Crossing the Border


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Dean and Sam stood there utterly dumb-struck, they couldn't believe what was coming out of Hendrickson's mouth.

" I've pardoned you of all your crimes, your free to go wherever you like. However, if I see you barge into my house again without some warning, I'll put them all back." He declared without much enthusiasm as he sipped on his beer.

"Hey, uh, sir, could I possibly get one of those…" Dean started, looking longingly at the beer.

"NO! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!" Hendrickson shrieked, slamming the inatimate object down with so much force that the brothers could have sworn it screamed for mercy.

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Charging out of the house Dean glared at the man who took away his only hope of seeing through the pain of the day. His poor throat longed for the sweet and yet bitter taste of the glistening brown liquid, to run down it, to sooth all the searing red pain inside him. Seeing Hendrickson's stubby brown hand lifting it up to his mouth, and his Adams apple move as the liquor moved down his esophagus into the very pits of his stomach, made him yearn for it more.

"Sam, we need to find a place to whole up… and a bar." Dean stated as he entered the shining, black Impala.

"Well, Jo's is in the next city…" Sam avowed, buckling his seat belt, reaching for his laptop.

"Sammy, you know I can't…"

"Yes you can Dean! You may have got off on the wrong start but its not like she hasn't forgiven you. In fact, you know she has, she told you the last time I phoned her!"

"I know," Dean sighed " I just don't know if I'm ready to face her after what happened to her mom. I mean it was kind of our falt. You know what why am I even telling you this? Its none of your business, its none of my business, URGHH! Why does everything have to be so damn complicated!" (a/n rhetorical question hense no question mark.)

"It's not, you just make it seem that way. If your not going to drive us there, then I am! Make way!"


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