"Yugi, I just keep having dreams from Battle City and they are hazy dreams of the tombs of Egypt" Mai replied. Her heart rate increased as she waited for Yugi to respond to her answer. She wondered if he would think she was still mentally unstable since her choices since then, namely her involvement with Dartz.

Yugi and Mai were both silent as the waitress brought their lunches to them. The waiter refilled their drinks and left. Mai nervously played with her napkin folding it back and forth while waiting for Yugi to speak.

"Mai, are you still plagued with dreams of the Shadow Realm? Why did you not try to contact me or someone? I would have tried to help you." Yugi said sadly.

"Yugi, I know how your group felt about me after Dartz. I could not seek help from you after all I did against you. I did not know my own mind afterwards and all my beliefs and thoughts were so jumbled up so I just took off and got back to my beginnings of dueling to try to recapture the old me. I hooked up with Vivian Wong for tag team dueling and spent the first 2 years traveling with Viv all over the world. It was a good distraction and the nightmares went away mostly. Viv kept me on such a tight, hectic schedule I was exhausted enough that the dreams did not come. Now they are back this past year." Mai quietly told Yugi.

"I'm sorry, Mai, that we were not there for you. Joey especially wanted to look for you but his resources were limited. We even asked Kaiba to try to find you for us. He couldn't locate you as you didn't enter any of the registered tournaments."

Yugi sadly answered.

Mai felt a little shock and surprise that they had tried to look for her. Her hands shook as she thought about Joey Wheeler. He was part of her problem. She had unintentionally been attracted to him and even a little in love with him even knowing he was in school and she was out in the world. It was all part of the Joey and Valon triangle that had made her such an easy target for the false power Dartz had provided. She had felt weak with them and had tried to prove they had no affect on her and that she was superior. Oh how wrong she had been.

"I needed to be alone and grow up again, Yugi. I needed to go it alone at that point and really evaluate myself. I am pretty good now except for the dreams." Mai answered Yugi trying to reassure him and herself she had made the right decision.

Mai and Yugi finished their chef salads, left a tip and arose to go pay the bill. Yugi put out his hand and said "I've got it today, Mai."

They exited the restaurant and went to the car. They drove back to the museum.

"Where are you staying? I will come by after work. I think I have a plan to help you with the tombkeepers info and we can catch up on what you have missed with everyone" Yugi said as they headed toward the museum.

Mai headed into the public entrance of the museum as she waved at Yugi going into the employee entrance. She spent the rest of the afternoon studying the displays and picking up some tourist brochures on some of the reference places in the exhibit.

After going to her room Mai took a quick shower and searched in her wardrobe to find something for her night with Yugi. She discarded all thoughts of wearing anything too revealing as she didn't want Yugi to think she was using sex to get him to do what she wanted as she had done with so many others. Yugi was not the person to use and Mai realized she cared about Yugi and knew he was sensitive. It made her think of the card game she had surrendered to him in Pegasus's castle when he had been deeply divided in his mind about letting the Pharaoh take control. She had used her smart talking and own personal logic to get him to realize he could be in control of his actions.

She picked out her favorite black boots, purple mini skirt but longer than her usual, white cami layered with purple over shirt. It was both accepted as casual and dressy enough to be admitted to any establishment that Yugi might pick to take her to tonight.

Mai finished up her hair and made sure it was not too poufy as she really wanted Yugi to take her seriously. She quickly sprayed some hairspray to keep it tamed down and heard knocking on her door.

Mai quickly went out and answered the door. Yugi walked in and Mai thought to herself he had become quite a handsome man. Yes, Yugi was definitely a man now and she wondered if he and Tea were still together.

"Mai, I have made arrangements with Professor Hawkins for dinner tonight and our plans should come together with him. He keeps a small place in town. So we need to hurry over there?" Yugi quickly helped Mai with her coat and they went down and caught a taxi.

Professor Hawkins had a townhouse and he greeted them at the door.

"Yugi, welcome and Miss Valentine, please come in. My housekeeper has a meal all prepared and she is waiting to serve it before she goes home." Professor Hawkins said as he took their coats and put them on a hall tree.

A small cozy dinner was set up for the three of them and the housekeeper served them. Small talk was made over the meal. After finishing the meal the housekeeper cleared everything away and brought them wine for an after dinner drink.

"Professor, you may remember all the past four years ago and the adventure we all had with the various goings on in the Egyptian card game. Mai was imprisoned in the shadow realm and is still having bad dreams and visions from that time. I think if she could go with us to Egypt this week on our latest expedition and study first hand the pyramids and tombs that would help her. She is willing to work as my assistant and she is used to the conditions we will encounter. So I hope you have considered what we talked about earlier." Yugi stated in clarifying to Mai what he had set up with the Professor.

"Rebecca has just informed me she is not available for this trip as she is traveling with Duke Devlin to meet with Pegasus for a new business deal so we will be short helping hands." replied Professor Hawkins.

"Rebecca and Duke Devlin?" Mai questioned before she thought about it. "Oh excuse me, I did not mean that in a bad way." she finished up.

Professor Hawkins smiled, "Yes they have been dating for 6 months now, Duke had appointed himself as Rebecca's watch dog back those four years ago and that friendship grew into more. They have been working with Pegasus and Kaiba Corp. making social media games and Kaiba won't go to Pegasus's island so Becky and Duke will do the traveling.

They discussed arrangements and clothing Mai would need for the trip. Yugi gave Mai names of the outfitters in town they dealt with and plans to hit the stores tomorrow to stock up on items not available for them in Eqypt.

After bidding Professor Hawkins a goodnight, they headed back to Mai's suite.

Mai invited Yugi in for some coffee and catch up conversation. They sat in the small kitchenette area waiting on the coffee to brew.

"Thank you, Yugi, for all that you have done tonight. I can't express how much this means to me to see if it will cure my nightmares." Mai thanked Yugi with a soft voice.

"Now I suppose you want to know what has happened to the gang," Yugi smiled. Mai noticed his smile had a little sadness to it.

"Yes, guess I know that Rebecca and Duke Devlin ended up together. How is Tea?" replied Mai.

"Tea is dancing in some lead roles on Broadway productions and also teaches specialized dance classes. She went on to university and got a degree so she could be an instructor if something happened with her dance career. She keeps in touch with all of us by Facebook and email and hopes to be back in Domino next year. She plans to teach there for a year after she has the baby." Yugi sadly stated.

"Congratulations, Yugi, I didn't know you and Tea had gotten married, much less started a family." Mai was smiling as she congratulated Yugi.

"I didn't marry Tea, Mai, she married Mokuba Kaiba." Yugi smiled sadly.

"Oh, Yugi, I am so sorry. I thought when I left the two of you were together." Mai feeling just terrible apologized to Yugi.

"She got a job working for Kaiba Corp. when she was going to university that involved working with Mokuba and it went from there. Seto was not thrilled but he got over it when he found out he was going to be an uncle." She was in one country and I in another and our relationship did not stand the distance or Mokuba's charm. I am happy for them but it was hard to let her go." Yugi explained.

"Actually Seto also hired Joey and Tristan to work for him while they go to university. They are still attending and are part of internal Kaiba Corp. security. They help scout for problems at tournaments and other functions. Seto decided they were they safest employees to have and would be trustworthy. They also monitor all the other security teams and they are not part of the physical teams. Serenity is taking medical classes and she has a strong friendship with Tristan but neither of them say they are dating. I think they want to wait until she graduates as Serenity's mom would make life hard for Serenity if she knew they were dating." and Yugi smiled at that.

Isis has been to visit and stay with us a few times and seems to keep Joey and Seto in line as she works with them on authenticating some cards. She has accompanied both of them to social events but nothing has been said. Seto is really not into the dating game unless he has someone to make the media take notice and then it is Isis or Vivian Wong.

Joey has been casually dating different school students but nothing serious. He hangs out with Tristan and Ryou mostly on guys nights when we get together.

No one else has gotten married" finished Yugi.

Mai could feel her heart racing and the coldness in her body when Yugi mentioned Joey. She had been afraid of what Yugi was going to say. She knew he was just not waiting around for her as that was ridiculous. She herself had dated off and on since that time. But deep inside she was glad to know he was not married yet. She was still mixed up on her feeling for him.

"And you Yugi?" Mai asked softly.

"Single and not dating currently. Though I did take Vivian out for a few of the tournament publicity events. That woman is non-stop talk and energy. I don't know how you two survive each other" Yugi laughed as he said this.

"What about you Mai?" Yugi very seriously questioned her.

"No one Yugi, no commitments, no relationships" answered Mai. "I had to heal myself before bringing anyone into my life and I still have a ways to go with this dream issue".

They finished their coffee and Mai walked Yugi to the door.

"Shopping tomorrow, packing and shipping and off to Egypt we go Mai. I think you will find your answers there." Yugi bent and gave Mai a kiss on the cheek and left.

Mai closed the door and was surprised how much Yugi's slight kiss left her feeling sad.

She headed off to the bedroom to call it a night and be prepared for tomorrow.