Everything seemed to slow down, the world, their thoughts. It was like living in a dream stuck in slow motion. With dean's life being on the line and their constant fretting,

time just seemed agonizingly slow. Jo spent the better half of an hour sleeping, curled up on a chair, her face snuggled into Sam's shoulder. It was a hard time indeed, but

she'd suffered enough and needed the sleep which came after a full fourty-five minutes of crying. Sam flipped through magazines and had contacted Bobby to inform him

of the situation who responded by saying something along the lines of 'Damn Kids, I'm on my way to you.'

Sam was relieved however he still couldn't suppress the feeling of guilt in his chest, like somehow Dean's injuries were his fault. If only he hadn't froze in the kitchen. If

only he had acted a little faster. If only he'd seen the gunshot coming. He felt a few tears slip from his heavy eyes and travel slowly down his numbing cheeks. He brought

his hand up to wipe them away, leaving his fingers clasped along the bridge of his nose. He could feel the beginnings of a headache forming. Man did he wish he could be

back in the apartment having a beer with Dean and Jo, talking about old times. However, in the pits of his stomach he could feel a gruesome, grotesque feeling forming.

Like somehow he would never be brought back to that time, like today was the last. He just couldn't shake that feeling. Then again, his hunches had been on the wrong

end of the right spectrum many times, who's to say it wasn't in that exact same place this time as well. God he really needed some sleep. If you looked him dead in the

eyes you could see they were red and puffy, drooping from the lack of sleep. Big black bags were beginning to form as well. He rubbed his fingers over his eyes, holding in

a yawn while cast his gaze over the waiting room of the E.R. Two and a half hours, possibly more had passed since they got to the hospital. He saw a figure dressed in

scrubs walking his way, his eyes trained on him. Sam shook Jo awake.

"What? What is it?" Jo rubbed her eyes, repositioning herself in her chair. "Oh… I'm sorry, I didn't mean to fall asleep Sam! I wasn't a bother was I?" She exclaimed after

realizing she had fallen asleep on Sam's arm. Then she got a glimpse of the doctor.

"You must be Sam, Dean's younger brother. I'm Dr. Messier." The doctor extended his hand to shake Sam's as he rose from the chair to meet his gaze.

"Yes, sir. What's the news?" Sam insisted, getting straight to the point.

"Well, your brother is out of surgery. He sustained massive damage to his left lung which collapsed on impact of the bullet that just missed his heart. His right side was

massively injured, including his liver, kidney, as well as part of his small intestine and the underside of his diaphragm. He lost a lot of blood and barely had a pulse because

of it but we've got him fixed up and in the I.C.U. for observation. It's the head trauma we're worried about now. That blow he took to the back of the head caused some

internal bleeding which in turn put pressure on the brain. We've relieved that pressure, but there's no telling the effects of it until he wakes up. You may see him in an

hour when we've moved him from intensive care to his own room."

"O.k. thank you Dr. .For saving my brother's life."

"All in a day's work son. I'll come get you when he's been moved."

Sam turned to Jo, who in turn hugged him tight, tears beginning to fall.

"Thank god he's O.K." she sobbed. "I couldn't live without him."

"I know Jo, me neither." Sam watched the doctor make his way to the I.C.U. something just didn't feel right about this, but he was glad that Dean would be alright. They

would deal with whatever brain damage Dean had, if he had any, when the time came.

(Little did they know that this little turn of events would only bring more harm to them than good. )

"Sam!" A voice said from behind him. He turned around to face the worried one of the one and only Bobby Singer. "How the hell did this happen? What Happened? How is he? Are you two O.K.?"

"Woah! One question at a time Bobby. I'll explain everything."

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