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Mekong Well Done

Logan and Rory were currently sitting across from each other; they had been staring at their respective coffee for almost twenty minutes without a word. Like every other airport that either of them had been in, there was a plethora of cafes and restaurants serving mediocre food. When Rory had suggested that they get coffee, she was surprised to see Logan drag her into an Irish pub. Logan simply stated that from his many years of airport experience that an Irish Pub, whether it be an Irish Murphy or a Patty O'Brian's always served the best coffee. When Rory had taken her first sip of her Mocha Latte, she knew Logan was right. It was a tip she was sure was going to save her in the coming weeks and months on the road.

Logan felt that the silence was them sharing a moment of understanding. He didn't want to say goodbye. This had been the most memorable twenty-four hours he could ever recall and was sure this silence was a sign that Rory felt the same way.

Rory, on the other hand was fighting a feeling of guilt. She had some news that she felt she just had to share with Logan, but was scared to. Well it wasn't really news but more that it was important information she needed to share with him. How would he take it? Would it change the way he felt about her? Would it make him want to take back the reconciliation? Would he hate her? A small voice in the back of her head answered her internal questions. Of course he would be hurt, remember how you felt when he did it to you. Rory realized that the small voice sounded suspiciously like Emily Gilmore. Rory felt that the best cores of action would be to ignore the Emily voice. She could almost hear her Mom cheer at the idea.

"I cheated on you." Rory burst out all of a sudden. The sudden outburst made Logan jump in his chair and look at her in disbelief.

"What! When?" Logan didn't know if he was angry, hurt or confused. Did he and Rory just wade through all of this emotional crap for nothing?

"While we were apart, it's not like I planned it or anything. I was just sitting there minding my own business. Not paying attention to a word that was being said. There was a break in what the conversation and it seemed like my cue to say something. So I inserted a random yes. I mean it could of just as easily of been a really? Or what'd ya know. But no, my random word of choice had to be yes. And let me tell you something, this was not the first, nor the last time that I have been struck by this problem in the last few months."

Logan was shocked she'd been dating guys for months? They had only been broken up for a few months. Damn, how did she move on that quickly? He'd found the thought of another girl sickening since they had broken up.

Rory continued on, "Well the accidental dating problem hasn't been happening for months. The whole not paying attention to conversations and putting in random words has left me in some very tricky situations."

"How many guys did you date?" Logan started to chant in his head; do not over react, and get every fact. He then proceeded to mentally kick his ass for making that rhyme.

"Two different guys," Rory looked away from Logan in shame.

Logan mentally sighed of relief. He knew from personal experience that Ace did not do anything on the first outing with a guy. Actually relief didn't describe how he felt, he actually found the matter a little comical. No one could over react like his Ace. Two dates whilst they were broken up didn't really count.

Logan couldn't resist, he had a need to tease her a little, "And what kind of dates are we talking about here? I mean was it just coffee or was there food and drinks involved?" Logan hid his humor behind spite full words.

"Well yeah that was the kind of dates I went on. I mean the two separate first dates that I went on were just normal first dates." Rory felt the need to emphasize the word two. She had only been on two little dates. Surly two little dates couldn't destroy what she had just started to rebuild with Logan.

"And after these normal dates, did you take these guys back to your room?"

"What? Logan no! It wasn't like that."

"Ohh so they took you back to their room." Logan's statement was full of mock hurt and anger.

"There was no going back to rooms." Rory voice started to rise with frustration, she needed Logan to understand.

"Gee Ace it took me four proper dates to get you to do it anywhere other than a bed and these guys got to be adventurous with you on the first date?"

"Hey there was no adventure. None of the guys got to see my adventure. There was nothing but very boring dinner talk about the campaign and the breeding habits of the Madagascar Lovebird. Which very surprisingly are native to Madagascar?"

Logan laughed, he couldn't help it. Rory's guilt trip was completely unnecessary but it was cute and funny. "How could you resist talk of Lovebirds?"

Rory finally figured out at Logan's laugh that he was playing with her. Rory sighed wistfully, "It was a challenge." She missed this, so she played along. "You wouldn't believe what a turn on it is to hear about their migration habits."

Logan lent forward in his chair, "Really?"

"Yep, you'd better do some reading up mister because you have some competition." Rory sat back in her and crossed her arms, looking smug.

"Well Ace you are worth fighting for. So I'll tell you what, as soon as I get home I'll look into getting a degree in ornithology and see if I can give Bird Man a run for his money."

"Oh ornithology, that sounds dirty."

"Only to you and the Bird Man." Logan glimpsed at his watch. "Come on Ace, we better get you over to the security gate."

Logan stood up and held his hand out for Rory. Rory stood and placed her hand in his. They both stood there for a moment, looking at their joint hands, and marveled at how right it felt to be touching each other again.

Rory and Logan had all most made it to security when Rory spoke again. "So you don't mind?"

"Mind that you had two terrible dates, not at all. In fact I think that the guys did me favor."

"A favor? How?"

"Well they just proved that I am one of the most fascinating men on the planet."

"Yes and your fascination is in direct proportion to your ego."

"Ouch." Logan looked around him. He knew that he couldn't delay this moment any longer.

"Well Ace this is where I have to leave you." Rory looked up and was disappointed to find themselves standing in front of the final security check point; the check point you couldn't get past without a boarding pass.

Rory looked at the gate, "I know." She couldn't bring herself to look at Logan, she was so scared that if she left him alone long enough he would change his mind about her, them.

Logan sensed her reluctance. He pulled her into his arms. He spoke to her softly with his lips almost brushing her ear. "Look Ace I know that this isn't ideal but just think in less than two weeks I'll be here picking you up."

"I know, but this is just so hard." Tears were brimming in Rory's eyes. She breathed in his scent, drawing strength from it.

"Believe me I know it is. But it's just the way things have to be for the time being."

Rory pulled back and made very serious eye contact with Logan. "I love you Logan. Don't forget that."

"I won't Ace. I'll never forget it again." With that Logan reached down and kissed her. He meant it to be a quick kiss, for he knew that if he got started he may not let her go. But Rory ruined his good intentions. The second their lips meet Rory pressed herself into Logan's body, she licked his bottom lip, begging for entry. Logan gave in and drew Rory even tighter against his body as their kiss deepened. The kiss went longer than it should of, Logan knew that time was ticking away. He pulled away and rested his forehead against Rory's.

"Go on Ace, if we stand here doing this for much longer you'll miss your flight."

"I know."

Rory made her way through the security gate. Once she was on the other side she looked back and waved. She felt her resolve melting; she quickly turned away and walked towards her departure gate.

"Hey Ace!" Rory looked back at Logan. He was wearing one of his trade mark smirks. "Just for the record you are the biggest catch. Seriously you are like a Mekong."

Rory pouted, "I'm a cat fish, that's not a pretty fish."

"Hey a Mekong is just misunderstood. There exotic and they're becoming incredibly rare."

"But I don't like rare, I'm a well done kind of girl."

"No Ace you are defiantly rare. One of a kind in fact."

"Wow." Rory's face became very serious.

"What?" Logan cocked his head to the side, he was dying to hear Rory's come back.

"Well I just had a sudden craving for Gouda and there you go and get all cheesy on me."

"You love cheese Ace."

"That I do." With one last shared smile Rory turned and walked away. This time she didn't turn back, she didn't need to. In just nine days she would be walking towards Logan, instead of away.