Chapter 12


One year later….

Tony and Ziva arrived in the squadroom together, laughing at some joke that Tony had told. McGee was sitting at his desk with Abby leaning over his shoulder.

"Hi guys," Abby said. Tony and Ziva nodded in reply and sat at their desks, Ziva still giggling quietly. She brushed a lock of hair behind her ear.

"What's that?" Abby said. Ziva froze.

"What is what?" Ziva replied.

"That sparkly thing on your finger…..oh my God!" Abby shrieked, jumping up and down. "Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God! Timmy! Look!"

"Look at what?" McGee asked.

"Ziva's ring! Look! Look look look!" Abby said. Ziva smiled and held up her hand for McGee to see. He stared at the diamond ring that was glinting in the light.

"Congratulations," McGee said, standing up from behind his desk. He went over and shook Tony's hand. "When did you ask her?"

"This morning, Probie. Great way to start the day," Tony said. Ziva threw a piece of paper at him.

"Hey! No throwing paper in the squadroom," came a voice from above. The agents turned around to see Gibbs and Jenny upstairs near the railing.

"Yes Boss," Tony replied obediently. Gibbs and Jenny turned and walked together to Jenny's office.

"Ever since they got married they have been inseparable," Ziva said.

"Well yeah. They loved each other, they already had a kid, all that was left to do was to get married," Abby said.

The elevator door opened, and a now ten-year-old Sophie came running into the squadroom. "Tony!" she exclaimed.


"I did it! I made the hockey team!" Sophie explained excitedly. Tony gave her a high five.

"Fantastic. Told you you could," he said.

"And the rash is gone, see?" Sophie said, displaying her arms for them all to see.

"The treatment worked then?" Ziva asked.


Abby went over to Sophie. "Let's go see your mum and dad," she said. McGee followed them.

"Are you happy, Ziva?" Tony asked once everyone was gone.

Ziva smiled. "Beyond words."

Tony got up and pulled Ziva in for another kiss.

The End.

A/N I had a great time writing this story. It's the first multi-chapter fic I've written.

Thank you to all of the reviewers and the people who kept coming back to read the new chapters. I am currently writing a sequel to this story, and I hope to have as much fun writing the next one as I did writing this one.