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Achy Breaky Butt

Rory was looking out the window of the bus. Outside of work all she seemed to be able to do was stair out of bus, plane or hotel room windows. She would talk to people when they spoke to her, but she would never start the conversation. She was to busy asking herself that same question over and over, "Why did he give me an ultimatum?" She couldn't figure it out. She was sure that Logan loved her, but if he did why did he give her up so easily. Maybe all she was meant to be was an accessory, an ornament on his arm. The funny thing was Rory was convinced that that wasn't it. She knew that Logan would hate a trophy wife.

For what must have been the hundredth time in the fifteen days since she had last seen Logan, she decided to contact him. She couldn't bring herself to call him. The idea that he may not answer the call because it was her would just be too painful. She pulled out her laptop from the pocket in the seat in front of her. She opened the draft email that she had been trying to write to Logan for days. She just stared at it. It was long, even by her standards. But it just wasn't right, it didn't say what she wanted it to.

"Hey don't frown so hard, the letters on the screen can't see that you're not happy with them." Rory looked up at her fellow reporter Kerry. Kerry was just a little older than Rory at twenty seven. She worked for an on-line magazine and it showed that she'd never really worked in an office. She dressed in hippy chic, as Rory had come to think of it. Today she was wearing tailored black pants and a loud tie-died silk blouse. Her long dirty blond hair was in two braids that almost reached her waist.


"The way you're looking at the screen. No matter how hard you stair the letters aren't going to rearrange themselves. Trust me I learnt that the hard way." Kerry smiled at Rory then continued on.

"Or it may be the whole sitting on a bus for days on end. I don't know about you but my ass hurts." Kerry proceed to wiggle around in her seat, trying vainly to find a more comfortable spot.

"Well at least you have and achy breaky butt. I think I lost feeling in mine about three hours ago."

"No way, your way better off. I would kill for a numb ass. Really the only down side would be how would I know if I need to go to the bathroom."

"Well my numbness is localized to my butt so I don't think I'm at risk of any accidents." Rory looked back at her screen again, her mood a little liter from the butt banter. But all the banter in the world was not going to help with the email that she had to write.

"Look, you're over thinking it. Whenever I have to fight this hard to write an article I'm over thinking it. Start again and keep it simple."

"Umm thanks." Rory didn't bother to share that it was not an article that she was working on. Nope she had no problem writing her articles. It was when she had to think about anything other than work that she got lost. That she thought of Logan.

In the end she took Kerry's advice. Rory deleted her long drawn out email and started afresh.