September fourth, the most horrible day almost every child wishes that it never comes, the day they start the new School year. Having to wake up at six o clock in the morning, spending seven hours in the same building, five days a week, four weeks a Month for ten months. Talk about a nightmare.

That nightmare is going happening right now in a little place called Twilight Town. A school there called Twilight M.H. is opening for another school. This will be its eighth year opened, but it will be it's the first year for these troublesome students.

We start this story about three or four block away from the school. A little eleven year old with dirty blond spiky haired boy was towards the school. His name is Roxas. One the several new students starting at that school. Roxas is the kind of kid that if you let him and three other kids alone in a room, he would end up becoming the pack leader of them. He slowly and silently walked to school, hoping that this is all a dream and not reality. That silents was soon broken when he suddenly herd someone shout his name from behind him.


He turned a round and saw who it was. It was his spikier then his brown haired friend, Sora. Sora is another kid starting in that school and is the same age as him. For some reason Sora always has a smile on his face. He's always in a happy mood and loves to make other people happy, plus he is not afraid to hug.

He ran up to Roxas with a big smile. He notice Roxas was not smiling.

"Roxas are you okay?" Sora asked.

"No, Summer Vacation is over and we have to go back to School." Roxas replied miserably.

"Aw, dose some someone need a hug?" Sora said in a babyish way.

"No Sora I do not need a hug." Roxas replied quickly.

He did anyways.

"Sora let go………… let go………… I'm going to bite……………… I'm mean it!" Roxas did it. Sora shouted and let go of him.

"I told you I would bite." Roxas then said.

"Roxas be nice to him."

Roxas looked up. There standing was a girl with blond hair and wearing almost everything white. She was named Namine. Just like the boys, she eleven and staring at the school. When she wants to show her emotions, she would draw what she feels. Sometimes it would go a little far.

"Sorry Sora. I'm just upset. Why did summer have to end?" Said Roxas helping Sora get off the ground.

"I was upset too. I drew a pony an hour ago see?" Said Namine holding the drawing.

"Um…………… Namine. The Pony is on fire." Sora replied.

"Yea I know." Said Namine.

There was a cowered silent. The soon continued walking towards the school until they got there. They notice a huge group of kids waiting outside and a couple of them were going inside. Teachers kept saying that all new students had to stay outside while the ones that have been to the school for at least one year to go in.

"Oh My God! Sora! Namine! Roxas!"

They all turned around and saw a girl with reddish/ Pinkish hair and wearing a pink dress. She was called Kairi. Of course same age, same school. She's the dramatic one in the group. She pushes a little too far when is comes to a few things.

All four of them have been friend for only a year and spend the first month of summer together. Now they're back with each other. They soon went inside and learn a little more about the school.

They would spend seven years in this school. It was both a Middle and High School. This is why the school is called Twilight M.H. They learn also that there schedule would change everyday, except for Lunch which would be fifth period everyday. Some days they would be together and some days they wouldn't be.

They then left and went to class.