Shadow of the Day

Shadow of the Day

Author: Burning Ripper

Warning: Contents include mild shounen-ai…boy/boy relations. No lemon nor lime…just…kissing if

that means anything…3

Disclaimer: I do not own Prince of Tennis or any of their characters or merchandise. I wish I did though…I could be filthy rich ()



It was raining hard, Ouyaji was yelling again. Occa-san was getting pissed. I don't know really care anymore…I got used to it, except, they never yelled at each other in the car. I knew what they were yelling about. Me. First divorce, then child custody. To put out their screams, I put on my I-pod. Placed it on the song I knew. Linkin Park entitled, 'Shadow of the Day'. I listened…

'I close both locks below the window…'

I looked outside, way too foggy to see anything clear…

'I closed both blinds and turned away…'

They're still arguing…I can tell…

'Sometimes solutions aren't so simple…'

Ouyaji looked away from the road for one second then…

'Sometimes good-byes the only way…'

It came too fast. A truck appeared out of nowhere, and we crashed.

Just like that, I didn't even have a chance to say goodbye…

In an instant, they were gone. My life, too, nearly was gone. They were somehow able to bring me back. But for what?