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The giant forest stands tall as the powerful breeze moves between the many bamboo thickets that are nearly touching the clear blue sky. Grand bamboo leafs make it hard to get a view of the sky from the ground and the greenery shields the damp ground, wet from yesterday's downpour, from the warmth of the still raising sun. Two large cliffs divide the forest into two parts and the wreck of a long lost bridge can be seen both in the mountain and at the ground. It's the Kannabi bridge that was destroyed over twenty years ago.

A lone girl's heavy breathing breaks the calmness of the forest. A pair of pink lips is slightly parted as she inhales and exhales deeply to feed her lungs with the necessary amount of air. Her eyelids are closed and small white hairs, her oddly pale eyelashes, are drenched by her own body liquid; sweat. White yellowish brows are in a frown as she lowers Bo-staff to the ground. White hair reaches her shoulder blades as she leans down and you can see her almost sickly pale skin as it connects with a single shaft of light, she withdraws her hand quite swiftly. She position herself in a battle position with clenched fist with her eyes shut firmly.

Her green robe moves gracefully around her as she starts to punch and kick an invisible enemy who's in her mind only. She´s clad in a long sleeved kimono that ends just below her hips, the robe is unzipped and shows a quite slim stomach that's covered by a fishnet shirt that doesn't leave a single part of her body naked. Her legs are sheltered from the sun by the same fishnet as the stomach and a pair of short dark brown shorts that ends near her knees keeps her butt warm. Water leaves the ground with her kicks and the liquid dashes away from her dark green ninja sandals. She halts for a moment and creates quick signs with her hands.

"Kusa bunshin no jutsu!"

Three clones appear out of clouds of grass strands and the look-a-like gets down into fighting stances. The real one, with closed eyes, picks up her Bo-staff again and takes a step back not really knowing where to direct her wooden weapon. One of her clones makes the first move and starts running toward her with clenched fists. The real one seems to understand what she must do just as the clone starts moving and she shields herself with her staff. The wind whistles as she swings her staff quickly to push away the threat in one great and precise movement. The look-a-like fumbles back and disappears in a puff of grass as it gets hit again in the stomach. One out, two left.

Pale eyelids are firmly shut as sweat gets visible on her forehead. The pale girl, who suffers from albinism, has really bad eyesight and relies on her other senses to win a battle. Her two other clones decide to attack as a team and they charges at the same time, one from her right side and the other from the left. Vibrations in the air and ground tell the eighteen year old Grass shinobi that they've started moving. Her sensitive ears hear the sound of quick steps and the sound guides her to the left. Her long whitish-blonde hair moves around her shoulders as she turns around in a spinning motion to block a punch to her head. She feels how her Bo-staff vibrates by the connection and she's quick to punch away the arm before shielding herself from the other clone that attacks her from behind. She evades the high kick by dodging, lowers her body closer to the ground, and uses her staff to hit the lone foot that's connected to the ground. A loud bump tells her that the clone has fallen to the ground but it wasn't enough force to make it vanish. It's still two against one situation.

A frown gets visible on her face as she starts to concentrate even more. It gets eerie silent; the two clones has backed away and doesn't move. The wind is silent, no branches snap, no steps or breathing; she can't find them. She lowers her staff as she can't detect the two with her ears, eyelashes starts fluttering. A pair of blue, blurry eyes opens slowly as if it's painful to do so. The colour has faded it's like two blue misty pieces of glass and as she tilts her head to her right does the colour change to pink for a second.

She squints in her search for her clones but her eyesight doesn't get any better. The landscape around her is just spots of different shades of green, spots that are mixing together; objects with no shape, no form or meaning. It's like looking through a window drenched by the falling rain. A deep sigh leaves her pink lips as she can't find the clones but a sudden movement behind her gets her out of balance. A rather powerful punch hits her lower back and it sends her flying through the clearing. She holds back a gasps as she hits the ground with a loud bump.

´I'm too unfocused…´

Swishing sounds tells her to stay on the ground to escape pain. Two punches hits air as she rolls out of reach with her staff close to her body. Something sharp must have hit her kimono sleeve and the ripping sound makes her shiver. ´A kunai…one of the clones must have tried to hit me and as I moved out of the way; it hit my sleeve instead… ´ She tries to guess how her look-a-likes could hurt her without using her eyes. Another piercing sound interrupts her thoughts and the sharp shurikens miss the target by a mere inch. ´I need to calm down and stay… focused´

The girl hurries to get on her feet again and she shields herself from the assaults thrown at her. You can see how she mentally scolds herself for creating too many clones to fight when she's not in her best shape. Her blue eyes narrows as another punch nearly touches her cheek. Dodging quickly, she uses her staff to create some distance between her and the clones. Hitting them both vigorously on the side of their heads to get their guard down, jumping out of reach to hit their knees, the two pairs of legs give in immeadiatly and the clones fall to the ground. The albino is quick to throw her staff up into the air and instead using a pair of kunai to slice her opponents open. They disappear in a puff of grass strands as the sharp metal pierces their fake skin. A pale hand grabs her Bo-staff before the tool falls to the ground. Victory.

A small smile graces her otherwise impassive face as her senses doesn't alert her about any other danger. She has completed her training without any serious injuries once again; her misty blue eyes flutter close. The young teenage girl turns to walk home, following the path she always uses. The course that's still crystal clear in her mind even though it was over 8 years ago she last saw it. The time when she still was able to view the world with proper eyes. So long time ago.

The girl hides her face as she walks out of the bamboo forest; she uses the large hood on her kimono to shield her sensitive skin and eyes from the sun up above. The entered landscape is a couple of open rice fields with plants still growing in the damp soil. Her pair of dark ninja sandals taps the ground as she walks down the lone path, through the countryside, toward the small Grass village further up ahead. She's sweating a lot and it's not from her training. Her heavy clothing brings her down in seasons like this. But she would feel even worse if her skin got burnt. Her blue eyes are open under the hood's protection and the misty orbs are as blank as ever.

A sudden vibration in the ground forces her to stop; eyes narrowing slightly. She stops walking just in case if she's the source of the vibration but the waves running through the ground under her feet increases. Something is coming her way, fast. The girl uses her chakra to get a better view of her surroundings before she decides to take cover behind one of the few trees near the fields. Her blue chakra moves over the ground and spots two unknown powers fighting each other. ´A battle is going on not too far away from here…and they're moving this way in a high speed.´ She hurries to hide her chakra pattern and tries to use her hearing to locate the two fighting. ´They seem to be skilled, over the Grass villige´s standard… ´ The thought hits her as a wave of a strange and powerful chakra comes closer. Her blue eyes widen. ´This chakra is inhuman!´

Her heart starts beating faster as a new and eerie nervousness reaches her stomach. The situation is getting worse as she understands that the two fighting aren't from the village, but probably ninjas from either Waterfall, Rain, Fire or Earth countries and villages that's close to Grass´s borders. People from the outside are not very welcomed since the four mentioned countries used Grass as a battlefield for their battles during earlier ninja wars. Sweat rolls down her brow and this time it's not from the warmth of the sun or thick clothes. Grabbing her Bo-staff tightly she gets into fighting position just in case it gets out of hand.

Heavy but quick steps tells her about the two's positions just some few meters away from her hiding place. One of them is a little heavier than the other and she tells the two apart based on their weight and the difference in vibrations as they move around. Their heavy breathing tells her that they've fought for a while now and is near their limits. The sweet iron smell of blood starts to linger in the air around them. The inhuman chakra she felt before is increasing rapidly and the raw power sends goose bumps down her spine.

"So that's the source of your red chakra, Naruto."

A dark, husky yet dangerous voice breaks the silence and the sentence is followed by a loud growl. The ground starts vibrating as the heavier one starts to move in a crawling manner; down on all fours. ´What is this intense power?....´ The albino can't figure it out so she opens her eyelids and focus hard to see. Large dots of orange is mixed with the green trees…´It's huge!´

"Sasuke…." The orange thing growls in a low tone. "I'm here to take you home, to Konoha."

This Sasuke person is just some spots of white and black mixed together with green in her eyes but his steady, calm and collected body language tells her that he's not threatened by the beast like creature…Naruto. ´What's going on here?!´ She clenches her fists around her staff as she notice how they moves closer and closer to the village of Grass´s entrance. She can't let them find it; they're right now a big threat to her home.

"Orochimaru gives me the power I desire and I don't desire a home with friends who'll bring me down in the end.." States Sasuke.

He pulls out something similar to a katana in her opinion. Something long and deadly sharp makes a noise as it gets pulled out of a holder of some sort. ´This Sasuke is on Orochimaru´s side… he's is an enemy to my village… but the other?´ A terrible feeling takes over her body as vibrations in the ground tells her that they're just in front of her now. Too close for her liking. ´I've to act…´

"Orochimaru is just…"


She has no clue about what happened but the orange guy or creature was silenced by the other called Sasuke. Sliced by Orochimaru´s ally, her enemy, her village´s enemy. Therefore, the one on the ground is her ally, kind of. She doesn't waste much time pondering over it.

Her large hood falls down to her back as she throws herself in between the two males to protect the unconscious Naruto. Acting quickly, she uses her Bo-staff to hit Sasuke in his chest area. A loud gasp for air tells her she hit the right point and that she has gained some few seconds. She grabs Naruto by his shoulders and uses her skills with grass jutsus to disappear in a puff of grass strands. But something sharp pierces her pale skin and interrupts the technique.

Panic makes her change plans and she turns around to dash into the opposite direction with the boy on her back. Away from the village; forcing the battle to take place further away to keep them in safety. She holds back a scream of pain as the sharp katana slices her leg, probably to make her unable to advance any further. The pain makes her fall to the ground immediately and her first instinct is to protect this orange guy from harm. Rolling over to her back she forms the right signs.

"Doton: Yomi Numa no jutsu!"

The landscape around the starts changing drastically; the wide open fields turn into wet, damp and unfriendly ground. The earth swallows itself on her command in a try to get Sasuke out of the way. But no sounds, vibrations or signs of charkra tell her if she has succeeded or not. She orders the ground to get back into its original form at last while she listens for Sasuke. ´Where is he? He can't be dead… not a ninja with that skill…´ She hates to be half blind in situations like this.

A small gust of wind behind her makes her turn around to block Sasuke´s attack with her wooden weapon. The metal blade digs into the softer surface of her staff and a pair of bloody red eyes stares into her soul dangerously. She frowns as she realises that she won't be able to shield herself for much longer, the sharp blade will cut her weapon into two pieces easily. He's too strong for her to fight using raw strength, he has the advantage. Blue, misty eyes flicker in the sunlight and the pinkish layer gets visible as she stare into Sasuke´s gaze at last. The red, his eyes, seems to want to swallow her whole.

But just as Sasuke is about to finish her of does the vibrations in the air tells her that another person has appeared out of smoke not too far away from their position. She can't recognise the chakra and understands that whoever this person might be; he's not from her home village. She notices that the pressure against her is getting lighter and thinks that Sasuke might know this person. The blonde albino uses this to counter attack with her staff; twisting it so the katana that's stuck half through flies up into the air. She creates some distance between herself and Sasuke; regarding the situation with caution. The sound of the blade hitting the ground doesn't come and she assumes that Sasuke must have caught it.

"Sasuke-kun, we need to retreat. Orochimaru´s orders."

This new person is out of breath. ´He must have fought too but with who?´ A deep sign leaves Sasuke´s lips and she turns around when she finds him closer that she thought he was. He could have killed her easily. The sound of two blades pushed into their holders can be heard and then silence.

"State your name, kunoichi."

She isn't dumb. Every ninja should know that telling your name to an enemy is very dangerous and risky. But the cold tone he uses tells her that this isn't about how he will be able to track her down later; it's about honour.

"Isozaki Akai. You?"

"Uchiha…Uchiha Sasuke."

Sasuke and the older man with glasses disappear in a puff of smoke after some seconds. Akai sighs relived as she no longer feel their presence, the threat is gone. But her eyes turn serious again. ´I´ve to report this to the leader…This is bad.´ She closes her eyes and uses her half broken Bo-staff to find the unconscious form on the ground. Akai grabs him by the arm and out it around her shoulders. The young man´s heavy body makes her whine by exhaustion. But a sudden pain in her right leg remembers her about her own state.

"…I just love being a ninja." Akai states in an ironic way as she starts limping toward the village. She laughs a little at her injury, not liking the outcome of the battle.

The Isozaki household is located in the south part of the village near the high mountains and the river that's splitting the town into two parts; the south and the north. The house is pretty large made out of bamboo thickets and dried mud. It looks good compared to the other buildings around but the material isn't as good as it should be.

Akai uses her free hand to unlock and open the front door since she knows that her family is busy working or are on missions. Silence greets her as she helps Naruto into the chilly air inside. She leads him through the hall and into the living room and lowers his limp body down to the sofa. ´I've to get in touch with the leader…But what if he's seriously injured?´ Akai glances down at the shinobi. She decides to check his injuries, but her eye sight is really bad so she uses her hands and touch to search after wounds. Warm and wet liquid meets her pale skin as her hands move over his chest; blood. Akai turns around to get some bandage, warm water, and clean cloth. She doesn't bother treating her own wound at the moment, knowing that it's not near as serious and life threatening as the blonde´s. She kneels down besides the sofa and starts cleaning the wound with the cloth drenched with water. Akai squints as she concentrates on the red misty spots that she believes is the blood, she cleans it carefully but with clumsy movements. ´I wish mother was home…She's so much better at this…´ Akai wraps his torn body with the bandage as good as she can and checks his breathing pattern once again.

A sudden sound takes her by surprise and she gasps silently as a hand takes hold of her shoulder. She turns her attention to the 23 year old jounin who's leaning over her with his dark, almost black, eyes fixed at Naruto´s form. He has his long hair pulled up into a high ponytail that reaches his shoulder blades. His dark orbs wanders from the wound to the blonde´s headband to Akai.

"I moved out a week ago and this is what happens?" He starts arguing. "Akai, you do know how dangerous this can be, right? Why…?"

"I just wanted to decorate… some new pillows, a bunch of flowers… an unknown shinobi...what did you think?" She interrupts her brother in a sarcastic way. But she's somewhat angry with him or, also, at herself for not noticing his presence at all. Akai hides her true nature when someone looks down on her, or treats her differently because of her handicap. It's like a defence from being weak. This fake personality has grown ever since the people around her started doubting her skills as a ninja, doubting her skills in everything. She can't really tell her two personalities apart, it just changes depending on her mood and who he's with. She used to be calm, wise and cunning.

"Haha… you're not funny! I'll go and report this to the leader. You, treat that wound of yours and keep an eye on the Konoha shinobi. I'll bring mother. " Yells her brother, Aoi, before he disappears in a cloud of grass strands. He's a very responsible man but also very strict and arrogant.

"Sure I'll keep an eye on him!" `I'm half blind you idiot!´ Something about Aoi seems to be triggering her fake, defensive mask.

Akai frowns angrily but the façade fades slowly and her pale face goes blank. She sits down on the floor next to the sofa, close to the small table and starts cleaning her own wound with less caution. She sighs. Blue eyes flutter open as the front door opens, a familiar voice informs her that her other brother, Gosai, is home from the newly opened ninja academy.

"Onee-san, I'm home…"

The black haired 10 year old walks into the house but stops in the doorway as he spots blood on the floor. His chocolate brown eyes narrow at the sight of the red liquid. He hurries to take of his dirty ninja shoes.


"Hai hai. I'm here Gosai-chan." Akai answers in a bored tone from the living room when she spots fear in her little brother's voice. "Everything is alright." She continues tiredly.

"There's blood everywhere!" Gosai states as if he's thinking that it's a cool thing.

"…I've got hurt during practice."

"Do you want me to go and fetch mum?"

Their mother, Akane, works at the hospital and is one of the few in the village who masters the healing technique of a medic. Since the Grass country isn't a very highly ranked amoung other countries, the hospital doesn't have enough equipment to use that kind of jutsus. Akai´s village has just started to focus more on their protection, ninjas, and is slowly getting more and more skilled warriors.

"No, Aoi is doing that. You just missed him. Thank you."

Gosai nods to himself, glad that his brother passed by, and walks through the hall to greet his sister. His eyes widen once again as he sees the blonde ninja clad in orange. Akai, who senses her brother's surprise, sigh. Akai doesn't need to see her brother's expression to understand what he's feeling she can read him as an open book. She ties the bandage around her now slightly swollen injury and tilts her head toward the doorway she knows Gosai is standing in.

"He's out cold. You can enter."

"You know mum always told us not to bring stray animals into the house…" Gosai enters slowly and sits down besides Akai with his eyes glued on Naruto´s face. Inspecting him.

"He's not an animal."

"Well I just mean that it's probably the same with stray people." Answers Gosai, noticing that the blonde really looks like a cat or something with those whisker-scars. Akai smiles tiredly at her brother's way too cute behaviour. He's a very innocent child deep within. You can clearly see the difference between the two siblings as they sit side by side on the floor. Gosai who was born with the usual Isozaki characteristics has short wild black hair, a pair of chocolate brown eyes and light brown skin. Akai who's suffering from Albinism has whitish-blonde hair, blue eyes and pale skin.

"I guess we have to wait and see… She's home any minuet now."

Akane follows her oldest son Aoi down the streets in the north side of the village toward their home on the other side of the bridge. Her nut brown hair is pulled up into a nice and proper bun but a few tresses are loose and frame her face. Her brown-red eyes are outlined by a pair of thick glasses. She's a healthy woman in her later forties dressed in white hospital robes. She's not a shinobi so both are running normally toward the house near the mountains.

The first thing Akane does when she arrives is to look at her child, inspecting her. She stares at the ripped clothes, messy hair, pink irritated skin and the wound on her leg. She was worried sick when Aoi came rushing into her office shouting about how Akai, her only daughter, was hurt and how she brought an unknown shinobi into the house.

"Welcome home." Akai starts in a calm but tired tone. "Mother can you take a look at him?" She points her finger toward the konoha ninja with her eyes fixed somewhere else.

"Akai go and take a quick cold shower now! Aoi get my equipment! Gosai-chan…start cleaning up the blood! Akai prepare yourself for a long talk later." Akane gets into her "hospital mode" and stats giving orders.

She sends Akai a long worried but strict glance before she turns her full attention to the hurt shinobi lying in the couch. Green chakra is already glowing around her two hands. Akai obeys the order thinking that a shower is just what she needs at the moment.

"Why do I've to clean up this mess? It was Akai not me who did it." Gosai wines to himself as he walks into the hall to get to work. He can't say no to his mother.

Akai closes her eyes as the cold pouring water chills down her hot, swollen, torn, aching and irritated skin. Blood colours the water red as it travels down her snow white, naked body down to the floor and down the outlet. She enjoys the feeling and leans back against the wall holding the shower handle over her head. Akai is not aware of that this day changed her fate drastically. Saving Uzumaki Naruto is something she might end up both regretting and enjoying.

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