eventually the bear went limp. It was no longer able to hurt the man.

I turned to him and he was lying in an odd way. I made my way slowly, but quickly reminded myself that he mustn't have much time before his heart stopped beating.

…But in which way did I mean it? Should he die the natural way, the way he should? The thought that I wouldn't get to see his familiar face ever again, pained me in the oddest of ways. I wanted him. I think I wanted him more than his blood.

But I couldn't change him. If I was the one to change him and he died, because of me. I would not be able to recover from that loss, I was sure. I couldn't put him in that amount of risk. Especially a man who was so made for me. I was sure of that.

Without much thought, I picked up the man – he was larger than I thought. Holding my breath, I raced into the woods, back home, where hopefully I could convince Carlisle to change him for me. I was prepared to beg for his life – or soon to be lack-of one.

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