Broken Dreams?

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"Sharpay, what's wrong? What happened? Are you alright? Are you hurt anywhere, you know besides the obvious?" asked Troy worriedly, running over to her.

"Nothing, it's nothing. I just fell down, that's all, so don't worry about me, I'm fine, so you can just go on back to your usual work, cleaning the kitchen, and what not." grumbled Sharpay wiping away her tears, and rubbing her hurt feet.

"You fell down…and that's why you're crying?" asked Troy not believing her at all.

"I wasn't crying I was just acting! You should really try it sometime, because you sure weren't doing any of it in the winter musical that you and Gabriella stole from Ryan and me. It ruined the entire winter show, you know, everyone could tell you two weren't into your characters, and it showed." Sharpay snapped angrily while trying to get up, and falling down again.

"You were crying, just admit it, I promise I won't tell anyone if you actually were." Offered Troy sincerely, ignoring her jab at his acting skills and his previous musical experience.

"There is no one to tell anything to, because I was just acting, now are you going to just stand there staring at me like an incompetent moron or are you going to attempt to be half decent gentleman and help me up?" contoured Sharpay. Troy gave her a bemused look and offered his hand out to her, which she quickly took. After straightening herself and with a toss of her golden hair she finally turned around to face Troy.

"So, what are you still doing here?" asked Sharpay, crossing her arms.

"Well… I was wondering if maybe you would like to go to this cheesecake factory tomorrow with me and the gang, it could be fun, you know." Troy asked awkwardly stepping forward and hopefully wondering if Sharpay would at least consider the offer, but Sharpay only gave him a long hard look.

"Do you know how many calories each cheesecake has, Bolton? Besides there's no 'Cheesecake Factory' in New Mexico, are you planning on driving all the way to Arizona, where there actually is one?" she asked slowly, her face turning slightly red, a sure sign of anger.

"Actually there's a place called 'Dee's Cheesecake Factory', it's a restaurant and café bakery, which is right here in Albuquerque, and it does have some pretty good things which I think you should try." Troy explained to her.

"Which brings us back to how many calories all these pretty good things have" Sharpay retorted using air quotes toward the last part of the sentence.

"I'm sure it's got a good deal of calories, and I know it's not on your stupid diet list, but you know what? You yourself don't even stick to that ridiculous vegan diet, so it shouldn't matter, your bones need to get stronger if you want them to get better, and you need calcium, protein, and vitamins!" Troy shouted at her.

"I take vitamins every day, and yogurt has calcium as does skim milk, so there you go." Said Sharpay adjusting her IPod to the previous song she had been performing.

"Besides, why are you even inviting me? Did you talk to Ryan or something? Did he say he wouldn't come unless I came as well?" Sharpay continued without looking at Troy.

"No. I wanted you to come." He said. Sharpay whipped her head around.

"You wanted me to come? Come to some social Wildcat gathering while everyone gorges themselves on strawberry topped cheesecakes and greasy cheeseburgers, oh, and lets not forget deep fried French fries swimming in salt? No thanks not interested. Unlike you, I have to watch what I eat, because I'm an actress and have to stay fit, I don't run around a gym and burn off all those calories as easily as you do" Sharpay said turning back to her IPod.

"Well the offer still stands if you change your mind." Said Troy leaving. Sharpay tilted her head towards his direction, and frowned. She thought what he had said earlier, and smiled. He wanted her to come with the Wildcat gang. Troy Bolton wanted her to come with them. Why did she say no, she could always deny the cheesecake and still go. Sharpay quickly as she could with her broken ankles turned away from her IPod and left the studio. He hadn't left too long ago yet he was far enough away, but she called his name over and over until he finally stopped and waited for her to catch up.

"Why does it have to be cheesecake, why don't we just go to 'Maggiano's' instead? I'd rather be seen there, besides the food would be of better quality too." Sharpay said trying to catch her breath.

"Well, yeah that's a good place, and at least you're branching out, but the problem is, is that 'Maggiano's' is a little expensive." Troy explained.

"So? I don't see the problem" Said Sharpay.

"We, meaning the gang, came to work at Lava Springs to earn some money Sharpay; we can't just blow it on an expensive dinner. We're saving up for college, cars, and of course our future; we don't exactly have your lifestyle." Said Troy.

"Yet, you were going to invite me out to dinner either way? Well, how about a little compromise, that way you don't have to worry your pretty little head about it, since Ryan and I've already saved up money for college, we worked part time last summer for our dad's company, and since we already have a car, Ryan and I will pay for half the meal, does that sound acceptable to you?" Sharpay challenged.

"I'll have to discuss with the others but that might be acceptable, but that does means you'll come with us, right" asked Troy, smiling.

"Well, only if it's tonight. I still have a lot to do and prepare before the show, and I can't afford to become too distracted" said Sharpay.

"It's a deal then, let me find the others" Troy said walking off in the direction towards the kitchen with a happy smile on his face and a small flutter in his heart now that Sharpay was going to join the rest of the Wildcats dinner tonight. It might make the night more interesting.


'Nothing juicy!' thought Chad as he flipped through the diary he had stolen earlier from Sharpay's room.

'Just a bunch of plays and songs ideas, why doesn't she put anything useful in here' Chad thought to himself as he headed up the stairs to return the diary. He didn't expect to see Sharpay already in her room throwing a bunch of her designer clothes on top of her bed from the closet. He quickly and quietly placed the diary on the dresser and turned to leave.

"Danforth? What are you doing in my room? I'm having a crisis here!" Sharpay shouted, unsteady walking over to him.

"Hey look at that, you're walking better in those, you'll be dancing, and strutting in no time." Joked Chad, trying to steer the direction away from the reason here was here.

"Yeah whatever, why are you in my room?" asked Sharpay.

"I was…wondering if you needed any help, you just said you were having a crisis, by the way how did you get up here?" asked Chad.

"Troy helped me walk up the stairs." mumbled Sharpay, a slight blush appearing on her cheeks. Suddenly aware that Chad was still in the room; she straitened up and hobbled toward her closet.

"I can take it from here, Danforth; I don't need your help in choosing what I'm going to wear tonight. Although I do hope everyone else dresses up nice for Maggiano's tonight. I sure wouldn't want to stand out." Said Sharpay, smiling at the last part.

"What exactly do you mean by everyone else?" Chad asked slowly.

"You know the gang, Troy, you, Kelsi, and the rest of you; we are all going to Maggiano's so look nice." Said Sharpay, looking at a loose fitting yellow dress, before crinkling her nose and put it back in her closet, with a shake of her head.

"We, as in you are coming too?" Chad asked with confusion.

"Yes, Troy wanted me to come tonight, he asked me, nearly begged me, isn't he sweet?" Said Sharpay holding up a green dress in front of her this time, and flung it to the bed in disgust.

"Excuse me." Chad said, quickly leaving the room.

"With pleasure!" called back Sharpay, going back to her closet.


"Troy, how could you set this up without discussing it with us first?" exclaimed Taylor, slamming down her activities planner book on the counter for extra effect.

"Troy, you know we always discuss these things, and yes I know we were all going out to dinner tonight, but to invite an extra person means it has to be okay with everyone else that's coming, so if Sharpay is coming, I'm not, I'm sorry Troy, I just can't, this summer was the last straw." Gabriella said firmly.

"Actually, I always wanted to go to 'Maggiano's' they have a great dessert selection." Zeke informed.

"I'm with Gabbie, I'm not going if Sharpay is." said Taylor, as Chad walked into the crowded kitchen.

"Yeah, I think I would rather work here tonight than eat with the Ice Princess., sorry man." Said Chad.

"Guys come we're all in this together…" Troy started

"That doesn't work this time, Troy, sorry, but I'm not going either, you, Zeke and Ryan can have fun with Sharpay without us, you really can't blame us f or our decision." explained Kelsi.

"Actually, I expected a lot more out of you guys, I guess this summer taught us nothing, but I'm still going to go, and the offer still stands if guys would just wise up and get over yourselves!" Troy yelled at everyone, as he turned to leave not wanting to face the wrath of Sharpay when he would have to tell her that most of the group was not coming tonight.


Ryan was waiting on the bottom of the stairs for the gang, he figured if he stayed on the stairs, he could see Sharpay come out of her room, and assist her down as needed, but still see the rest of the Wildcats if they came out as well. So he stayed on the stairs dressed in a casual deep blue suit that Sharpay had hinted for him to wear, while waiting for everyone else. He knew that secretly Sharpay had been more than thrilled to be able to go to this dinner with his new founded friends, instead of gossiping with her backup friends or staying at the Lava Springs dining hall again He smiled as he saw Troy and Zeke approach him.

"Hey guys, Sharpay should be ready soon. You may not see it, but she was actually really happy you invited her tonight, Troy." Ryan said happily, not noticing Troy's uncomfortable demeanor.

"Yeah about that…" Zeke said trailing off, as he heard the sound of a door opening. All three males turned and looked up to the stairs where Sharpay unsteadily approached. She was stunningly dressed in a royal blue dress with silver rhinestones on the front with silver fringes on the bottom. What was most surprising was her two walking casts. Sharpay had apparently hot glued blue rhinestones on her casts along with dark blue ribbons laced around them, ballerina style. She looked pointly at Ryan, who raced up and offered a helping hand. The twins slowly made their way down the stairs with Sharpay holding on to the rail and Ryan tightly.

"Wow Shar, you look beautiful." Zeke said looking mesmerized.

"I know." Said Sharpay as her usual confident self, and quickly looked around noticing the emptiness.

"Why is everyone else so late? I made reservations, you know, and I don't want them to give our table away." Said Sharpay looking at Troy waiting for an answer.

"Everyone else is actually busy tonight." Troy said looking at his feet.

"They didn't have a busy evening, when we talked before." Ryan said skeptically narrowing his eyes in anger and disappointment.

"I'm sure they didn't, Ry, until they found out I was going. Well don't let me ruin your night, I'll just go to the rehearsal room and practice again, I'm really going to need all the help I can get, and a little extra practice won't hurt, you guys have fine, I'm not hungry anyway." Sharpay said in an even voice and went wobbly to the practice room.

"I've lost my appetite too." said Ryan in the same undertone and followed Sharpay. Zeke and Troy quickly stopped the twins.

"No! I'm still going to dinner, I don't care what everyone else thinks, and the four of us can still go to dinner, so come on it will still be fun." Said Troy firmly.

"I agree with Troy, the four of us can still have fun, and we still want you to come, so come on at least one night without practice couldn't hurt either." Zeke said hopefully. Ryan looked at Sharpay for the final verdict. Sharpay sighed then shrugged.

"Sure, why not, it would be a shame if I didn't show off this dress, and I would be in the company of three acceptably attractive men." Said Sharpay as the four of them headed to Maggiano's in the Evan's surprise ride, which had been a limo.



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