Edward's POV:

I was on my way to meet my sister Alice for coffee right after I had spent all day at football practice. Head cheerleader, Jessica Stanley, kept hanging around me like a sick puppy after practice. All I did was hook up with her at one party and now she thinks she's my girlfriends. Jeez, can't a guy just get a little action and walk away?

I finally arrived at the campus coffee shop to meet my twin sister, Alice; we are both juniors at Dartmouth.

"Edward, over here!" Alice yelled.

"Hey Alice!"

"How was practice?"

"Well, it was pretty alright until afterwards when Jessica practically chased after me," I moaned.

"Edward, you know that you need to get your act together. I understand that Jessica and all your little followers are annoying, but when are you going to grow up and meet a girl you're not just hooking up with, a girl of some sort of substance?" Alice questioned.

"Alice! I don't want to talk about it. I'm perfectly fine the way I am right now. Who cares if I meet 'a girl of substance' anyways?"

"Whatever, Edward. You know I'm right. Soon enough you'll finally meet a girl worth it and she'll end up ditching YOU because of YOUR big fat ego and reputation!" Alice yelled.

"Alice, please be quiet! YOU'RE going to ruin my reputation pretty soon anyways with all your yelling!"

God! Throw me a freakin' bone here!

"You know what Edward?!" Alice replied.

"What, Alice?"

"I'm just going to let you make your own mistakes, but don't come crying to me when someone finally gets you back!" Alice stated.

Ugh leave me alone!

"Well, since your opinion has been made clearly in the past few minutes, don't worry about my personal problems getting in your hair anymore! Good day, Alice!" On that note, I left the café to head for my physiology class.

Shit! I was running late for class, again. Great! This is turning out to be such a GREAT day. Just when I thought my day couldn't get any worse, I ran into some girl! She landed right on top of me, if I wasn't in such a bad mood, I would've made a move. The papers in her hands were flying all over the place.

"Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry! I'm so clumsy some times, God!" she said panicky.

"Hey, don't worry about it. It happens all the time," I replied as I gave her one of my 'Edward Cullen Million Dollar Crooked Smilies.' She looked dazed for a minute (luckily, I have a ton of experience in this department so I'll just wait it out), but soon started frantically gathering her papers from the ground.

"Jeez, my day was already bad enough, and then I run into Edward Cullen! Edward FREAKING Cullen, the biggest jerk on campus." She muttered to herself.

WHAT? Did I just hear her correctly or did she just insult me?

"Excuse me?" I asked "I think we must have a misunderstanding or something. Why do you think so lowly of me?"

"Oh, you heard that?" She asked, a little embarrassed. We finally made eye contact; she had the most beautiful brown eyes. I could look in those forever. Wait! She just insulted me and now I'm dazed in HER eyes? What the hell is wrong with me?

She soon continued, "Well, you see I don't really approve of the way you go around campus is all." She shrugged, "You treat girls like dirt, you hook up with them and just forget about them the next day. You think just because you're good looking (She thought I was good looking? Who is this girl? Why haven't I noticed her before now?) and quarterback of the football team that you can get away with whatever you want! I just thought you should know that not EVERYONE feels the need to bow down to 'EDWARD CULLEN, GREATEST MAN ALIVE!' "

"I don't know what to say, I'm sorry?" I mumbled.

"Well, I suppose it's alright, sorry to blow up on you. I'm just a little stressed at the moment." She cooled down as she said this.

"Anywho, I don't believe we've officially met, but since you've already heard of my assumed reputation around here, I'm Edward Cullen," I said attempting to regain my composure.

She giggled. Her laugh was musical. What is it about this girl that has this great of an effect on me? "I'm Isabella Swan, but I prefer Bella."

"Well, I'll make sure to be seeing you around, Bella," I said as I grabbed her hand and lightly kissed it. She blushed the most beautiful red I've ever seen.

"Sure, whatever you think, Edward Cullen," she snapped, attempting to make up for her blush.

Oh I just had to see her again!

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