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"Hinata You have to go!" Sakura screamed at the timid girl, who in return only flinched. "S-Sakura-C-han I'm not so sure, Naruto-Kun didn't invite me himself. Sssoo he must not ha-have wan-wanted m-mee." Hinata let her wide white eyes wander to the cold tile of the hospital.
Hinata had just been planning to bring Sakura some lunch, and then hurry home to do something else. Anything else.
Whatever she had been planning to do had to have been better than being forced into going to Naruto's party.
Well in all honesty she wanted to go. It was her chance. Her big shot to get near Naruto. She needed this chance! But she couldn't admit it that would be falling to easily into Sakura's plan. Of course Sakura wanted Hinata to be with Naruto only because then he would stop pinning over her. Then she'd have a chance with Uchia- San. Eck that name just made her sick.
He was annoying and bothersome. He was the so called heart throb but in Hinata's eyes he wasn't that appealing. Sure his outer appearance was uhm, appealing.(To say the least) But that was irrelevant. He had a nasty inside. And if there was one thing Hinata hated ( if she was even capable of hate) was people who looked beautiful and were in truth the exact opposite. It just wasn't fair.
She wasn't going to admit it to herself but Sakura was the same way, but Hinata was, dare I say, using the pink haired girl. She needed to get closer to Naruto and what better way than get close to his team mates?
And getting close to the Uchia, well that was almost funny.
But now Sakura was dragging her out of the hospital,towards her house.
"Sakura-Chan I wouldn't have anything to wear, I might have to work." Every excuse In the book was spilling out of her mouth.
Sakura turned around and gave a mischievous grin.
"Hina, Sweetie, we'll be playing 7 minutes in heaven." Hinata's already large eyes grew to the size of saucers, 7...minutes in heaven?
She might get to...with...Naruto!? "Well,I should go keep you out of,uhm, trouble.." Sakura smirked. Victory.
"Yeah and the thought of that lip lock with Naruto is just a bonus?" Hinata blanched at the comment,
However the color quickly returned to a vivid red. Hinata attempted to stutter out a response.
Sakura shook her pink locks in laughter,
Ah young love. Now it was her chance with Sasuke, all Naruto had to do was get Sasuke to the party. Ah, today couldn't be any sweeter.

Sasuke growled as Naruto slammed on his front door.
"Teme let me in!" Ah, that high squeaky voice was so annoying. Almost as much so as the pink haired tramps. But that was irrelevant. Most of his so called friends he found annoying. Except maybe the one, who didn't call her his friend...
They were loud and obnoxious and cocky, Well except one, but she was eh,irrelevant. He trudged to the door and angrily swung it open. "What dobe?" He asked in a low growl. He hadn't been doing anything important, or anything at all for that matter but that didn't matter. Naruto was disturbing his day off!

Naruto gave a sheepish smile and scratched at the back of his head. His whiskers spreading over his bright cheery face. "I'm having a party!" His voice carried through the entirety of Sasuke's house and straight through Sasuke's head.
If I talk to him for more than 5 minutes I'm going to end up with a headache. "And how does this affect me at all?" Sasuke asked in an indifferent tone. Naruto's mouth dropped.
"Well, duh! You have to come." Sasuke attempted to slam the door in his blond haired companions face.
"No." Naruto pouted and started his plea. "But Sasuke! If you don't come Sakura won't! And then what will I do! I'll lose my chance with her!!" Sasuke rolled his eyes.
"I don't want to go to your stupid party. I won't. Especially if the guest list includes you and Sakura." Naruto grinned brightly.
"But other people are coming, like Kiba, and Ino, and Shikamaru, and Choji.." Sasuke raised an eyebrow "You're just giving me more reasons not to go, you do realize this right?" Naruto bounced up and down.
"Hinata-Chans going!" Sasuke raised an eyebrow,
The shy quiet Hyuuga? Well it was starting to sound a bit more appealing.
"What are we supposed to do at this party?" Naruto grinned.
"Well obviously, 7 minutes in heaven.!" Sasuke let a small smile play on his lips.
"You know, I think I'll go." Naruto too dense to get Sasuke's reasoning bounced up and down happily.
"Great come by about, 7 ish.." Naruto bounded off happily to tell everyone his great news.
Sakura-Chan was coming to his party!
Sasuke went inside to contemplate the fact he was going to Naruto's party. But Hinata would be there, But again that fact was simply irrelevant.

Hinata blushed wildly as Sakura threw a skimpy dress at her.
"That. Put it on." Hinata shook her head nervously. "Sakura-Chan, I can't wear this." Sakura groaned.
"Then what do you expect to wear?! Those!?" She pointed to Hinata's outfit as if it was the plague. "Y-yes." Hinata said timidly looking down at her conservative attire. It seemed adequate this morning when she put it on.

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