Can you hear it?
Can you hear me screaming?
Can you feel it?
Do you feel it?
Coming down
You gotta get up
Can you get up
Off the ground
I wanna hear it
Wanna hear you breathing
Me, You and My Medication--Boys Like Girls

Bodies tangle. Legs invade space; space that is not their own. Arms bump into warm heated skin. And a light is flicked on.

Gabriella groans loudly while rolling over onto her stomach, and clamping her mouth shut as her stomach rolls around.

"Evans! Do you always have to be up before the normal?" Gabriella's groggy voice is heard.

A deep throated chuckle echoes in the room and it's like nails on a chalkboard to the brunette who's tank top had ridden up in the night and is now showing a good amount of skin.

"You woke you up like a half hour ago, and vomited. This is the thanks I get?"

Gabriella wants to whirl around and see who's speaking as she now knows it's not Sharpay, but she can't as a giant jackhammer is making home in her head. Gabriella slowly lets the pillow that's on the top of her head fall to the side, and holds herself up by pushing her arms into the mattress.

Gabriella stares at the brunette boy in front of her as he's only wearing low rise jeans with his green and white plaid boxers visible. "Oh my God!" She breathes out as her mind is working in overload to try to remember the previous night, and her eyes go wide as she finds that she only remembers Sharpay drowning her in alcohol.

The male chuckles again while drying off his upper body from taking a shower across the hall. "That's not the normal response I get in the morning."

Her breathing is rapid and she has to shut her mouth again to keep the acid down. Just thinking about what she could have done the previous night makes it that much difficult to keep herself from spewing her lunch from the other day.

"You didn't…and I didn't…and we didn't…oh my God."

"Calm down Montez. It's not like it would've been your first time."

Gabriella groans in frustration. She is going to kill Sharpay for this. Gabriella buries her head into the pillow, and lets her body relax.

"What time is it?" She peeps as the weight on the queen size bed shifts.

She opens her right eye and sees the boy lay down next to her.

"Two in the morning."

"What are YOU doing up?" She shrieks while instantly regretting it as her face turns green and she quickly leans over the bed, and feels her throat constrict before a burning sensation takes over and tears come to her eyes.

She tries to hold her hair back, but feels another hand already collecting her loose strands. When she's done making a fool of herself she plops down onto the mattress and looks up at the white ceiling filled with pictures of girls.

"Looks like someone can't handle their liquor," he teases as Gabriella glares at him.

"I can't believe this is happening. I'm supposed to leave on a bus in two hours!"

She hears a heavy sigh, "I'll wake you up at three thirty and you can get ready then." He suggests.

Gabriella nods her head as her eyes droop shut already. "Thanks…Kent."

For the first time since school started Sharpay doesn't wake up from a moaning roommate. There is no whimpers in the air. The only sound she can hear is coming from her pink heels.

She smiles into the mirror, and even though it's three thirty in the morning, she doesn't care.

There's a knock on the door, and Sharpay already knows who it is. "Come in Zeke!"

"Zeke?" A very confused, a very feminine voice asks. Taylor pokes her head into the room as she remembers about a week ago that Gabriella and her planned on meeting up for a very early breakfast. "I'm not Zeke."

"Obviously," Sharpay mutters while very deliberately staying stationed at her vanity.

"Do you know where Gabi is?" Taylor asks straight to the point.

"Do I look like her keeper? No."

The dark skinned girl rolls her eyes and glares at the blonde. "It seemed like you were last night."

"Her choice. Not mine."

"Whatever. I'll go look for her myself," Taylor hisses.

"You so owe me Montez," Kent's voice holds amusement as he's busy tying his shoes while she enters with her duffel bag 'someone' very deliberately left by his door that previous night.

Gabriella swipes at her wet curls as she had just taken a shower with Kent's help. He very quietly and secretly put up an 'Out of service' sign on the boys' bathroom on the third floor so that she could use it without anyone walking in.

"I think seeing me in a towel is good enough." Gabriella says hastily while just standing there awkwardly; waiting for him to leave as she tries to block out her headache that seems to be getting worse.

Kent by now has a shirt on as the reason why he was up at the insanely unreasonable time was because he couldn't sleep and if he did fall asleep then he wouldn't be able to get up for the game.

"Well?" Gabriella asks as Kent just sits on his bed.

"Is there something you would like?" There's a crooked smile on his face.

Gabriella would have rolled her eyes if her headache wasn't taking over, but instead she decides on going at it a softer way. "Can you please get out?"

Kent rolls his eyes and grumbles, "It's not like I haven't seen you before."


Kent stands up and makes his way to his bedroom door. "Nothing."

Gabriella starts getting dressed as moving around hurts a lot more than just standing still.

"Every soccer girl looks pumped up already." Chad comments as it's just him, Jason, and Taylor standing in front of their bus that's behind the soccer teams bus.

"Even Kelsi." Jason adds while looking down the sidewalk and watching her bounce around with joy with the other ten girls.

"Where's Gabi? I couldn't find her this morning." Taylor's voice holds worry in it.

"I think we're about to find out," Chad points over to the quad and all three heads stare at the slow moving girl who's wearing her warm up shirt and sweat pants with sunglasses even though it's dark out.

Jason and Chad both hold in their snorts of laughter while Taylor looks at her with concern.

"What happened to you?" Jason asks in a rather loud tone.

Before Gabriella can answer she glances around herself as the street lights help outline everything, and her breath is momentarily lost when Troy comes into view. Even wearing just a simple pair of loose jeans and t-shirt makes her breath get caught in her throat.

She's never had that happened to her as when she was even with Jason she could always maintain her cool, but maybe it was being apart from Troy for that week that is getting to her, and even though they are only friends she didn't feel like friends back on Monday in her room. She felt something more, and maybe not talking with him isn't worth it if all she has to do is announce her feelings to him.

"Hey man. Took you long enough to get up." Chad greets cheerfully as Troy and him do their guy handshake.

Gabriella takes a quiet deep breath while backing up a little and leaning against the tree for support.

"You okay Gabi?" Jason asks quietly out of the side of his mouth so the oblivious Chad, Troy, and Taylor don't hear as they continue with their own side conversation.

"…Yeah. Just thinking about how to kill Sharpay."

"Wow, you said her first name."

"I have been for the past week."

"You two friends now?" He asks with suspicion.

Gabriella narrows her eyes as the last two members of their 'group' appear almost silently as you can hear Sharpay's low three inch heels.

"Would a friend get another friend drunk right before a soccer game?"

"…I'm guessing not?" Jason asks as everyone goes silent when Zeke and Sharpay appear.

"Let's load up the first bus!" One of the other sports coaches shouts in the distance.

No one moves as other students who were some of the last ones to sign up start rushing past to get to their bus. The gang still has a good ten minutes before their final bus is called for; following closely by the soccer team's bus.

It isn't until Kelsi came bouncing down the three steps of the bus and onto the sidewalk over by the gang that the silence is broken.

"Hey. What's up guys?"

"Someone's a lot more excited than their captain," Sharpay comments with a crooked smirk.

Everyone looks at her and Gabriella balls her little hands up into fists to keep herself from saying something. She thought they were getting somewhere, she thought they were at least going to be pleasant with each other, but she thought wrong. Any thoughts of Sharpay being good to her went out the window the moment she put her in Kent's room.

"What?" the blonde snaps. "Believe it or not I do KNOW that Montez is Captain, and Kelsi's Co-Captain."

Gabriella makes the silent note that she's still being called Montez by her roommate.

"Are you wearing sun glasses?" Zeke asks as he thinks it's a perfectly good question.

"I need water," Gabriella breathes out before departing from them. Not looking back to see the two blue eyes studying her intently.

"She's rude."

"Evans, you practically poured drinks down her throat! Of course she's gonna be like that!" Taylor defends.

Sharpay shrugs her shoulders in a casual way that's way too perky in the morning. "Oh well. Let's go Zeke. They're calling our bus."

Taylor can't help the words that spill from her mouth. "Are you two together?"

Zeke glances over his shoulder. "Does it matter?"

Chad bites his tongue from saying something and instead reaches out and wraps his arm around Taylor's shoulders; drawing her in. He feels Taylor tense up as even the night before they didn't have much, if any, physical contact, and for him to be touching her like this in public, was enough to confirm everyone's suspicions. After Zeke who all of a sudden has a sour face on and Sharpay reach their bus, Taylor relaxes.

Everyone in the crowd is cheering. Their eyes are on the players out on the field. A light mist is settling in as they are supposed to be getting rain very soon. No one that attends Davidson Academy knew that the school that they're playing is really into soccer, but now they do as they have designated people to stand up on the railings in front of everyone and shout cheers; they're school following behind in repetition.

The score is tied at two-two with only five minutes left. The gang is getting restless as it seems like their team can't keep the ball on the opponents side for more than a couple of seconds; even with Gabriella on the field.

"This is boring," Sharpay comments while going through her phone. "And my hair is going to be ruined if it rains any harder."

Chad stiffens as he was given the worst spot on the bleachers; in between Troy and Sharpay. He originally planned on sitting on the end with Taylor on his other side and the rest of their friends could have sat wherever in the front row, but that idea was squashed as soon as Taylor hung back to talk to Jason and Troy slid in. Jason followed Troy and then Taylor sat on the other end, but then Sharpay and Zeke found them and Sharpay demanded he move down for them to sit.

Chad didn't know who he wanted to sit to the most, Sharpay or Zeke? It was a tough choice, but in the end he didn't have to choose as Sharpay took the lead and pushed Chad even more down the bleachers.

But even as the game's going on and it looks like two of his very close friends are struggling with trying to win the game, Chad can sense his best friend's tenseness. Chad turns his head and looks at Troy to see him staring at one particular brunette girl who's busy trying to steal the ball.

"Everything okay Bolton?" Chad asks just quiet enough to be drowned out by the other team's groans as Gabriella successfully stole the ball, but yet Troy can still hear him.

The basketball captain doesn't take his eyes off of the beauty on the field. "Why wouldn't it?"

"Why don't you just talk to her?"

This gets Troy's attention as he knows that he's been caught red handed at staring at Gabriella. "Because I don't think I'd be able to control myself."

Both boys know how much that statement is true.

"Take it from the expert of waiting," Chad says talking about himself, "It's worth it." He glances down at Taylor and when he's certain Troy's busy staring at Gabriella again he adds quietly, "I hope."

Taylor catches Chad staring as she felt eyes on her from the side. She smiles brightly at him, and Chad smiles back just as cheerful.

He had tried to block the brunette out of his mind. He really did, but now it is becoming close to impossible. The clouds are turner darker and darker as he knows it will almost be time to walk back to school due to the oncoming rain storm, but Emma just has to stop in the musical store which just so happens to be next to the sports store that is featuring the soccer game Davidson Academy is playing in at the moment.

He sighs as he feels Emma's hand connect with his own and pull him towards the music store with eagerness.

He smiles at her as her warm skin is slowly replacing Kelsi's amused face in his mind, and he slowly, but surely replaces brown hair with blonde, greenish brown eyes for blue. "Help me find the book Ms. Darbus was talking about." Emma instructs; bringing Ryan back down to earth.

Emma might have been planning on telling Ryan how much she's liking him, a lot more than what she's letting on, but now all plans are out the window. They couldn't even spend two hours in town before the stupid rain clouds came. She was gonna tell him in a relaxed setting; possibly at lunch in her favorite café, but now she can't even do that because the café ended up closing early due to the owner who never showed up. Go figure.

She is getting frustrated, and she has decided to just wait it out since it obviously isn't meant to happen that day, and just do her errands like she originally planned on doing.

"I'll take the right side of the store, and you'll take the left." Ryan replies with a smile that can practically be identical to the one he wore when he met Kelsi.

Gabriella feels ecstatic. She feels the adrenaline still floating through her body. Her legs feel like collapsing, and her mind is like jell-o at the moment, but other than that she's more than happy.

They had just won as another girl on the team who's a starting sophomore, Jessica, made the winning shot. Gabriella had an awesome assist as she is also the one who scored the first two goals, and after that it seemed to her and everyone else that the other team finally realized that she's one of their stronger players and then decided to attack as the ref was too busy watching the ball.

But it didn't matter that she felt like puking, or she had a new bruise on her upper arm, or after her energy is completely gone, she's most likely gonna fall into an uncomfortable position on the bus and sleep the four hours. It just doesn't matter as her whole team comes together in the middle of the field and swoops together in a huge hug.

Kelsi pulls Gabriella aside from everyone on the team and they grab onto each other's arms in happy dance of jumping up and down; not caring that they look like five year old girls having to go to the bathroom. They don't care that the bottom half of their bodies and a little bit of their torsos are covered in splattered mud. They especially don't care that it is starting to down pour.

"We won! You did it!" Kelsi yells over the thunder, and the students who all rush back to the buses and school.

Gabriella shakes her head with a huge smile. "No! WE did it! As a team!"

"Whatever you say! Let's go before we get sick!" Kelsi shouts over another cackle of thunder.

The two girls let go of each other and Kelsi starts jogging after the rest of the students. Gabriella doesn't care that she's getting wet. She takes her time as it felt good to be out on the field again. It is different than practicing against your teammates or boys' team. When you're actually playing an unofficial game against another school; it's EXTREMELY different as you get that satisfaction of knowing that you accomplished something important to you.

It also helps knowing that this is her first game played since her father's, brother's, and sister's deaths.

She takes a moment to look at the stands where the last of her classmates are clearing out. She takes a deep calming breath; blocking out the jackhammer in her head that is telling her that she needs sleep.

She did it. She played her first soccer game without her father there. Maybe this is the first step to entering the 'adult' world.

Her breath gets caught in her throat as she expects most of the students are on the bus checking in, but is mistaken as her eyes meet dark blue. Troy's standing where he was half sitting and half standing for the game. His broad shoulders are being clung to by his t-shirt that he decided to wear, and his original light blue jeans are almost as dark as his eyes. His lips are thin as she swears one side curves up into a crooked smile, but she will never know for sure as Jason comes out of no where and nearly tackles her to the ground.


Gabriella looks back to where Troy was, and blinks shockingly. No one is there.

"You okay?"

Gabriella shakes her head while putting on a convincing smile. "Of course. Let's go. It's cold outside."

"Hell yeah!"

"Disgusting!" Sharpay says loudly when the buses finally pulled up and the students are released; except the soccer team as they had decided to just have their after meeting on the bus to avoid the rain. "I'm all wet!"

"Want my jacket?" Zeke offers.

Sharpay eyes it up as it's just as drenched as she is along with everyone else. "No. But I do want to know whoever's bright idea it was to open all the windows on the bus for air circulation! Has anyone ever heard of an air conditioner?"

Taylor, Chad, and Jason all roll their eyes as Troy stands more off onto the side in a stiff manner. Even though Zeke and him haven't talked one on one in the past couple of weeks, he still knows when Zeke is starting to get attached to someone.

"I'm gonna take off. No use standing in the pouring rain that followed us here." Chad states. "Tay, you coming back to my room?"

Taylor's and Zeke's eyes catch each others. "Um…" She sees neither anger nor happiness in his eyes. "…Yeah. You said you needed help on homework?"

Chad sighs as he's not oblivious to the stare Zeke and Taylor just shared. "…Yeah. You coming Bolton?"

Troy looks back at the soccer bus, and then back to his roommate who knows too much. "I have to head to the library. Too many tests this year man."

"Mind if I join?" Jason asks.

"Suit yourself."

"Good. I was gonna come either way."

Troy had sensed there was something more to Jason's earlier comment about wanting to go to the library without Kelsi, a distraction, or some other reason that wouldn't get them kicked out, but he let it slide in front of everyone.

However, he had been right to make assumptions that there was something more on Jason's mind.

"What's up with you and Gabi lately?" He asks in the bluntest way.

Troy freezes for less than a second before rolling his shoulders and switching aisles to pretend to look for a book. "I don't know what you're talking about."

Jason rolls his eyes while following hotly on his trail. "Oh really? Let's recap shall we? You two don't say a word to each other. You weren't down in the lobby last night with everyone else. You also are never seen around the quad anymore while sketching her, which by the way dude, when you two do hook up, that's kind of creepy. What do you do with all the drawings of her anyways? I bet you could sell them."

"First, we have like two or three classes together, so maybe we talk when we're alone. Second, what the hell's with the lobby? Chad said something about Sharpay organizing it? To me that sounds like a set up for something, and maybe I wasn't there because my EX was planning it and didn't invite me. Third, it's raining a lot nowadays. We technically don't like to sit out in the rain."

"Just give her a chance. I can pretty much guarantee you that she is head over heels in love with you."

Troy feels something tick inside of him. "If that's the case then why is SHE the one who rejected ME?! You all think that it's me that's hurting her, but deep down she's the one who's calling the shots, and frankly, I'm sick of it!"

"Bolton! Cross! Out of my library!" The librarian's head is seen from around the aisle. Jason stares at Troy in almost awe as he processes what he just heard.

"Maybe it isn't me that you should be talking to Jase."

"I cannot stand my roommate!" Sharpay rants while pacing the white tiling of the cooking room.

Zeke is busy sitting on top of the counters while pretending to listen while taking in the gorgeous girl in front of him. He already knows what he's gonna say to her. So it's not wrong to admire the person who recently showed up in his dreams.

"She's back to moping around, and I can't stand it! It so depressing that I'm about to go into depression! I don't know what's wrong with her!"

"I think you do." Zeke cuts in softly.

Sharpay stops pacing and turns sharply to look at him. "What?"

"Think about it Shar," he says her nickname slowly, and waits for her to correct him, but she doesn't. "I know you don't want to believe it, but it makes since that she's like this because of the current Troy situation."

"What Troy situation?"

Zeke sighs while hopping down. "The situation where they're not talking."

"She's over that. I made sure of that. I got her drunk last night, she drank away all of her problems. It's what I did to get over him." She says in a 'duh' way.

"Did you really get over him, or are you just telling yourself that?"

Sharpay narrows her eyes to challenge him silently, but he doesn't make a move to talk again. "She won't do anything with Troy because of me. She's too nice to do something like that."

"And meanwhile you're still complaining about her as she's miserable? It doesn't make sense to me. Why can you let Emma go after your brother, but you can't let Gabi take a chance with Troy?"

"…Because…I just can't." Because I'm not over him.

"You're a really bad liar, you know that?"

"How would you know?"

"It's all in your eyes."

"Whatever. I have to go. I'd rather talk to my depressed roommate than a mushy teenage guy."

"You're a good person Sharpay Evans."

"You really believe that?" She asks in surprise.

"Maybe not at first, but if you dig deep down, then…yeah. I believe that."

The confidence in his voice scares her.

"I feel ridiculous." Ryan grumbles as Emma and him are slow jogging down the street while he is carrying their newly acquired pink umbrella with teddy bears on it.

"Suck it up." Emma says in a spirited voice. "Come on, I see a cab up ahead."

She points towards the end of the street at the crosswalk and rushes even faster with Ryan moving right along side her. It had started raining even harder as they were meant to leave hours ago to head back to school, but they had convinced each other to stay and wait out the rain by getting lunch, but now it's almost dinner time and it's raining harder than ever. They can hardly see five feet in front of themselves.

"Come on Emma!" Ryan shouts as he grabs her hand and pulls her along faster. His mind takes a moment to think that he never ran in the rain with Kelsi.

Emma sucks in her breath as their hands connect, and she stops as they reach the gutter of the street. Cars are stationed by them as they have the red light, but Emma doesn't care now as she's already all wet; the umbrella doing nothing to help the water splashing up on them from the ground.


"What's wrong?" Ryan asks as he senses the wariness of her voice.

She takes a deep breath. Screw fate and timing. It means nothing as long as you can accomplish the task at hand. "I have something to tell you."

"Now?!" He asks incredulously.

"Yes now." She swallows loudly as no one can hear due to the rain. She takes another deep breath, "I don't really know how to say this exactly."

Everything happens so fast that no one can control the slick movements of the oncoming car. The driver behind the wheel slams on his breaks, but it does nothing to help as the roads are too slippery and he was traveling too fast for the weather conditions. The other drivers stuck at the red lights all stare and scream in bewilderment. Ryan's eyes go wide as his first instincts kick in and his arms flail outward to push Emma's light weight body out of the way, and he momentarily sees her crash to the wet gravel before his body is thrown up into the air; twisting like a pretzel, and landing in a pile.

"Why is the window open? It's freezing outside." Sharpay hisses walking into her room and seeing Gabriella sitting on the large window sill; looking outside distantly.

"Did you say something?" Gabriella asks.

Sharpay rolls her eyes while taking off her soaked jacket. She throws it onto their one chair in their room, and notices that it is now covering something. She takes a small look at Gabriella to see if she'll notice what she's doing, but can already see that Gabriella is too distracted by looking outside.

Sharpay quietly picks up her discarded jacket to see Gabriella's camera underneath. It's wrong, but then again Sharpay likes setting her own rules as she delicately picks up the electronic, and turns it on.

She finds the 'review' button automatically and starts skimming through the pictures. Her breath gets caught in her throat as she looks at the mountain tops in the pictures. The canyons that mix with the scenery around school. Even she has to admit, they're beautiful.

But then the pictures change drastically and she sees some of Troy who's just sitting with a content face on. She checks the date and knows that Gabriella had taken them after their break up and before she got into a fight with Troy.

Something's wrong. Something's terribly wrong as Sharpay's eyes narrows in suspicion. Is it guilt that she's feeling? She almost lets out a laugh at that thought, but whatever it is, she has a feeling it's not going away.

"What are you doing?" Gabriella asks defensively while snatching her camera away. "I don't go through your stuff."

"And I don't steal boyfriends." Sharpay's stomach hurts even more.

Pain flashes through Gabriella's eyes as she puts down the camera. "I didn't mean too."

The way Gabriella sounds so defeated increases her stomach pain, and she's already starting to get annoyed. "For some odd reason, I believe you Gabriella." Gabriella's head whips up with a slight smile on her face. "But I'm still pissed about that." Sharpay's not gonna give her false hope that they can all of a sudden become best friends. "But what the hell are you doing? You steal someone's boyfriend and then just turn away from him? It's like you wasted a perfectly good break up just because you like being nice! Are you ever selfish!?"

Gabriella stumbles back some from Sharpay's outburst. "Believe me, I'm selfish."

"Well you're not acting like it! You broke me and Troy up for what?! To let him be single and move on from you also!? Because that's really dense on your part."

"It wasn't just me who broke you guys up!" Gabriella raises her voice. "Troy wanted it long before this!"

"Well then what are you waiting for!? Get out of here! Go to him! Be with him! Draw pictures of each other! Whatever the hell you guys do, just go do it!" Sharpay practically screams; surprisingly with each word she yells the pain decreases.

Gabriella hesitates as she's wondering if this is Sharpay's own way of blessing her almost relationship with Troy.

"GO! Before I do it my self!" Sharpay demands.

Gabriella doesn't think anymore as she pushes herself out of the room and into the pouring rain.

Gabriella throws a rock into the air, and watches at it hits the window she was aiming for. She waits impatiently, and then throws another one; watching as it hits the target again.

She waits three seconds and before she can get ready to throw another one, he yanks open his window and looks around with what she can tell, an angry face on, but it's hard to tell with the rain.

"Brie?!" He questions loudly.

"It's me!" She yells back.

"Are you nuts?! It's fucking pouring out!" Gabriella can't deny the anger and hurt laced into his tone. "What are you doing here?! Go back inside!"

"No!" She can't just go back inside. They had been dancing around each other for the past three years, and now it's their last year of high school, she's not going to lose a chance to be with him anymore. "I need to talk to you!"

Troy's truly stunned. There he was laying on his bed just thinking about what he should do with Gabriella, and then she shows up. He doesn't know what to think.

Gabriella can see out of the corner of her eyes that various other windows are open now with curious boys listening also, but she doesn't care. Troy had taken so many chances on her, and now it's her turn to do the same.

"You were right! You were right about everything! I was just too scared to admit it, but here I am! I am declaring my love for you! I don't care who hears it now! I want the whole world to know that I love Troy Bolton!" Her voice cracks some.

The corners of his lips pull upwards, but he maintains a semi straight face. His insides are doing flips at just hearing the words. His eyes stay trained on the girl three floors below him in the pouring rain, her clothes clinging dangerously tight to her body, her waves of curls flattening against her head. She still looks beautiful.

Gabriella takes a deep breath as just yelling her love to him doesn't sound enough. Her barriers are crumbling helplessly in moderate heaps, and she can't stop them; nor does she want too.

"I spent months shutting myself off from the world! I pushed people away, but yet you always managed to slip through the cracks! I might've yelled at you, I might've been angry, but you still stuck around! I want you Troy Bolton, and it scares me, but here we are!" She declares.


Troy's even more stunned as his heart is beating at an unsteady pace.

"Say something Troy!" Gabriella screams frantically. By now almost all the windows on that side of the building are open, and she blocks out the lustful looks she's receiving from the other boys.

Troy makes a quick decision and shouts, "Don't move!"

The window is left open as Troy sprints down the three flights of stairs, various guys pop their heads out of their room and holler at their basketball captain in congratulations. Troy yanks the lobby's door open; not caring that he pushed past their dorm advisor who stayed completely oblivious to the yelling going on outside and inside.

"Brie!" Troy yells with clear excitement, love, and happiness in his voice.

Gabriella spots Troy turning the corner and starts to run to him. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" She shouts as they come together. "I should've just said yes to you the first time instead of drawing it out this long."

Troy shushes her while cupping her left side of the face gently. He gazes into her eyes with a smile playing on his lips. "It doesn't matter. None of it matters. We're together now."

Gabriella beams at him. "I like the sound of that." Her barrier's gone completely, and she won't be able to put it up again.

Troy draws nearer and it's Gabriella who wraps her arms tightly around his neck and pulls him closer to connect their lips.

Everything is okay. Things somehow sorted themselves out, and it's hopefully for the better. Gabriella shifts a little on the couch and leans her head onto Troy's now dry clad shoulder.

"It's weird seeing your best friend cuddling." Jason says as if it's disgusting.

"Hey!" Gabriella exclaims as Troy picks up a pillow that's on the couch in the girls' dorm and throws it at him; hitting him square in the head.

"This game sucks!" Zeke complains as he lost to Kelsi again. "They need to make better racing games."

"Just use the cheat codes," Taylor advises carefully.

The whole gang is in the girls' lobby either cuddling, talking, or playing play station. Everyone except the Evan's twins since no one has seen or heard from Emma or Ryan lately as it's getting kind of dark with the weather picking up even more, and Sharpay is stationed in her room doing something for drama.

"I would if I could remember them," Zeke says bitterly.

"We keep a cheat sheet behind the TV." Taylor says as she gets up to get it quickly before passing it to a stunned Zeke.


Taylor flashes him a quick smile before proudly sitting down next to an unexpected Chad.

"This is a change," he murmurs quietly into her hair so no one else can hear.

She smiles at him before giving him a peck on the cheek. "A change for the better."

"Even the cheats don't work! Do you like PRACTICE at this game?" Zeke asks stunned by Kelsi winning again.

Jason grins from ear to ear while lightly caressing her shoulders as she's sitting on the ground and in between his feet with her back against the couch. "That's my girl." He encourages.

"At least one of you can win at play station." Troy jokes.

"Oh can it Bolton." Jason quips with a smile good heartedly. "Who beat you last time?"

Troy grumbles as he remembers the night that him, Ryan, Jason, Zeke, and Chad all got together. It seems so long ago when really it was only a month ago.

Gabriella giggles a little before leaning up to Troy's ear and blowing hot air on it. She feels him stiffen a little before relaxing again at the surprise contact. She smirks, "I KNOW you can beat anyone; any day. Want to know how?"

He turns his head so their lips are centimeters apart. "How?" He whispers back as their friends are all to oblivious to the moment between them.

Gabriella smiles with her white teeth showing. "Because I believe in you." Even though they're only talking about winning at video games, the five words have an even bigger impact on Troy then he lets on.

They're lips are about to join once again, but Chad interrupts.

"I'm hungry. You got any food in your room Gabs?"

Gabriella looks at him frustrated as Troy matches her glare, but ten times worse.

"I'll go check Chad." She forces out while she gets up and walks out of Troy's reach.

Gabriella opens her door and sees Sharpay stunned figure standing in the middle of the room with her cell phone open and still on. Emma's picture is on the screen as Gabriella is almost afraid to ask what's wrong.


Sharpay tries to blink back tears, but she can't as she nearly drops the phone.

Gabriella steps forward quickly; not bothering to shut the door to their room as their friends quickly sense something's wrong.

"What's wrong?" Gabriella demands as Sharpay can't form full sentences.

"Ryan…Emma…hospital." She croaks out as Gabriella catches her body limply before she can stumble to the ground in shock.

Gabriella wraps her arms around Sharpay's shaking body as she can't even remember a time when she's actually seen Sharpay break down.

The brunette takes the cell phone and holds it up to her ear. "Emma? Is everything okay?"

There's more sobbing on the other end.

"Gabriella? We're at the hospital. It's bad."

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