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Chapter Seven

As I walked towards the room that Joseph was in my stomach began to tighten as I thought about what was going to happen. I feared not only for Joseph's medical health but for his sanity also, because when he learned what Michael, Shawn and Gregory because they thought they were protecting him what would his mental health be like.

I unlocked the door and went in and there sat Joseph and as he looked at me he had that faraway look and as I said his name he blinked and he said "Please can we get this over with so that I can finally find out about the last of what happened to me?"

I sat the recorder down on the table and then I said "Alright, you need to lay back on the bed and take several deep breathes and release them and then I want you to listen to my voice and I want you to relax and go inside your mind and find the others and then I want you to ask each other them what happened."

Joseph then smiled as he said "Hello Christie, how are you today?"

Christie smiled and then she began to cry and Joseph asked her "What's wrong little one?"

Christie: "I don't want to go away, but I'm so afraid that when you find out that you'll never be our friend again."

Joseph: "How can I ever be angry with you? Now I want to talk to Shawn so can you go get him and bring him here please?"

Shawn: "Hello Joey, what can I do for you?"

Joseph: "Please tell me what happened to me after my father began raping and beating me."

Shawn: "I don't want to tell you because it might be to much for you to understand. You have to ask Michael or Gregory about it."

Joseph: "Michael please come out and talk to me."

Michael: "What do you want?"

Joseph: "I want you to tell me what happened after my father raped and beat me and I want the truth no matter if you don't think that I can handle it."

Michael: "Your father was the abomination that the devil created and I couldn't stand it any more so when he came to rape you the last time well I knew that if I didn't stop it then you'd die.

When he was done well I came out and I started beating him and then I raped him and as he screamed and begged me to stop I only laughed and raped him over and over and then when I was done I just walked off and left him lying there in a fetal position."

Joseph: "What happened then?"

Gregory: "That's when I came out and well I hated that bastard and so I beat him some more and then I put my hands around his neck and before I knew it I had snapped his neck and he was dead and well we did the only thing we knew to do, we disposed of his body and then we took care of you and nursed you back, but it didn't stop the hatred and anger that you possessed and that's when you sort of flipped out and you nearly killed that man and well the Police came and you were arrested. Well you know what happened then."

Joseph: "Why do I still have a feeling that something else happened and no one wants to tell me what it is?"

Christie: "He has a right to know, please tell him."

Shawn: "When Michael was raping and beating your father he started screaming that he was sorry for what he did to not only you but your mom and sister. Well Michael made him tell what he did and when he said that he found out where they were and he went there and he beat and raped them before he killed both of them."

Just then Joseph yelled "Rene" and I snapped my fingers and he came back.

He laid there as tears ran down his face and he whispered "That bastard killed them, what did they ever do to him. Hell want did any of us do to him? What am I going to do now? I have no family left and I'm all alone."

I then said his name and he looked at me with tears in his eyes and I said "You still have someone to love you. You have Christie, Shawn, Michael and Gregory."

Joseph then wiped the tears from his face and he asked me "What happens next. What I mean what about my father's death, how do I explain it to the Police?"

I then walked over to the bed and I said "Joseph, the Police discovered his body and they ruled that he was beaten and killed by someone who had a grudge against him and you were never mentioned at all. So from where I stand you are free from any guilt of the murder of your father and all you have to do is to get better and get the hell out of here and begin your life again."

Joseph then smiled at me and he said "I have to talk to them again please."

I then told him "Joseph all you have to do is to think of them and you'll be transported inside your mind and you can talk to them any time you want."

Joseph: "I need to talk to my family please. I want all of you to know that I'm not mad for what happened to that monster but we have to come to some kind of condition so that I will be in control and that none of you will come out unless I ask you to. Is this alright with all of you?"

Christie: "I love you and yes I understand."

Shawn: "Joey, I understand but I have one question, what if something happens and you need one or all of us what do we do?"

Joseph: "Then I guess I will need my family to protect me."

Michael: "I will do as you want and I'm glad that you're not angry with us."

Gregory: "Like the others I understand and tell that doctor that he's alright."

Joseph: "I'll tell him and thanks for being here when I needed all of you and I love all of you."

Joseph then looked at me and he said "What happens next?"

I told him "You will still need time to adjust to having them inside your mind and I'll be here to help you. So in the mean time I suggest that I try different medications that will allow you to adjust to what some say the "Normal Life" and you'll still be able to converse with the other."

Just then he closed his eyes and Michael appeared and he said "I was wrong about you, you really do care about helping Joey get better. We all thank you for that."

Then Joseph blinked and he smiled at me and he said "I agree with Michael and the others you are alright in our book."

As I turned off the recorder I knew that it would be a long road that he'd have to travel but I was certain that he'd find the right road to travel and with medication and his family Joseph Wheeler would be ready to rejoin the outside world soon.

A/N: Joey did get better and with the medication that Dr. Chester prescribed for him and with the monthly visits, Joey did rejoin the real world and is now living by himself and he has a full time job and is thinking of getting his GED and then going onto College where he wants to get a Degree in Psychology and someday work with other patients who are like himself and help them like Dr. Chester helped him...


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