To my wonderful readers and followers:

I have somewhat lost interest in this story, as I've grown into other fandoms. However, I do NOT want to be that person that says "Sorry, I know you've been faithful in reading, but too bad for you because I'm stopping it here without any resolution," so I have decided to make it my crusade to finish this story in the next few months. I won't be spending the same time and care on it, so the quality may suffer a little, but I at least wanted to make sure that those of you who are invested in the storyline get to see it in its completion. Meaning, I will take the story through the entirety of its planned trajectory, from beginning to end, and won't cut corners to save time for myself. This is what I've decided. That way, I get it done, you get to read it, and none of us are left hanging. So please, since this is more of a chore now than it was before, feel free to send me notes and thoughts about what's happened, what you think is going to happen, and just general encouragement. I believe that will help me produce a better story for you and not get stuck in the rut of just typing and posting to get it over with. I am SO grateful and stunned by the response this story has gotten over the years, and the best way to thank you is to do it justice now.

Thank you again, and hopefully I will have something up for you to read very soon.