Chapter 1: The Fight

One beautiful day at the academy. But not for one certain brunette.

"WAAAH! WHEN WILL I EVER STOP BEING LATE?!" said the brunette throwing her things in the process of looking for her things and dressing up.

"Yeah, I was just wondering that, Polka," said a sly voice from her doorway.

"I thought I was supposed to see you when I'm RUNNING to class? What are you doing here anyway?" said Mikan heatedly.

"What do you think?" said Natsume, approaching Mikan. Mikan stays rooted to the spot, unable to move.

"I'm here..." Natsume approaches even closer, "Because I..."

"Ne, Natsume...N-N-Natsume!" said Mikan, trying to avoid Natsume.

"Am..." said Natsume, ignoring Mikan's protests.


"Idiot. Don't say that...of course you're ready..."said Natsume.

"NATSUME!!" said Mikan, pushing Natsume away.

"WHAT?! DON'T TELL ME YOU'RE NOT READY FOR THIS?" and he burned Mikan's hair.

"NATSUME!!" and the whole academy was temporarily weakened because of Mikan's explosion. Except Natsume.

"Why on EARTH are you here??" said Mikan heatedly, attempting to stop the burn in her hair.

"I'm gonna walk you to the room," said Natsume, "You ready yet?"

"Yeah, I think I am..." said Mikan, and she hitches a smile on her radiant face.

Damn that beautiful smile...thought Natsume. And unconsciously, he smiled.

"Uh, ne Natsume, why are you smiling?" said Mikan, tilting her head to one side.

"Shut up, polka," said Natsume. And they left.


"Good morning, Mikan!"

"Hey, Mikan!"

"Hey, Sakura!"

"Ohayou, everybody!" said Mikan. But she was too dense to notice that people put their heads together when she entered. She was, of course, oblivious to the fact that she was walking with the infamous kuro neko at her side, and, apparently, holding her...hands!.

"What's wrong?" Mikan asked Natsume, who just smirked.

"I'm holding your hand, idiot," said Natsume.

"Oh. WHAT??" screamed Mikan, Here we go,thought Natsume, "I AM SO NOT AN IDIOT!"

Baka. Really an idiot. But I guess I love her that way.

hey guys, this is just a primary chapter, merely to see whether you guys want me to keep going or not.

tell me if you like it, Okay? Thanks!