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Summary Recap: I've been hidden all my life. No one was there to save me; to free me from the clutches of my abusive father and vile brother. Seventeen years I've been alone and I wish to be free, to live my life. Please, can anyone save me?

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Hidden Away

September 13th/2004, 9:46 pm

Oh how ecstatic am I to have receive such a wonderful gift from my mother on my 13th birthday. A journal such as this, I will keep it treasured and safe from danger. Although it is a simple, black-bound journal, I will cherish you always.

Mother says that now I am a young adult, it is a wise idea for me to write down my secrets. You will be my friend, won't you? You say your name is Raya, and how befitting I think it is for it is Hebrew for friend.

I know many languages, along with English; there is Latin, my favourite, French, Italian, Chinese, both the Mandarin and Cantonese language, a touch of Hebrew and Arabic, Spanish, and mother has begun to teach me Portuguese.

I live with my mother underneath the ground of a small, blue house. Oh Raya, can I tell you my deepest wish? For thirteen years of my existence, I have lived with mother all my life, and I have never left these confines of my underground room because of my terrible father and horrible brother.

I only know what I have learned from my many books mother has provided me, but I have a wish Raya, something I would very much like to tell you.

My wish…my wish is to be free; to be able to breathe fresh air, to live like a normal teenage girl like I've read in my many stories, to have a loving family, both parents who love me, not just my mother.

But it's just dreams isn't it? My mother told me, every night before I sleep, to believe, keep hoping but it's so hard now Raya, it's so hard.

I must go, I can hear father's (which is a highly inappropriate name for that monster) footsteps hurrying our way. Mother is motioning for me to be quiet, farewell Raya.

Sincerely, Isabella Swan

October 8th/2004, 6:50 am

Dear Raya, I am so sorry I haven't been able to talk to you. I am incredibly tired, my bruises and cuts are feeling tender but mother says they will heal in due time.

On a happier note, mother has begun to show me how to cook dinner. I have helped her earlier, making the dough or the salad mixing, but she's showing me how to use the ovens and stoves.

She says 13 is the age I should begin learning the basic techniques for survival, and cooking would be one of them. But when she spoke about this, her voice was laced with trepidation, I dare not ask further.

Because mother has been teaching me a new skill, I have been so very tired. Although I am enjoying preparing food, I've learned to make pastas, meat-related cuisines, pies and cakes. I'm so happy.

Mother says my happiness is a good thing during times like this, she says it'll keep me going. One day, we will both be free from the wretched hands of that horrid man and I am cursed to call my father. And that pitiful boy I call my brother.

Oh I am so sorry Raya, I have not explained to you my full story, but hush, I shall another time. Mother is stirring and we must quickly prepare breakfast before father is angered.

Sincerely Bella Swan

October 31st/2004, 10:12 pm

Hello Raya, did you know today's Halloween?

Mother explained to me all about it. It is a day where you would dress up in costumes, as a vampire, or a monster, or some fictional character that you enjoy. It is usually for younger child but many older children will go outside as well, dressed up in costumes and ask for candy, saying the phrase 'trick-or-treat'. It sounds extraordinary, but I have yet to experience one.

Before I forget, as promised, I will explain to you my story of how my life came to be like this. Mother has explained this to me only a few years ago, I had been nagging at her to tell me in which she finally gave in.

It all began when my mother, Renee Portland, a beautiful woman, with medium length brown hair and an attractive appearance. When mother was younger, around the age of eighteen if I recall, she lived in a poor family. The only way she could make money to help her family is to marry another, one with much riches and wealth. That is when she met my despicable father, Charlie Swan.

As a young man, my father was seen as strapping young boy, very respected in society and he planned to pursue a career as a police officer. I scoffed when my mother told me this story; he was a crook, right from the beginning.

Charlie Swan is a sexist pig, believing that women were only put on earth as a maid who slaves upon the kitchen, watches the children and are used for their pleasuring needs. My mother hated him, but to save her family from poverty, she must marry him.

My poor, poor mother, she had to endure so much torment from him for ten tiring years. She was abused constantly, slaved over the kitchen and was forced to give her body to that wretched man.

Then, at the age of 27, she had given birth to their first born child, a son they had named Joshua Alexander Swan. My father was so proud to have given birth to a fine young boy. He has grown up to have spiky and short brown hair, hazel colour eyes, and he was quite handsome. The only thing I hated about him was that he was so much like my father, a disgusting jerk which made him hideous.

Four years later, mother was pregnant once more, and she gave birth to me, Isabella Marie Swan.

Oh I'm must go, mother is telling me that father is heading our way.

Goodbye for now Raya
Sincerely, Bella Swan

December 3rd/2004 11:07pm

Oh Raya, how terrible it is! Mother is seriously injured, for that beast had beaten her too harshly. What a vile beast he is. She is asleep now as I care for her, I do hope she feels much better soon.

Late one night, on the 28th of November, I heard the beast speak to Joshua about something sinister. He plans something, the air has a feeling of foreboding among it and it gives me chills.

Raya, I am terrified, what will I do without mother? She's always been there for me, protected me from the beatings of my father. Although seeing her protect me, wounds me deeply for she receives more pain, I don't know how I can endure that evil man and his son.

After I was born, unlike the reaction he had to Joshua, he was disgusted. He did not want a female child, for women were weak and pathetic. It would be a disgrace to him.

Mother had fought for me while I grew in her womb, she begged her terrible husband to spare me and he finally relented although for reasons I am unsure of.

Because Charlie had thought that giving birth to me would disgrace his name and all that he worked his life up to, he kept me a secret.

I was born in a private hospital, given a birth certificate but it was kept confidential, something Charlie paid very wealthily to do. In no circumstances was anyone allowed to witness my files without his consent. No one knows of my existence except for the doctor, who probably does not remember me, my mother, and that despicable man and his son.

After I was born, I have lived in this underground hovel almost all my life. The only sunlight I would receive would be from a tiny window near the ceiling but it was only just slightly. And the air is so harsh, oh Raya, how I wish to breathe fresh air. Not this dank oxygen.

During my younger years, mother had many books stashed in our basement and with it, she taught me many things. Charlie's parents had many books that they had passed down to us.

With this vast amount of tomes, mother had taught me math, English and literature, languages, science, a little of history, music, art and many other basic skills such as sewing and cooking. Mother was very intelligent and she says that I also very wise, especially for a young girl at my age. I was very proud when she said this to me. But learning from books isn't the same as learning from experience, learning through hands-on experience, something I will never be able to have a chance to try.

Until I was seven, mother had kept me in the basement at all times. She would read fairy tales, teach me new things, and entertain me in any way possible. She kept me happy and alive. She would bring me food, although it was not very much some time, it kept me satisfied. If that monster ever discovered that we had snuck more food then we needed, he would be angered greatly and we would suffer the terrible consequence.

She gave me her old clothing, although it was slightly big for myself at a young age, when I grow older, I shall fit into the clothes she had given me.

When I had turn eight, mother said it was time that I begin to learn to care for the house. That's the first time I have left my ground base and descended to the surface. She introduced me to new devices and contraptions, showing me the mechanics and workings behind it, it was all so fascinating.

But then, at the same age, that is when I realized how horrid my life is. For the first time, I had met my disgusting father and my brother, and it was horrible. He looked at me with such distaste and hit me.

My brother, following the footsteps of his father, beat me as well. It was so horrible, and if it wasn't for my mother, I could've died. She's kept me safe.

It was so terrible; with each hit it hurt so much, all that pain. I've read so many tales of fathers who were kind and noble, what did I deserve to have a wretched man like him as my father?

Oh Raya, the pain is terrible. I did not know how much longer I can survive. I've expressed my feelings to mother, but she says I am a fighter. I am so young yet I have survived through all of this. She tells me, "My sweet, sweet Bella. You are strong, you are a fighter. Through all this pain, you live through this all. I promise you my darling that you will live a happy life, free from her, free to be yourself!"

Her words give me courage, but I know not how much longer it shall last.

Oh, mother is calling for me. Thank the heavens, she is awake, I must tend to her.

Goodbye for now Raya
Sincerely, Bella Swan

January 2nd/2005 4:53 am

Raya, it hurts so much. I'm so sorry for tear-staining your delicate pages but I cannot help it. Raya, oh Raya, mother is dead! The beast has killed her and it hurts me so much! What can I do? I'm all alone now; I have no one to protect me.

He's a horrible monster Raya, he laughed after he finished he deed and he immediately beat me when returned from his murder. How can he do so? Raya, I'm so alone…I miss mother, and I can no longer endure this pain.

I don't understand why he would do so though, why would he murder mother after 25 years of marriage. But he ways of killing is most vicious and gruesome.

He had planned that she would die in a car crash, but before he set his plan into action, he decided to murder her by his hands. First he gashed her, cut her open and scarred her face. She was mauled by hands, beaten by strength and eventually dead by his dealings. He had then set her up into a silver vehicle and set it up so that it was a new year's drink and drive incident.

Oh Raya, just thinking about it scars me. I had caught a glimpse of her face and body before he disappeared into the night and never in my life would I have expected to witness a thing such as that. Her face was bloodied and mangle, scars, bruises, even missing limbs, oh what a horrible sight.

What ever shall I do now? My life will only turn worse without mother. Father will expect me to follow in mother's footsteps and he will beat me constantly, along with my disgusting brother. He has practically disowned me, I am not his daughter, I am his slave, a worthless female who must be dominated.

Raya, I tell you now, I may not be able to write anymore after mother's death. Father will be working me long and hard, preparing meals and cleaning the house, it will be a rigorous labor and I may no longer have the strength to write to you. I am so sorry, and I tell you now, you are a wonderful friend Raya, a great companion.

And now Raya, I bid you farewell
Sincerely, Isabella Marie Swan

I closed my book for the last time. "Goodbye Raya," I whispered softly, tears streaming down my pale and puffy cheeks.

Why must my life be so hard? What did I do to deserve all of this? First I lose my mother and now I must bid my only friend goodbye. This is that despicable man's doing!

Oh I want to be free! Please can someone save me? Please god, please anyone, help me. Set me free!

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