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Story synopsis: A desperate father hides his tiny sparkling deep within a cavern on prehistoric Earth. Eons pass as he is unable to return for her. Forward to present day where a young doctor, Crystal Greene, gets caught up in an age old battle over an ancient artifact and finds herself feeling strangely connected to a race of alien robots. RatchetxCrystal in later chapters.

This story is science fiction with lots of friendly fluffiness to begin with. No slash. Rated T for language and violence. The rating may go up in the future if things get more violent or if the language gets a little more crude. Italics are used for flashbacks, personal thoughts, and internal communications.

I borrowed some basic ideas from the 2007 live action movie to start off the story, but not everything (i.e. Jazz is not dead). So, don't assume too much about my story based on the movie. I am a huge fan of the G1 series, so I am also going to be using a lot of ideas and characters from that continuity. The alternate modes will be more like G1 with the exception of Optimus Prime, Ratchet (But he has to be red and white!), Bumblebee, and Ironhide. Their movie modes are much more bad-ass (Lovin' the flames, Optimus). I may update some of the alternate modes as I bring in more characters, but they probably won't be far off from the G1 modes. I am also using Sam and Mikaela instead of Spike and Carly.

So, really, this fic is a blend of G1 and Movieverse that make up my own little fan-verse.

Special thanks go to Dreamchylde and i-love-me-some-leggypoo for their help and encrouragement. I was absolutely terrified about posting this story, but they convinced me to go for it. They both have awesome TF stories so be sure to check them out! You won't be disappointed.

Chapter 1 – A Father's Promise

The ground trembled, sending the occasional small creature flitting off into the shadows, as a large figure hurried through the darkness. The mech's intake valves worked overtime and his fuel pump strained to keep up with his grueling pace as he made his way through an ancient forest toward the mountains beyond. His feet slipped on the frozen soil of the forest floor, and unforgiving branches scraped harshly against his dark green armor. He shifted the small bundle he held in his arms to protect it from the branches and the increasingly strong wind that had begun to howl through the tree tops. He continuously and methodically shifted his gaze from the ground in front of him to the clear, starlit skies above him, hoping that no one had been able to track him to this strange and distant planet. The mech had purposely taken an indirect route to the organic-based world, making numerous randomized trajectories in the hope that they would mask his true heading.

Once he reached the edge of the forest he slowed his pace to a trot, cautiously approaching the icy base of one of the many tall mountains that towered over the landscape. The mech paused for a moment to rest his internal systems, still scanning the area around him for any sign of danger. His intake valves sputtered with each sharp breath of frigid, sub-arctic air he drew. The wind continued to haunt the night with a low, empty howl that sent shivers through his servos. Hugging his small bundle even tighter to the warmth of his chest, he began to scan the wall of rock before him, searching for a weak point. To his relief, his scanners disclosed a large, open cavity on the other side of a thin, vertical crag. Clutching the tiny bundle in one arm he raised the other, bringing his energy blaster out of subspace. The weapon hummed to life and emitted a powerful blast to the thick granite wall. He immediately turned his back to the flying chunks of superheated rock, hunching his upper torso protectively over the precious cargo nestled in his arms. When the effects of the blast had quelled, he stepped through the cloud of dust he'd created and carefully made his way over the pile of rocks and boulders, into the shelter of the cavern.

The walls that encircled him thundered softly with the echoes of his cautiously placed footsteps. Once he had reached the farthest wall of the cave, he glanced back toward the opening. This would have to be far enough. He knelt down and shifted the small bundle, cradling it horizontally in both of his arms. Bright purple optics gazed innocently up at him, and his sparkling stirred as she cuddled close to her creator's warmth. He lifted a hand and softly stroked the top of her head. She cooed and clicked under her father's loving touch. He gathered her close to him, nuzzling her tiny neck, and squeezed his optics shut as hot lubricant began to pour down his face plates. How had it come to this? How could things have become this hopeless? He slowly pulled his head away from hers. Sad blue optics gazed at the innocent expression on the little one's face plates as she let out a soft sigh and smiled up at him. Part of him wondered if he'd ever see her again.

Before he could regret his decision, he reminded himself of the dire circumstances that had driven him to make it. His home world was torn apart. Millions had been slaughtered and many more had fled into the vast reaches of space as the Decepticons continued to beat back the Autobot resistance. His sparkmate was among the casualties. Killed in battle. His sparkling would be in constant danger if he kept her with him on Cybertron. He had contemplated leaving her with a neutral family within the confines of one of their cities, but after hearing how Megatron had completely leveled a neutral outpost due to mere rumors of it harboring Autobots, he had decided against it. The Decepticons were ruthless, killing civilians, even sparklings, without remorse if they got in the way. There was no way she would survive on Cybertron. This was the only way to ensure her safety.

He steeled himself for what he was about to do. Hugging his little femme close to him, he spoke softly to her, promising her he would come back as soon as it was safe. He kissed her tiny face and hands before lifting his own trembling hand to the base of her cranial unit and gently sliding open a small maintenance panel. Intricate components on the end of his index finger transformed back, revealing a small cable which extended and connected to her tiny cranial data port. He let a deep breath of dank cavern air cycle through his systems as he entered the code that would initiate the necessary program. Translucent green letters scrolled across the bottom of his vision.

:medical access verified: manual stasis lock initiated

Wide purple optics blinked up at him. The little femme was confused by the sudden strange sensation on the back of her head and she began to click rapidly and stir in his arms. He held her close and rocked her back and forth until she nestled into him and placed her tiny thumb in her mouth. Reaching out to her through their bond, he sent her as much love and reassurance as he could muster. He softly kissed her forehead and whispered, "I love you." His scanning software beeped to alert him that it had executed the command successfully, and the little femme's bright purple optics went dark. The medic doubled over and let out an anguished sob, clutching the limp, fragile body of his sparkling close to his chassis. His whole body shuddered and several moments passed before he was able to sit upright again. He blinked the tears from his optics and carefully laid his tiny femme on the cave floor, her thumb still in her mouth. The cable retracted and he pulled a small item out of subspace; a crystal of kryolite. In the likely event that he was not able to come back for her right away her energon reserves would be used up and her unmaintained body would corrode over time, ultimately extinguishing her spark. The kryolite would allow him to store her spark somewhere safe until he could return. He would then build her another body, if need be.

Nimble fingers reached down and gently slid open her tiny chest plates. Even in its state of suspended animation her little spark pulsed vibrantly in its small casing, sending brilliant purple and white flashes of light dancing across the cavern walls. The medic carefully lowered the life-sustaining crystal into her chest cavity. Her spark flowed easily into the protective confines of the crystal, making the object glow and sparkle brightly. He held the crystal up and twirled it slowly in his trembling fingers, his optics drinking in the sight of the very essence of his little femme's being. Her entire life force was now contained in the kryolite, and it would remain there, in stasis, until he returned. He placed the crystal inside a small box with thick walls and set it in the crook of her arm. He then pulled out a small data cube from one of his wrist compartments. It contained a picture of their family as well as his name. If he never made it back, at least whoever found her would know who she was. He tried not to think about that possibility as he placed the data cube next to the box in her arms and closed her chest plates. Sitting back on his heels, he cycled another deep breath through his systems.

This was it. This is how she would stay until he returned. He bent down and kissed her head one last time. "Goodbye, Angel." He stood slowly, lubricant now flowing freely from his optics. He had to leave. He had to get back to Cybertron. The longer he stayed, the harder it would be to go. With his chest heaving, he reluctantly turned and strode toward the opening he'd created in the base of the mountain. He would seal up the cavern and record its location. He had done everything he could to make sure his little femme was safe, and he would do everything in his power to return for her someday.

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In the next chapter, you'll get to meet Crystal as we forward to present day where the Autobots are battling for the Allspark in the heart of Mission City.