Yako's Joke

Yako's Joke

Wedding Videos

Mrs. Katsuragi was in charge of recording the wedding. Naturally she had to interview everyone during the reception and make sure to catch all the good moments. Here all those recordings:

K: Well, if it isn't Sasazuka! How are you enjoying the wedding?

S: I am having a wonderful time.

K: Anything you want to say to the newlyweds?

S: I said what I had to say in my toast. I trust Neuro to take care of Yako.

K: And I appreciate all the help you've provided to Yako and how you watched over her. Almost like a weird pedophile.

S: I'm no pedophile. I'm an avenger.

K: Ai and Sai! The murderers my daughter is associated with!

Ai: Say hello Sai.

Sai: Hey….

A: Sorry, he's a little depressed that there won't be a sequel featuring him and me with our own baby. Cheer up Sai, enjoy the wedding.

S: You're right. After this can I grope you at home?

A: Of course.

K: Is this appropriate for wedding footage? We're not taping a porn here!

S: That is a nice idea for a wedding gift. Should have given them a tape of us.

A: That would be interesting to say the least.

K: I'm shutting this camera off now!

K: Ooh! Higuchi! You were one of the candidates for my daughter. Guess you should have knocked her up first!

H: I don't really like children. Sorry.

K: Oh. Any words of advice for the newlyweds?

H: Well….I can give them all the websites for free anime and music. Call me anytime.

K: I see you brought your laptop. May I ask what you are doing?

H: Oh. I'm recording the wedding using my computer's camera. I'm also subbing the video so Americans and other English speakers can watch it.

K: Aren't you afraid it'll get taken down and you might get arrested?

H: I'm not stupid. I can hack any website in the world. They'll never catch me. I'm also working on an electronic drug for children. I just need a way to market it.

K: My daughter sure has some unusual friends.

K: Godai! The gangster that was enslaved by my new son-in-law! Are you having fun?

G: Yeah. I actually am. I'm happy for them. Hey, don't record that! I don't want that goddamn demon laughing at this later!

K: Too bad! Now the world will know you have a soft side!

G: God damn it!!

K: And the newlyweds! How is your wedding?

Yako: Perfect! It's more than I could have hoped for.

Neuro: After the reception I will sex your daughter brainless!

Y: Don't tell my mother that! And now it's recorded!

K: It's okay Your father was a dirty talker too.

Y: Why must I learn such disturbing facts?

K: And is that my little granddaughter?! Aya! You look so cute! Giggle for your grandma! Come on! Giggle!

Jun: Hey! I have something to say for the newlyweds!

K: Okay go!

J: I know I'm usual goofy and laidback but I worked hard to write something serious so you guys know how much I-

K: Whoops! Out of battery! Better go to the car and get the emergency pack.

J: Crap…