Masumi-chan- What happens when teens get horny and drunk?

Hinata- Masumi's stories get a mature rating.

Masumi-Chan- Eh hehehe, what ELSE?!

Naruto- We play 7 minutes in heaven.

Masumi-Chan- EXACTLY!

Sasuke- With a point system, what does the winner get?

Kiba- I figured your prize would be getting in the closet with Hina?

Hinata- What does "Getting home" mean anyway?

Masumi-Chan- Heh, yeah ok I don't own Naruto.

Sasuke sat grumpily on the coach. Everyone had a bottle of beer in their hand, except Naruto and Kiba who were both seeing who could finish their bottle of vodka first. Tonight would be terrible. There was a loud whistle and everyone turned to see Sakura standing in the door frame wearing something most porn stars would find revealing. It was atrocious, and hot pink. Even worse. Naruto quickly sloshed the rest od his bottle on the table and stumbled over to her side, kiss ass. Sasuke thought boredly. But something behind Sakura attempting to wave at him and fight off Naruto at once, caught his eye. A mouse. Well metaphorically. There was Hinata, being held in place by Sakura's death grip. Sakura threw the poor girl into Naruto's not so waiting arms. She tumbled to the floor. The inebriated Naruto attempted to pick her up, but just ended up vomiting on the floor near her. He started sobering up as she let a few tears fall to the ground.

Poor girl. She really liked him, which made no sense! And there he was destroying her.

Sakura flounced onto the love seat next to Sasuke.

"Hey baby."

She let her already too short skirt ride up her, non-existent hips.

"I hope you realize you don't look attractive, you look like a slut."

She smirked and slid a nude leg up Sasuke's.

"You wanna see the rest of me?"

She gave him a wink, before he rudely pushed her off the couch.

"you cow, there's nothing left to see. You've put it up for show."

Sakura stared in utter shock, sure Sasuke was a little cold sometimes, but this was it.

"You, you jerk! I don't want anything else to do with you!!"

So maybe Sakura had drank a little on the way here, she wanted to be totally loose when she saw Sasuke.

But he didn't matter anymore, everyone was gathering in the living room, ready to play 7 minutes in heaven. She'd enjoy her 7 minutes, even if it wasn't with Sasuke. They were going to get married someday, so of course they were going to have their spats. She just wished they were swapping spit instead.

Hinata felt her heart sink as Sakura threw her at Naruto. His cerulean eyes widened, in, disgust. He really had no feelings for her. She hit the floor hard and felt her eyes water. Naruto attempted to help her up. But just ended up throwing up about 10 inches to the left of her. Her eyes let the tears fall freely now.

Naruto now starting to sober up attempted to apologize, but just ended up getting distracted by Sakura's skimpily clad body.

"Damn, she looks good. I love her Hinata. I really do."

Hinata sniffled as she stood up and watching Sasuke push her off the couch.

"Naurto, I couldn't care less."

Her voice sounded firm to her, but to Naruto it was a faint whisper. He watched Sakura stumble onto a table and shout that 7 mintues in heaven would start now.

Naruto smirked and rushed over to her side.

"I'll get the box with names in it, so we can draw."

Sakura winked at him with her heavily intoxicated green orbs.

He looked pretty good tonight.

Hinata sat huffily next to Sasuke on the couch not even caring that his onyx eyes shot up in shock.


He said, get this, nervously.

Hinata scoffed.

"You know this is all your fault. I was dragged here so Sakura could woo you."

Sasuke laughed throatily.

"She'd never woo me."

Hinata shook her head knowing Naruto must think the same of her.

"You're an ass."

She said with such an indifferent tone Sasuke gaped at her.

Who was this girl, he liked her yeah. But hey look here came the dobe with the box.

Naruto smirked as everyone gathered around,.

"Ok here's the deal. I'll pull two names out and who ever gets their name called goes into the closet and does whatever they want with the other person. There will be a winner, we have a point system here. When the7 minutes is up when we open the door, if you're kissing 10 points. 15 points for every hickey. 30 point if we catch a guy with his shirt off. 50 for girls. It's doubled for pants. 150 points it any part of underwear off. 200 if both participants are naked. And well you get 500 if we catch you going home, if you know what I mean"

Everyone giggled and nodded, this would be fun.

Hinata looked confused.

Sasuke leaned over and whispered

"Are you confused?"

She nodded turning to him and asking innocently.

"What does he mean "going home"."

Sasuke smirked and poked her forehead.

"If we get in the closet together, I'll show you."

Hinata looked worried, but the actual smile on Sasuke's face was comforting for some reason. It mightt have been that the punch she'd been drowning out was totally saturated with vodka but that was totally not the case,

Sasuke on the other hand,

Well he was glad for the confidence the spiked punch gave him. He just told the Hyuuga girl he'd have sex with her.

Hinata smiled, oh god she still didn't know what it meant.

"I'm holding you to that."

Sasuke smirked and felt a little twinge, down under. If you catch my drift.

"Oh, I'll be holding it against you later."

Hinata went to ask what he meant, but Naruto was drawing the first names.

Naruto shook the box loudly and pulled out two slips of paper.

"Our first two, victims, are…."

Finally an update. I do live. You all owe this update to Hotari-Chan! But yeah the status of this story will soon be changed to Mature. Only for the fact yeah, parts will be turned into lemons, limes the whole freaking fruits basket. Don't like it? Stop reading. I really do like the way this is going, only because I get to try a different style of writing. I'll try to post again soon, but I have a play coming up next week, so I might not have time. But I will finish this story. 'Cause I wanna know what happens next! Think you know who the first couple called should be? How far they should go? Who should win the game with the most points? The least? Tell me. I'll take it into consideration.

Also, Check out Hotari-Chan, Currently my favorite author on here. Their stories are gold! Plus they were my inspiration for updating at all. Thank you. I appreciate the enragement, and the fact not everyone has given up on me.