An Eventful School Trip

It was a few days before the beginning of the summer holidays and the condition of Harry's immune system hadn't improved yet, nor had Severus found a cure in the meantime. Harry often caught colds and whenever he had the slightest health problem, his immune system wasn't able to properly control his temperature, causing him to get a fever every now and then.

From the next day onwards, Harry's class was planning to go on a trip to a school holiday resort next to a lake, where the children would stay for four days and three nights. They would be able to play Quidditch and would even be instructed to swim. In Harry's class were six boys and six girls, and all the boys were going to share a dormitory. Harry was absolutely thrilled. "Oh, it will be so much fun," he told his father for the umptiest time.

In the evening, he had received many bags with sweets and useful accessories for the trip from the other teachers and had already packed his bag. "Do you think I can take Teddy?" he asked hesitantly.

"Of course, you can take Teddy with you, son. He always sleeps in your bed, doesn't he? I'm sure the other boys will have a teddy or something else to cuddle too," Severus replied softly. He smiled at his excited son. It was only eighteen months since Harry had come to live with him, but the boy never seized to surprise him. 'The only problem is his condition,' he mused while he took Harry's temperature.

"You know, Harry, that even if you're there, you'll still have to take your temperature every morning and every night," he said softly. "I've already spoken with your teacher and told her about your problems and about Poppy's instructions, and she promised that she will look after you. I have also given her all the potions you might need during that time. And if you felt really ill, you could of course Floo home anytime."

"Go gad a do..." Harry spoke horrified around the thermometer, causing Severus to glare at him. 'We will all stay together in one dormitory, and I don't want all the others to know,' he thought, absolutely terrified.

As soon as Severus finally took the thermometer out, Harry voiced his thoughts. "Dad please, can't we just leave it these three days? If I don't feel well, I'll tell the teacher."

Severus shook his head. "I'm sorry, but that's Poppy's explicit order; otherwise you wouldn't be allowed to leave for the trip." He gently stroked Harry's cheeks and said soothingly, "It will be all right, son. Your teacher will understand that you don't want everyone to know; on the other hand, there will only be your friends, won't there?"

"It's Neville, Draco, Blaise, Ron, and Terri, Dad, my normal classmates," Harry replied in a small voice.

"Then it's not such a problem now, is it? Your classmates already know that your condition is not the best, don't they?" Severus enquired softly but wasn't able to convince Harry.


Severus nearly expected Harry to fall ill since he always caught something just before a big event at school. However, when he checked on his son in the morning, Harry was completely fine and couldn't wait to go to school. Since he had to carry his bag, Severus decided to accompany Harry and take the Floo back to Hogwarts. "Have fun, son, and take care of yourself," he instructed his son, before he placed a kiss on his forehead and headed inside the school to the fireplace to be back at Hogwarts in time for his first class.

When everyone was assembled in front of the school, the teacher called the Knight Bus. "To Cranberry Lake Resort please," she instructed the driver and motioned the children to the upper deck, which was empty at that time, so that they wouldn't disturb the elder people on board.

After an exciting bus ride for twenty minutes, they finally arrived at the resort. At first, the children were allowed to run around for twenty minutes exploring the grounds, before they were told to assemble in the dining hall, where the teacher introduced Mrs. Weasley, Ron's mother, who was accompanying them for the four days. A few minutes later, hot cocoa and scones appeared on the tables.

Later, the children were shown to their rooms and were told they could do what they wanted until lunchtime, when they were expected back in the dining hall. The boys held an instant pillow fight in their dormitory before they headed out to play Quidditch for a while. Since they were exactly six boys, Neville was begged to play as well, so that they could make two teams of three people each. Like at school during lunch break, Harry and Draco played Seekers, but Draco didn't have a chance against Harry, who was very adept at catching the Snitch.

As much as Harry liked Quidditch, he wasn't sad when they were called inside the house for lunch since it was extremely warm and sunny outside. In contrary to most of his friends he was glad when they were told to stay in their dormitories for an hour after lunch, until they would be called down for their first swimming lesson. He quietly lay down on his bed and began to read the book, which Minerva had given him for the trip, unobtrusively cuddling his teddy, until Draco and Blaise started another pillow fight.

Only minutes into the fight he was hit by a pillow and couldn't resist the urge to join the fight. He threw the pillow to Neville, shouting, "Hey, Neville, let's play."

"If you're sure," the other boy said hesitantly, and minutes later, all six boys were having lots of fun until finally the teacher looked into the room and told them to put on their swimming trunks and come out to the lake.

A swimming instructor came and taught them to swim for thirty minutes. They learned how to move their arms and legs, and Harry enjoyed himself immensely. When their class was over, it was the girls' turn, and the teacher and Mrs. Weasley threw drying spells on each of them, before they told them to sit in the shadow if they wanted to watch the girls.

"Can't we spend a bit more time in the lake and try to practise what we just learned?" Draco asked disappointed, and Harry nodded eagerly.

"You can do that as soon as the girls' swimming class is finished," the teacher told them. "Mrs. Weasley and I will both be here. Please come to us after you leave the water so that we can cast a drying spell on you. We don't want you to catch a cold."

Harry felt that the teacher looked at him when she warned them, but he knew that she was right, although he was well able to put a drying charm on himself as well as he could put a concealment charm up.

The children spent the whole afternoon in and around the lake and had lots of fun. After dinner, the teacher took them on a walk all around the lake, which took two hours and caused all the children to get really tired. Nevertheless, when they were sent up to their dormitories for the night, Draco asked his five friends, "What do you think, shall we go for a nightly bath in the lake later on?"

"A brilliant idea, but it must be late enough; otherwise my Mum will kill us," Ron replied eagerly.

"Well, I brought my alarm clock, so we can set it on two o'clock in the morning if you want," Draco told them.

"At two o'clock everyone will be asleep, but somehow 'midnight' sounds more exciting; don't you think so?" Neville spoke up.

'That'll be so much fun,' Harry thought happily, while he changed into his pyjamas. The boys finally agreed on midnight, and Draco set his alarm clock accordingly.

When Harry and his friends returned from the bathroom, their teacher was waiting for them in the dormitory. "Do you want me to read you a story?" she asked, receiving a huge applause from everyone. "All right," she said, sitting down on the edge of Harry's bed.

The teacher had already explained to his friends about Harry's condition and that she had to check on him every evening and morning, when Harry had missed a day of classes due to a cold the week before. Knowing that all the boys in the class were good friends, she had even asked the others to help her keep an eye on Harry. Therefore, nobody was surprised when she motioned Harry to open his mouth, so that she could take his temperature.

Nevertheless, Harry felt very uncomfortable and whispered, "Is that really necessary? I'm fine."

"You know that it is Madam Pomfrey's orders, sweetie, and you have to do that at home too, don't you? We can stick it under your armpit if you feel more comfortable then."

Harry gave her a slight nod and opened his pyjama top just enough, so that she could stick the thing under his armpit, and lay back, cuddling his teddy in his other arm. "Try to relax, sweetie," the teacher told him and began to read a short story to the children, which was very funny. When she finished reading, most of the children were so tired from the long walk that they went to sleep on the spot. The teacher picked up the thermometer from the night table, where Harry had put it when it beeped, and whispered, "37.2, that's a slight temperature, Harry. Are you feeling fine?"

"Yes, I'm fine, I'm only a bit tired," Harry mumbled back, already closing his eyes.

"Well, if you have problems during the night, come or send someone to call me. I have the room just opposite your door," the teacher told him, receiving a small smile from the child, before he drifted off to sleep.


When Draco's alarm clock rang, everyone was very sleepy, and it took several minutes until the six boys were up and dressed in their swimming trunks. They quietly headed outside and played in the soft water, careful not to laugh too loud, seeing that the windows of most rooms were open. It was much fun, but after a while Harry noticed that he was getting cold and told the others, "I'm sorry, but if I don't want to catch a cold, I have to go back inside."

"It's all right, Harry. We will all go back together," Blaise replied and ushered the others out of the water.

"We'll have our swimming class in the morning anyway," Ron agreed and the children hurried back into their dormitory to dry up and go back to bed, glad that nobody had noticed that they were gone for an hour.

"That was much fun. Can we do it again tomorrow?" Neville yawned.

"I'd like that," Harry replied sleepily.

In the morning, the teacher kept Harry back, when she sent the others down for breakfast. She took his temperature, fretting a little about the fact that he was still having a slight temperature, but Harry managed to convince her that he felt fine, which he really did, and was finally allowed to join his classmates.

"Is everything all right, Harry?" Neville asked softly, when Harry took the empty seat next to him, and Harry gave him a happy look.

During the hour, which they had to wait for their swimming class to start, the whole class played hide and seek on the grounds, which was a lot of fun. Harry enjoyed himself immensely during the day, and after the second swimming class in the afternoon he could even swim two or three strokes. 'We still have two days, and after that I will probably be able to swim,' Harry thought happily. 'I must ask Daddy if I may swim in the lake at Hogwarts.'

After dinner, the teacher allowed them to play outside for another hour and motioned Harry to accompany her to her room for a moment. "Harry, I'd like to check on you now, because we will have a party tonight with all the other classes that are here at the moment, and everyone will go to bed when he or she is tired."

"A party?" Harry replied happily and opened his mouth to let the teacher take his temperature.

While they were waiting, the teacher spoke to him in a soft voice, telling him several things about the house where they were at the moment. Although Harry really liked the teacher and found everything interesting, which she told him, he couldn't wait to get out to his friends and sighed in relief when the thermometer finally beeped. However, the teacher threw him a worried glance, reading from the display that he had a temperature of 37.5. "Harry, are you feeling all right?" she asked softly.

"Yes, I'm fine, I'm only tired," Harry replied honestly.

"Is that the normal temperature you have in the evening?" the teacher asked uncertainly.

"No, normally it's under 37 degrees, but it sometimes happens, before I get sick or so," Harry admitted in a small voice. "But I'm really fine. May I go, please?"

"If it happens at home, does your Daddy give you a potion?"

Harry shook his head. "No, only if it's over 38 degrees."

"All right, then you may go, but if you don't feel well anymore, please come to me immediately."

Harry quickly joined his friends, whom he found near the lake throwing stones into the lake.

"Is everything all right, Harry?" Neville asked worriedly. "That took you quite a time."

"Ah, it's all right. She was fretting over me, because I have a slight temperature, although I'm fine," Harry whispered back, not noticing that Mrs. Weasley was standing right behind him, giving him a piercing look.


The party was a lot of fun. They played many games, and the older school children, who were there, showed them how to dance to the music that came from a Muggle device in the corner. A short while into the party however, Harry noticed that he suddenly felt extremely unwell. His stomach churned and he felt very dizzy. His vision became strange too, and everything seemed to be behind a white cloud. After emptying his stomach in the toilet a few times, he decided to go to bed, hoping that he'd feel better when he lay down. However, it didn't get better and he had to run to the toilet several times during the night.

When the others got up at midnight for their swim, Harry remained in bed, telling them that he didn't feel well. "Shall I call someone?" Neville asked in concern. "Your face is completely white, Harry."

"No, it's all right; maybe it'll be better in the morning," Harry replied miserably. 'I don't want the teacher to know that they're all up at that time of the night.'

In the morning, Harry was still feeling absolutely horrible. Nevertheless, he got up and dressed, until his concerned classmates sent him back to bed and fetched the teacher. "What's wrong, sweetie?" she asked softly, sticking the thermometer under his armpit.

"I don't know. I had to throw up a few times during the night, and I feel dizzy; everything is so blurry," he told the teacher.

"That sounds like sunstroke, but I'm not sure. Moreover, you have a high fever, Harry. 39.8 degrees. I have to call a healer to check on you. Shall I call the healer that always watches this house, or do you want me to call Madam Pomfrey?" she asked softly.

"Aunt Poppy, please," Harry answered miserably.

"All right, sweetie." The teacher stood up and instructed Neville to stay with Harry, before she told the others to go down to the dining hall. Then she left the room only to return with Poppy a few minutes later.

Harry sighed in relief when he spotted Poppy, knowing that she would make him feel better quickly. She waved her wand over him a few times and sat down on the edge of his bed. "Harry, you have sunstroke, which means that you spent too much time in the sun. I know that sunstroke is extremely uncomfortable and that you must feel horrible. I'm going to give you a potion against the illness and another one for the fever, and I'm afraid that you will have to spend a few hours in bed." She pulled two phials out of her bag and spelled the content straight into Harry's stomach.

"That's much better," Harry sighed, feeling the effect of the potions immediately.

"Do you want to remain here, or shall I take you home with me?" Poppy asked, softly bathing his hot cheeks with a cool cloth.

Harry glanced at Neville and his teacher and replied, "I'd like to stay here. We're having so much fun here."

"All right then; I will give your teacher another potion for you, and she can check on you again later. If you need me to come, just ask her to call me. And you must stay in bed at least until lunchtime. Only if your fever is gone by then and you feel much better, you may try to get up for the afternoon. Stay out of the sun and no swimming today, please."

"Thanks Aunt Poppy," Harry replied, still feeling miserable.

"You're welcome, my dear," Poppy replied and gave him a kiss on the forehead, before she spoke to the teacher for a while, unobtrusively casting a silencing spell around them.

Neville sat down on the edge of Harry's bed until the teacher came and told him to go and eat breakfast. "Maybe Harry will be able to sleep for a while, if we let him in peace," she said gently, noticing that Harry was feeling too unwell to have company anyway.

Harry remained in a half awake condition, still feeling absolutely horrible, although he didn't feel the urge to throw up anymore. Suddenly, he noticed that someone sat down on the edge of his bed and carefully felt his forehead. He lazily opened his eyes and saw Mrs. Weasley.

"Hello sweetie, are you feeling a bit better?" she asked softly.

"A bit," Harry replied, sounding not very convincing.

"I don't know if you know my son Charlie, Ron's older brother, Harry. He once caught sunstroke and told me that it feels worse than any other illness he ever caught. Since he has six siblings, he caught several illnesses when he was smaller but he still said so. Therefore, I can well imagine how horrible you must feel."

"I know Charlie, and I like him a lot. He's very nice and funny," Harry told the kind lady in a small voice, absentmindedly cuddling his teddy.

Unfortunately, Harry didn't feel much better at lunchtime, and since he still had a fever, his teacher and Mrs. Weasley, who both came to check on him this time, made him stay in bed for the rest of the day. His friends and the two adults took turns to sit with him during the afternoon, and at dinnertime Harry was finally allowed to get up and eat dinner, although he had absolutely no appetite yet.


When the children went to bed in the evening, Blaise said thoughtfully, "Since Harry isn't allowed to swim today, I think we should skip the midnight bath and instead hold a midnight party. What do you think?"

"I think that's a good idea," Neville agreed immediately. "It was bad enough for Harry to stay in bed the whole day."

"It's all right; I don't mind if you go swimming," Harry spoke up in a small voice.

"No mate, we'll stay with you and have some fun here tonight," Ron told him firmly.

Fun they had! When Draco's alarm went off at midnight, Ron and Terri hurried into the girls' bedroom and woke up their classmates, who sleepily followed them into the boys' bedroom for their party. For about two hours, the children filled their bellies with all the sweets they had brought with them, except for Harry, who still didn't feel well enough to eat anything. They occupied themselves playing Exploding Snap, doing pillow fights and telling each other jokes, until suddenly the teacher entered the room around two o'clock in the morning.

She quickly sent the girls back to their dormitory and looked around angrily. Noticing the bags of sweets and empty packages on the table, she refrained from scolding the boys but returned to her own room, apparently knowing that the children would regret their nightly activity in the morning.

Like the teacher had foreseen, in the morning, everyone except for Harry complained about a stomach age, and a few of the children even had a slight temperature. The teacher and Mrs. Weasley told the whole class to stay in bed until lunchtime. "Harry, you may get up if you feel well enough," the teacher said after checking his temperature. "You are still running a temperature though, and I want you to rest," she told him strictly.

"May I please attend the swimming class?" Harry begged. "I already missed the lessons yesterday, and I want to learn to swim so badly."

The teacher finally agreed but insisted on making him drink a fever reducer and taking his temperature once more before the swimming class. Harry spent the whole morning sitting in the shadow beside the lake, accompanied by Mrs. Weasley, who entertained him with funny stories about her children. 'I really like Ron's mum, but she definitely talks too much,' Harry thought, glad when his teacher called him inside to check on him and to make him change into his swimming trunks.

After thirty minutes of swimming class just for himself, Harry was well able to swim a few strokes, and in the afternoon's swimming class, he managed to receive his seahorse swimming badge together with Draco and Ron.

After dinner, the children had to board the Knight Bus again to return home. Everyone was very disappointed that their journey was already over, and the children begged their teacher, "Can we come again next year, please?"

The teacher laughed. "I suppose we'll be able to come again next year."

After having a lot of fun in the Knight Bus for nearly an hour, they finally arrived in front of the primary school, where all the parents were already waiting for their children. Harry jumped out of the bus, ran over to his father, and let himself being pulled up on his father's arm.

"How are you, son, and how was it?" Severus asked in concern.

"I'm fine, Dad, and it was absolutely brilliant!" Harry shouted in total delight. "We will go again next year!"


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