Well, I thought I would be taking a longer break from these two since I started to run out of ideas, but I would then feel bad that so many really enjoy it and want to see the rest of the story

Well, I thought I would be taking a longer break from these two since I started to run out of ideas, but I would then feel bad that so many really enjoy it and want to see the rest of the story. So this is the sequel to When Fame and Fortune Collide. Enjoy, and I am open to ideas for after the wedding. I have the proposal and some of the wedding planning and wedding planned out (including breaking it to dear Daddy Draco heehee) Ok, on with the show…


Lily and Scorpius were your typical young couple. They loved to go out together and spend time talking over dinner. They would go for long romantic walks or spend evenings with friends and family. They snuggled on the couch and laughed at inside jokes. No one would have believed that they had not been together forever. In fact the two had only been dating for a little more than two years now. They had been best friends for years and finally they had figured out that the only person they wanted to be with was right in front of their eyes.

They still lived in separate apartments but they spent most of their waking days together, well when they did not have to work. Lily was now a fully fledged auror and she seemed to be busy most of the time. She was not tracking many dangerous wizards, but she and her partner, Blain, were busy enough tracking down some of the dark wizards still on the loose. They were not extremely dangerous, but it took time and energy. It also took Lily away for days at a time sometimes. She and Blain would have to camp out in deserted forests or blend into the muggle world as they tracked loose dark wizards.

Lily was one of the best auror of her generation even with her young age. She excelled at tracking and potions and defensive spells. When she had been training she had been the top of her class. No one had ever been able to disarm her during class. Well no one except for her father. She had even managed to beat her Uncle Ron, though that had taken some cunning tricks.

She had loved training. She had helped her father to develop some new training methods for the newest recruits. She had once read about a muggle game called capture the flag. She and her father had adapted it to create a new exercise. The new recruits had the simple goal to find the other teams flag. They could use magic to locate and hide the flag. They had to retrieve the flag and get back to their base.

Along the way they could be caught. If they were found they had to try and get away. This was a practice of their defensive spells. It essentially became a wizard duel. You had to be careful to not attract more attention or they would have to defeat an army. If they were defeated they were taken to the enemies holding area where they could be rescued or attempt escape.

If you won you had a choice. You could return the enemy to your own camp or you could take them with you as you tracked the flag. This was not an easy task because they did everything in their power to make you fail. They attempted escape so you always had to be on your toes or they would try and make noise to attract attention. As the recruits got better they played against Lily's team of full fledged aurors. Every once in awhile Harry and Ron would join the game. It was quickly becoming a favorite among the aurors.

Lily and Harry had a tendency to play similar tactics and when the two played they never lost. In fact no recruit had managed to even land a spell on Lily. She couldn't be happier. She had a job she loved, she had a man she loved, and she had her family. Everything was perfect.

Scorpius was also having the time of his life. He was fast becoming a world class seeker. He was entering her fifth year as a seeker for the Montrose Magpies. Her brother Al was one of their Chasers and he was doing just as well as Scorpius. They were both on the British National Team and they had even been on the winning team for the last Quidditch World Cup. It had been overwhelming to both of them. Lily had been hoarse for a week after that game. Scorpius and Al had been over the moon.

Their names were splashed across the papers almost everyday. And for once in Al's life it was not because of his father. Overall everyone's life was going well. James had finally figured out that he had been chasing the wrong girls for all these years. He had finally settled down last year with his assistant Kelly. Now two of the three Potters were married. Most of the Weasley cousins were now married as well. The only ones left were Hugo and Molly. The next generation was rapidly growing. Grandma and Grandpa Weasley had to add onto their house to make room for the grandkids and great grandkids.

It seemed that everyone was leading extremely busy lives, but they had all made sure they made it to Sunday Dinner at the burrow at least once a month. Not everyone made it every time, but most did. It kept the family bond strong. The cousins and their significant others were very close because of these dinners. They were full of stories and laughter and general catch up.

Lily watched as Harrison and Andy led their cousins around the burrow. At six Harrison was the leader of the pack. His sister was three and was quickly learning to follow his lead. There were now a number of children for them to command, but Harrison would always hold a special place for Lily. He was the first baby she could remember holding. She was the youngest in her generation so that had really meant something to her.

Today Harrison was sporting bright red locks and his sister was a blond with blue streaks. Lily looked over at Victorie, a very pregnant Victorie. She claimed this was their last one, but you never knew. She was an excellent mom and she loved every moment.

Teddy was quickly rising through the auror ranks. He was a quiet man who commanded attention and respect. Anyone would do anything for him.

Lily glanced up to see her cousin Rose. She had been married the same summer as James. Her husband, Ricardo, was part of the exchange program at the ministry. The two and fallen in love and now resided somewhere in Spain most of the year. Rose now worked in an overseas department of the Ministry.

She was still able to make it over for dinners and it just made her so happy. Uncle Ron had not liked the idea of his little girl living so far from home, but he made that up by visiting whenever he could. He really enjoyed the sun and the house that Rose and Ricardo had so it had all worked out. Next to Rose stood Blain.

Blain had long ago been adopted by the family. Next to him stood his current girlfriend, Melinda. They had started dating the same day as Lily and Scorpius. They were a disgustingly perfect couple and Lily could not be happier for them. Blain still lived with Scorpius in the apartment below Lily. The extra room had been opened for Melinda's use. She did not stay over often, but when she did they liked her to have her own space. Not that she really stayed in there. It was more for appearances. She tended to sleep with Blain.

Lily laughed at their faces. They were just so happy. She felt her heart expand for her family. Yes, life was just about perfect.

Just then Scorpius came outside. "Who's up for a game of quidditch?" Many hands shot up and the teams rushed out. Lily grabbed her broom and headed outside. She did enjoy scrimmage matches with the Magpies. She joined them once a week for a bit of extra exercise. Lily had enjoyed it immensely and she had made some wonderful friends on the team. Over the last few years she had seen some come and go. The only person she did not miss was Phillip. He had transferred last year. Even after it had become clear that Lily and Scorpius were dating, he had still perused Lily. He had been convinced that she really wanted him despite her protests.

As Lily joined the group outside they were taking sides. James looked at her with a smile. "Ok, you are seeker on my team. No one else comes close to Scorpius and I want to win tonight."

Lily nodded. "I'll do my best."

They mounted brooms and Scorpius and Lily shot into the air. They were neck and neck. They dove and twirled in the air seeming to know what the other was doing instinctively. The wind felt absolutely lovely on her face and the freedom she felt was exhilarating.

She didn't notice the entire family now out on the lawn watching the game. Usually many of the adults would find themselves outside to watch. They would even join in every once in awhile. After what seemed forever she finally spotted the tiny snitch of gold. Within seconds she had wheeled around and was diving for the glittering ball. Scorpius was next to her. She sped on, faster and faster. She could see it, so close.

Scorpius was reaching just past her. She was determined to win. She stretched just a little bit more and she felt her fingers brush the cool metal. By now the entire group had stopped to watch. They sat on their brooms watching and those on the ground looked up. Lily felt her fingers wrap around the ball. She held it up in triumph, her face glowing.

That was when she realized something was wrong with the snitch. She could feel it crack open in her hand. She slowly opened her palm to see a hairline crack opening on the ball. She sat on her broom staring at the ball. She could see words forming along the crack. She held it close to her face to read.

"Will You Marry Me?"

Lily almost dropped the snitch. Gently Scorpius took the ball from her and opened it. Inside was a diamond ring. Even in her shock she could see it was no ordinary ring. Inside the perfectly cut diamond was a small flickering flame. The flame was a deep copper. It was the exact shade of her eyes. It was like looking at a pool of molten copper in the middle of ice.

Scorpius took her hand and led her to the ground. On the ground he got on one knee in front of her entire family. He took her hand again and took the ring in his other.

"Lily Luna Potter. I love you. I cannot imagine a day without you and I would be honored if you would be mine for life. Lily, will you marry me?"

Lily put a hand to her mouth. She stared into his ice blue eyes and she began to cry. Not sobs, but tears started to leak out. She found that her voice did not work. She tried again to speak. All that got out was a nod. With that little nod Scorpius stood up.

"Was that a yes?"

Finally her voice came to, "Yes, yes, yes, a thousand times yes."

Scorpius gave a great whoop and swung her up into his arms. She laughed in pure joy. All around her people were cheering and crying. They were being hugged and cheered in every direction, but all she saw was Scorpius.


Ok, there is the start. Sorry it was short. I am still finalizing some basic ideas. Hope you enjoy the sequel.