Scorpius glanced at Lily and almost chuckled. If he had thought he could get away with the show of mirth, he would have just to relieve the tension. Lily was currently sitting in an overly hard chair in his parents house. His mother was hovering over an army of people as they poked and prodded at Lily.

His parents had finally overcome their shock a few days after the announcement. This had been followed by several attempts to get him to call the whole thing off or to postpone announcements until 'he was sure this was the one for him.' They had even gone as far as threatening to cut him out of the will. After he had reminded them that he was an only child and there was no where else for the money to go, they had rethought that idea. They certainly were not letting anyone else have their family fortunes. They had threatened to simply cut him off financially until he reminded them that he was doing well for himself and could easily support himself and a new bride even without her family fortune.

He had been good natured at first but it had soon led to a number of yelling matches between himself and his father. This had led to his mother leaving the room hysterical. After a week, he finally mentioned that they were planning to make the announcement to the papers and his parents had quickly calmed down.

That was why Lily was currently stuck in the chair. His mother had declared if they were going to make the announcement they would do so properly. She was not going to allow some 'country bumpkins and halfbreed screwups' to plan this wedding. It was their only child after all. While it was not a ringing endorsement for his future in-laws, he decided this was better than the crying fits from earlier.

Lily had been good natured and agreed to let his mother take care of arranging the photos for the paper. Now she was trapped in a chair as makeup artists, hair specialists, and his mother's personal dress robe maker were attacking his future wife.

He almost laughed again as a wand sprayed liberal amounts of toxic fumes to help keep her hair in place. At least she had been able to keep them from dying her hair. His mother had declared it a hideous shade of red that went with nothing from her wardrobe. One look from Lily had stopped that train of thought immediately.

After a few hours, Lily was declared finished and was ordered not to move. He looked at his fiancé and her dazed frown. She turned wide copper eyes at him.

"What the hell just happened?"

This time he did chuckle. "That would be my mother. This is normal. Any time the press gets involved she gets like this. Everything must be perfect and in place. You're lucky she didn't go overboard this time."

She glanced around, looking for a mirror. "If this is her normally, I would hate to see overboard."

She finally got her hands on a hand mirror. He walked forward and kept her from lifting it. She frowned at him. "Let go Scor. I want to see the results."

"Ummm, you may not want to do that Lils."

"Why…It can't be that bad."

He shrugged and attempted to hold in a laugh. He watched as the shock froze her features. She reached a hand to her face which was powdered and pale except for some very heavy eyes. Her hair was curled and scrunched and seemed to defy gravity. It was elegant sure, but a bit over the top with a high peak in the back and a slicked down front. Her robe was a deep emerald with a high collared neck with a stiff frill of lace. Scorpius attempted again to put in a serious face.

"Mother says it is the very latest look."

She turned her dark eyes on him. "I look like a clown." She glanced in horror at her image again. "I look like a raccoon with a clown wig."

"It's not that bad." He was really unconvincing and her look let him know she did not find it amusing. He smirked at her. "Hey don't give me that look. I wanted to elope remember. I knew how this would end up and this is just the start of it. They feel the need to look good for everyone so they will go through great lengths to look good for the cameras. They will want to show the world that they approve of this and they have a great relationship with their son's future wife. Get ready to enter hell."

Scorpius barely dodged the mirror as he ran out of the room laughing.


The photo shoot was not as bad as he thought it would be. It had gone quickly and had turned out a decent photo despite Lily's forced smile. He could see that she was already dreading the next round of publicity shots, though she would probably insist that she get to be in charge of her own look for the next one.

At the photo shoot, his parents had smiled politely and exclaimed that they were thrilled their son was marrying such a charming young girl. In private, they still hounded him a bit on holding off on actually going through with the marriage.

With one set of parents down, the tired couple headed over to the next house for that photo shoot. They decided that it was going to be better in the long run if they kept the families as separate as possible.

A quick scrub and change and Lily was ready to have her picture taken with her parents. This was a very different experience. His parents had been stiff and proper. They had been quiet and still, waiting for the photographer to finish. His mother had taken control to ensure that the lighting and such was just right. She looked for perfection and as far as she was concerned, she knew how to achieve that.

The atmosphere had been tense to say the least despite the assurances of their pride in their son's choice. It had taken a lot of energy to maintain a serene smile. Very rarely did Lily ever let things get to her, but this had taken a lot out of her. He could see it in her walk and the slump of her shoulders.

Before they walked down to meet everyone for pictures he pulled her tight against himself. "Have I told you today how beautiful you are."

She gave a tired laugh. "Now that I am out of those hideous robes."

"No…you would be beautiful in a garbage bag. I love you and I am impressed in the way you handled my parents."

She smiled and leaned up to give him a gentle kiss. As she pulled away he saw the twinkle return to her eyes. "Well, if we can survive that, we can survive anything. Bring the wedding on."

He chuckled and kissed her again. He felt her melt into him and he smiled against her lips. Before she could deepen the kiss he pulled away. He hooked her arm through him. "I believe we are expected for round two. Are you ready?"

"Let hell begin."

They entered the living room of the Burrow to see the smiling faces of Harry and Ginny. Lily hugged them. Her energy seemed to return. "Where are Grandma and Grandpa?"

"Good to see you pumpkin nose. They went to get some stuff for dinner so we can get these photos finished up. You look a bit tired."

She smiled at him. "I'm fine. It's just a different atmosphere. I am ready for dinner and bed."

Harry nodded his understanding. "Just wait. Unfortunately you are not a low profile couple. I can remember your mother and my wedding. I thought that was highly publicized, but something tells me this will be a circus. I will try to keep them away Lily, but be prepared." Scorpius looked at Harry and saw sadness in his eyes. He knew that all Harry had ever wanted for his children was a normal life, and now there was no way he could give that to them. No matter what this was a big thing and they would have to accept the fact that the wizarding world would want to know every detail.

Lily grinned her understanding. "I know you will. We are prepared. As long as we have each other we should be fine. And as long as I can borrow the cloak, I should survive.

Harry laughed. "You have a deal."

Before more could be said there was a knock on the door and the photographer entered. Hell round two began.


As they sat around at dinner, Scorpius thought back on the day and the differences. The second shoot had been full of laughter and movement. Ginny and Harry threw arms around each other and the kids. Harry posed kissing Lily's cheek and Ginny hugged Scorpius.

It was a happy carefree moment. Even if Harry did not like the spotlight, he still knew that his daughter needed the extra attention from him. It was the most open Scorpius had ever seen the Potters in front of the cameras.

It was also much shorter. Harry allowed only brief time before he requested their privacy again. They answered a few quick questions and politely escorted the newspaper people out.

Now the family sat around the table replaying the day for each other. There was more laughter and contentment. Hugs were in abundance and the air around them seemed to sing.

Under the table Scor held Lily's hand. She gave it a squeeze and he settled back with a smile. Yes, if they could survive the planning, they could survive anything. As long as they had each other….and the invisibility cloak.


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