Chapter One: A New Kind Of Sunday

It was a Sunday morning. Usually there was nothing special about Sundays, but this day was different than the others. On this Sunday, Kelly Taylor was on a plane leaving Los Angeles and eventually…leaving the country. She stared out the window of the airplane, remembering how she got there.

Kelly stood tensely in the living room of her beach apartment. Her boyfriend stood similar on the opposite side of the room. She faced the window, trying her hardest not to scream at his accusations. They had been at it for an hour and it didn't seem like it would be ending anytime soon.

"You can't keep doing this to me!" Kelly's boyfriend yelled.

"Doing what?" Kelly yelled back.

"Juggling me and Dylan."

"Juggling? I am not juggling the two of you, Brandon!"

"Well, it sure feels like it!" Brandon added harshly.

Kelly spun on her heels to face him. Her nostrils flared in anger. Adrenaline soared through her veins, but she spoke as calm as she could stand.

"I'm sorry for that. I am. But Dylan's feelings for me aren't my control. And they definitely shouldn't control our relationship. It's not like I led him on." Kelly defended.

"You didn't exactly deny him either, Kelly!"

Kelly let out a frustrated breath. She couldn't take it anymore. Brandon had been accusing her of wanting to leave him for Dylan. She couldn't convince him more that Dylan was her ex and nothing was going on between the two of them. Unfortunately, for Brandon, Dylan had expressed that his feelings for Kelly were less than over and he hoped to win her back. Thus, bringing them here, arguing for the umpteenth time in the past few months.

"You know what, Brandon? I can't do this anymore," Kelly said.

Brandon furrowed his brow angrily.

"You can't do what, Kel?" he asked.

"This!" Kelly pointed between her and Brandon.

"I can't keep on fighting you about Dylan. I am sick and tired of defending my feelings to you." Kelly took a deep breath before speaking again. "I'm sorry Brandon…but I can't marry you."

The last statement came out as a whisper. She couldn't believe she was saying this. Her eyes began to water as the words replayed through her mind. She slowly pulled the engagement ring off her finger and placed it in his palm.

Brandon sucked his teeth. The anger on his face was more than obvious.

"I suppose this means that you choose Dylan?"

Kelly scoffed loudly. She was letting him go and still all he could think about was Dylan.

"You just don't get it, do you? This isn't about Dylan. This is about us. You and me. We aren't the same people we used to be. We argue constantly. We rarely touch each other and when ever we have a discussion it turns into an argument about Dylan. I just…I can't be with you anymore Brandon."

Brandon watched her momentarily before creeping up to her. Kelly took a step back; not out of fear. She was detaching herself from him and if he was any closer than he already was, Kelly's new found clarity would be clouded.

"None of those words were, 'No, Brandon. I don't choose Dylan.'

Rolling his eyes Brandon stalked out of the room and soon out of the apartment.

"Have a nice life, Kel. Tell Dylan I said congratulations" He called back.

Kelly hung her head down low as her arms held her body tightly. She didn't expect to break up with Brandon. She actually thought she could make things right, but she knew she couldn't go on like this. For months she and Brandon had been arguing about Dylan and over the past few weeks things had become worse. She hoped things would get better, that she could put Dylan in her past and promise Brandon forever, but after today, she knew she and Brandon couldn't be saved.

Her eyes scanned across Los Angles. It was so tiny from the sky. Her problems seemed so tiny from up there. She closed her eyes, trying to release the tension that pulled at her body. A moment later her lids popped open, noticing a heavy arm pulling at her shoulder.

Staring into a familiar set of brown eyes, stillness washed over Kelly.

"Thanks for inviting me" Kelly whispered.

"Anytime, Kel." Dylan whispered back.