So this is a story that has been in my head for a while now and I kind of think this one will be my best story yet. The catch is though, I'm not gonna start this one until I'm absolutely done with my other two stories, Finding Love,and Distractions. So a trailer is all you're gonna get until probably the end of May or early June.

When a new school year starts, that means another year with your friends at Davidson Academy.

No parents, no chores, and no limitations.

"That's so like her. Make a teacher stalk her and get everyone to feel sorry for her."


"I mean, I broke two pairs of heels last year because of being outside with Troy and you don't see me complaining to the police."

Love picks up from where it left off, and sometimes it's just too hard to get back on track.

"It's the big 8 tomorrow."


"The BIG 8! With Tay...your girlfriend?...Your anniversary."

"So? It's only 8."

"The BIG 8! Tay loves the number 8...don't tell me you forgot."


"You were my room mates boyfriend for 3 years Troy!"

"Just...Brie don't walk away, please."

"It's not right."

"Just give me a chance."

Emotions run high at times.

"Montez, your fuck buddies here with his camera."

"Hey." Jason greets quietly.

"So Troy and I aren't allowed one night together, but you two can make a porn video?!"

"Hey." Gabriella replied back quietly.

"Gabi, you're shaking."

"Am I?"

"Are you sick?" Sharpay shot Troy daggers.


"This is fucked up Tay. Don't fucking lie to me!"

"I"m sorry." She sobbed. "Chad and I--"

"Chad and you can go to hell." Zeke snarled.

Some people have agendas to follow.

"I've wanted to ask you this since the end of sophomore year." The blond haired boy explained.

"Well now you can. No more interruptions." The shy brunette stated with a sweet smile.

"Will you be my girlfriend?"


"I've been waiting 3 fucking years for her. It's bound to be my time any day now." The afro clad boy declared.

"I know it is."

"Just like you and Troy Gabi."


"You're gonna get through this Gabi, but in the mean time, you can help me find a girlfriend." Jason smiled.

She rolled her eyes, "Which click haven't you dated?"

But along the way, what if it's not love their feeling anymore?

"No seriously,...what are you doing out here?"

"You know me Brie."


"I'm sorry. It just happened!" Kelsi exclaimed.

"Yeah, and I magically fell on the sidewalk and lip locked with an actress!"


"Troy broke up with me!" Sharpay sobbed.

The brunette looked down at the ground guiltily. "I'm sorry Sharpay."

"I don't need your sympathy Montez!" She snarled.


"I love you, you know that." Taylor reasoned. "You'll always have a spot in my heart."

"Yeah," Zeke said sarcastically. "And you'll always have a spot in mine."

When one falls, the only other way is going up.

"Gabi, I LOVE YOU!" He declared.




"I hate break ups, they always put a damper on my day." Sharpay scoffed.

"I know how you feel." The male agreed.


"What are you doing?" The nervous voice of Kelsi asked.

"Just trust me." Jason soothed.


"I want you Troy Bolton, and it scares me, but here we are!" She declared.


"Say something Troy!"

"Don't move!"


"I've been watching you ever since freshman year."

"Chad...we can't."

"I don't see you moving."

There's lies, secrets, and deception...

"I thought you loved me?"

"Maybe we rushed things?"

"You can't rush things after three years."


"I don't care Kelsi, I'll help you no matter what." Ryan promised.

"Ry, just stop." She pleaded.

"No, just tell me what's wrong. I'll always be here to help you."

"I kissed someone else."


"Why won't you let me in Brie?" Troy caressed her cheek.

"Because I don't even let myself in." Gabriella walked away.

"One day you're gonna realize I love you! And when you do, I'll be here waiting!" He promised.


"I can't keep doing this Tay. We're either together or not."

"Chad, I can't even wrap my mind around this, much less make a decision."

"The balls in your hand, I suggest you get rid of it before it rolls away on it's own."

Follow the lives of--

Troy Bolton the CHAMPION,

Gabriella Montez the CONFUSED GIRL,

Chad Danforth the FRIEND,

Taylor McKessie the GUILTY,

Jason Cross the DREAMER,

Kelsi Nielson the HOPEFUL,

Zeke Baylor the NICE GUY,

Sharpay Evens the DRAMA QUEEN,


Ryan Evens the SAD SOUL...


Love In Disguise.

Coming this summer.

What do you guys think? I am really excited to write it and am already writing out ideas for it as usually I only do stories on Troyella, and I've alreayd experimented with the couple as kids in high school and Finding Love is about them as adults, so now I wanted to try something different. Them at a bording school and I think this is nothing like anyone else's story plot, so that just excites me more. But tell me what you think, I'm really interested in your ideas and thoughts.