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Chapter Six: Lies and Betrayals

Ron watched with a detached interest as he was taken to the Headmaster's office. There, he met with his head of house and his family, where he was met with hugs, kisses, and tears. He was happy that they had missed him and he wished to let them know this, but his mind was still stuck on what he had seen. There was so much power in that small body, so much, and he could have that power too.

He, too, would be special.

Dumbledore came into the room and sat at his desk and a spike of anger shot forward through him. How dare this old man show his face when he had nearly killed Hermione?! And then he had the nerve to smile, as if everything was okay?

"Ronald, my boy, how good to see you again!" Ron resisted the urge to sneer. "But you must tell me, where did you go?" Looking up, the red head felt the man try to pry into his mind, and this time he really did sneer.

"You just don't learn your lesson, do you? One student just wasn't enough for you, was it, old man?" Molly gasped.

"Ronald Weasley!" He sent a glare at the shocked man before him.

"That's right, Albus, I know exactly what you've done. And if you ever try to pry into my mind again, I'll let the Ministry know how you are illegally doing this." His family stared at him in shock. "Now if you don't mind, I've had a really tiring day yesterday and I'm still knackered. Good day." With that, Ron stood and left the silent room. Molly stood up on shaky legs and followed him out of the room, taking the rest of the room's occupants with her. It wasn't even moments after they left when his fire had opened up and seven figures stepped through the flames.

Albus Dumbledore was and is a very smart man.

When Harry Potter had not come to Hogwarts, he had known then and there that something was wrong. When Ronald Weasley was the only person they knew could see the boy once he left the hospital wing, he knew that Harry knew more than he let on. When Hermione Granger was able to block him and Snape out of her mind, he knew she would be a powerful student. He knew a lot of things...

He even knew about this.

James and Lily Potter, two of his highest supporters, risked their necks to save little Harry Potter and even went into hiding and gave the boy to him. Of course, they did it because they loved the boy, and only wanted what was best for him. And Albus would be what's best. But this visit was unexpected.

"James, Lily, children, to what do I owe this honour?"

When Ron had stepped from the room, he knew his family would follow behind him. He'd had no clue about McGonagall, but was glad she had wanted to know what he meant instead of asking Dumbledore. So of course, when the questions had started, he already knew most of the answers.


"It's true mum," Ron began sadly, cutting off all questions from everyone. "Dumbledore lied to Hermione. He almost got her killed." He shook his head sadly and sat on a conjured chair from McGonagall. "He was trying to use Legilimency on her mind, but she knew how to block him out. So he got petty and decided to trick her. He was going to inject her food with veratiserum at the feast, but then she didn't show up, and the troll had come. If he hadn't of lied to her in the first place, Hermione would have never been in danger."

"How do you know this?" McGonagall questioned shakily. "Where have you been?" Ron gave her a secretive smile.

"We've all been watching you, yes. And as for where I've been, well...I've been around."

"I see." Dumbledore frowned at the people before him. "And that will help how?" Lily pressed her lips together.

"Now see here, Albus-"

"Lily." James cut her off before clearing his throat. "Albus, the boy is obviously distressed. If he knew his family is alive, and that he has brothers and sisters, he would probably come out of hiding." Dumbledore's frown deepened momentarily before he began to smile.

"Yes, that just might work-"

"Except the boy's name is no longer Harry, and he already knew about you." All heads swerved around to see the small body of Bahamut smiling at them. "I just didn't know I had brothers and sisters. Hello." He said to the kids in question. They blushed slightly.

"Um...hi...?" Lily gapped at him before her eyes filled with tears.

"Oh...Harry..." The boy frowned.

"Bahamut." Everyone blinked.


"My name, it's Bahamut." He tilted his head. "But you're my mother; you should already know this, yes?" Everyone, except the children, winced at the supposedly innocent question as the boy sat down with his kin. They shyly glanced up at him.

"You-you're our brother?" Asked one of the boys in excitement. Bahamut gave a small yet cold smile.

"In blood only."

Ron decided to use his teachings early to try to understand the meaning of Bahamut's words. The first thing, he decided, was to test his bonds with his family. To see if they could hurt him to the point of breaking. To see if he could forgive them after.

"Mum?" Molly stopped pacing the room and spun towards him.

"Yes?" Swallowing past the lump in his throat, he opened his mouth to speak.

"Were there ever any Weasleys in Slytherin?" She paused in mid blink.

"No...The Weasley line can be traced far back and everyone in the line has only made it to Gryffindor or Hufflepuff..." She paused and glanced to the side with a guilty expression that quickly changed to curiosity. "Why?"

"I..." he coughed, uncomfortable, and briefly wished the rest of the family was still there. "What if Ginny gets sorted into Slytherin?" He asked hesitantly. Molly gave him a horrified look.

"Oh, Ronald! Don't worry about that, she won't!"

"And if she does?" She frowned. She knew how Ron could get sometimes, what would be an answer he'd want to hear?

"Then I'd have to disown her Ronald. I can't have an evil daughter in my house." Ron felt his heart break.

"So," Bahamut cheerfully asked, "What are your names?" The kids shared a quick look before a girl stood up.

"Um...My name is Mimosa. I'm the oldest of the triplets." She curtsied. Her hair was black with bits of red through it, her face looked more like Lily's, but her eyes were hazel. "We're eight. Pleased to meet you." Another of the triplets stood up and curtsied.

"I'm Rose. Second oldest triplet." This one had red hair with black streaks going through it, again looking more like her mother and with hazel eyes.

"Daisy," came the voice of the youngest daughter. Her hair was all dark and her eyes were also hazel. The twin boys shared a look before standing and bowing.

"My name's Demetrius. I'm older than the girls and younger than the boys. We're ten."

"And my name's John. I'm the second oldest, yeah." Both brothers had red hair and a slight dusting of freckles with emerald eyes. Bahamut looked them all over with a small smile.

"And my name is Bahamut. I'm eleven."

"I thought your name was Harry?" Mimosa frowned. He chuckled lightly.

"It was."

"Why'd you change it?" The adults all watched on with interest as he continued to communicate with his kin. A faint well of hope shot up through them...

"Because Harry died." Until he shot it down with his next words. "Your mother and father, along with Albus here, killed him." They gasped.

"How?" Daisy shyly asked. She looked like she was about to cry. Bahamut patted her head.

"They didn't want him, so they put him with other people that didn't want him, and forced them to take him. The people blamed little Harry, and, at the age of six, they starved him then they killed him for eating food when he wasn't supposed to. First they beat him with chords, then with their hands, then they burned off his flesh. They also crushed his glasses into his eyes, and they pulled out his hair. They knocked out his teeth...All because he was hungry and snuck a little food..." The adults cringed at every word said and, by the end, they were nearly in tears. The children were all in various degrees of shock.

"They...they did that to you...?" Bahamut nodded slightly, smile still on his face.

"So, you should know that we can never truly be family, seeing as I'm not Harry, right?" They nodded slowly, not truly understanding but getting the gist of it. He wanted nothing to do with them. "Good. Maybe, if we ever see each other in the future, we can talk on good terms. But not anytime soon." His white eyes snapped to his parents and the Headmaster. "As for you all, I'm sure you understand that I want absolutely nothing to do with you, right?" Lily began to cry.

"Harry..." Bahamut smiled slightly.

"It's Bahamut, Mrs. Potter, and do not worry. You are already forgiven. But that doesn't mean that I want to see you again." Dumbledore and James stood up in alarm as his body began to glow white.

"What are you doing?!" James shouted in a panic.

"Stupefy!" Dumbledore cast the spell. The spell harmlessly phased through the glowing body as Bahamut disappeared.

"I ye yu I..." His voice floated through the room. The kids jumped.

"No bo me no..." Lily stopped crying.

"Re en mi ni..." James and Dumbledore both sat heavily in their seats.

"Yo ju yo go..." The paintings stilled and watched with interest.

"Ha sa te ka na e..." Fawkes, a phoenix sitting in a cage, trilled and burned in flames.

"Ku ta ma e..." All went quiet. Outside, it began to rain. Hogwarts wept.

Ron couldn't look at her.

He couldn't look at his mother to save his life. He felt...what? Betrayal? Anger? Didn't she say she would always love her children? As he peeked up at her through his bangs, he felt the anger well up inside of him, and he sighed.

It would be a long time before he could join with the others.


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Bahamut; Preview of a Future Chapter (Not Next):

...and then it hesitantly bellowed out "SLYTHERIN" to a rather stunned crowd. A muggleborn in Slytherin? It took a second, but eventually the Slytherins began to clap, though they didn't do so until a man with a hooked nose shot them a glare...

-"I wonder what side you will choose, boy. You'd make a powerful ally, and a most loyal friend, but..." He trailed off. "...I see..." Taking her hand, he bowed to the Summoner. "My Lady Summoner, it looks like you have your work cut out for you."-

...She couldn't even remember raising her hand, nor could she remember when her whirling thoughts stopped. All she remembered was the satisfaction of shock on Molly's face...



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