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"You know, I didn't start studying alchemy just so I could make a better jam."

"Come on, it's jam. What's not to like about jam?"

"There are so many other things I could be doing right now."

"Yes, but this is a super healthy, all-inclusive, one-of-a-kind, fantastic, totally unique, brought to you straight from the Weasley kitchen type of jam."

"I get that, yes. It's great. But don't you have things you could be doing as well? Surely you didn't call me all the way over here through floo connections that could possibly be hacked at any moment just for this? You said it was important."

"It is important! It has just about every nutrient you need for a good breakfast. You just need to put it on a couple of crackers, and you're good to go."

"I was thinking important like 'we need to find a way to convert stone into a durable alloy to make better protective clothing for civilians' type of important."

"Wow, can you do that? Because George and I could totally use that sort of thing. We're trying to make portable shielding devices for supply runners so they don't have to worry about getting robbed all the time by Mongrels."

"You see, that's important."

"… It's getting worse out there."

"I know. But we're all doing everything we can to help."

"I wish we could do more. Hey, don't put that in yet."

"It's jam, not a potion. Why does it matter?"

"It matters because it's just about the only thing we can get Mum to eat these days."



"Show me the recipe again."