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Chapter 1

A Family

It all happened ten years ago…

The sky which had been bright and sunny all morning suddenly grew dark. It is another rainy season in the World that Never Was. The World that Never Was is a big world with its capital, the Never Was Town. It is a big town complete with its casino, town square, theme park, residential, basically, it's an entertainment town. The Never Was is always crowded with its tourists and residents and the town has been declared one of the most 'Want to Visit' towns. People may look at the town as if it is a very happy place with no suffering but they are wrong. There is one rule in the Never Was, the rule of jungle, 'Survival of the fittest'. This is where the rich gets richer by the day and the poor gets poorer. Day by day, many poor people died at the street out of hunger and the residents see it as nothing. Those who have died at the streets are not even getting proper burial; they just rot away, eaten by maggots.

At the end of the street, in the corner, sits a young blond, around eight years of age, covering himself in newspapers. He is all alone and has been all alone for two years. The sky is growing dark and the temperature had been dropping. It has been days that this spiky blond eats anything down his throat. He only drinks rain water to quench his thirst and to put up with his hunger. He is shivering badly, blue eyes seeing blurry things. "I'm gonna die…" He whispers under his breath. He keeps on trembling and shivering, hugging his knees closer and pulling more newspapers to cover himself.

His clothing is not doing anything to keep him warm. He has worn that zipper light brown cotton shirt and the baggy pants with black and white checkerboards in the middle for two whole years. In fact, the color which is light brown has been reduced to dark grey and his body is stained with bruises and wounds that he got from stealing to feed himself. It is a miracle that he is able to survive for two years in the town. "No, it can't end like this…" The boy gathers all his strength to stand up, leaving the newspapers falling to the floor. His face that is supposed to be white, smooth, and silky is painted grey. He walks outside to the streets.

With enough concentration, he eyes a fruit shop for an opening. Seifer, the owner of the shop, is chatting with one of his customers, persuading him to buy some fruits, boasting about its freshness. Seeing that as his one and only chance, the boy quickly runs over to the shop and takes an apple. Unfortunately for him, Seifer takes off his glance from his costumer and eyes him. Seifer followed by Rai, hastily runs over to catch the frequent thief. They outrun the boy, catch him, and started beating him for stealing.


"Young Master! Axel! Please slow down." A young woman with blond hair shouts, trying her best to catch up with the running red-headed boy, wearing her high-heels. Noticing that she can't quite catch up with the boy, the woman halts, takes off her high heels, holding them with one hand, and started chasing again. Following from behind calmly is also a boy, 11 years of age, with silver hair that falls to his shoulder. The woman smiles when she is able to catch the red head and grabs said boy's wrist. "Aww, no fun, Aunt Namine. Let's play some more." The red head boy pouts, putting on those adorable puppy eyes of his. His ever so green eyes are glistening and are very big. Namine is the red haired and silver haired's mother's best friend and has been taking care of the children since they were small.

"Oh, no. I'm not falling for that one, Axel. We have to go home!" Namine shouts and Axel tries his best to struggle away. Having no other choice, Namine throws away her high-heels and with ease picks Axel up.

"No fair! Just because you're big."

"Not big, Axel. Adult." Namine shoots death glare at him. "Why can't you be like Riku?"

"Aww, Riku and I are different."

"Good thing I'm not the same as you. Or Namine would be dead, having to take care of two Axel." The silver haired boy, Riku, finally comments with a smirk.

"Hey, you're supposed to help me with this."

"I can do what I want." Riku smirks.

Axel sighs, "C'mon, Aunt. This is the only one day in a month that Mom and Dad allow us to tour the town, with you. Don't you want to spend more time with dear little Axie and cute little Riku?" Axel smiles, trying his best to convince that Aunt of his.

"Axel." Namine sighs followed by Riku. The boy is only thirteen years old and he is already a smooth talker. "It's going to rain soon. You know that rain is your enemy." Axel still puts on that face of his, not faltering. "You sure?"

"Very sure. You'll take care of me, right, Aunt Namine and also Riku?"

"Ha. You can take care of yourself." Riku smiles again.

"Kairi and Yazoo are so killing me for this…" Namine puts Axel down and puts a hand on her forehead, feeling dizzy.

"Yay! You're the best!" Axel said cheerfully. "Don't worry. Uncle Reno will protect you, Aunt!" At that, Namine's face reddens but quickly snaps out of it, grabs her shoes, and start chasing after Axel who has run away, again followed by Riku, walking calmly.

They pass the town square and arrive in a very damp place; a street not far that is known for sheltering dangerous and poor people. Axel stops at the sight, this is the first time he had ever gotten to that side of the town which is not cheerful like the rest. Riku walks closer to him, while Namine is panting at the side. "Come here, you two!" She shouts.

"I don't know the town has a place like this." Axel said.

"Everything has their bad sides, Axel. And this is one of them. Let's go, before we get the three of us in trouble." Riku grabs Axel wrist. Axel is about to follow but he halts when he hears a shout. "I'm sorry!"

"Axel, don't. It's none of our business." Riku reprimands. Though it may be true that Riku is two years younger than the red-head, but he was always more sneaky, smart, and mature. "There!" Axel finally finds the source of the scream. He points to the side of the street; two grown up man is beating on a small brunette boy. Axel sneaks away from Riku's grab and run away to help said boy. Though he may be small, Axel has practiced martial arts. He kicks Seifer's left leg which makes him notices Axel and the both stops beating the blond. Riku quickly runs over to aid. Both child is taking on the grown ups. Riku is quick with his leg while Axel has strength. However, soon, Rai grabs hold of Riku and Seifer locks Axel. Namine, who had just been watching quickly run over. "Stop!" She shouts. "Let them go."

"No way, woman. Look what the kids give us." Namine observe silently. Axel and Riku may have lose the fight, but nevertheless, they managed to put a couple of bruises to the two grown ups face and couple of wounds in their arm. Namine watch, amazed and amused. She is so proud of the two. 'So, Reno didn't waste his time teaching the two martial arts after all.'

"Let go of them. They are just kids."

"You'll need money for that, chick." Seifer says.

"Let… go off me, stupid!" Axel somersaults and kicks Seifer straight in the face. The blond boy who has been watching laughs although he coughs blood then because of the wounds he got. Riku too quickly kicks the part that makes Rai man and Rai lets him go, jumping, touching his manhood. Riku and Axel quickly go to help the blond boy.

"I can charge you for trying to kill a kid. Surely you must know that we are of the Lauryne family. Take this and scram." Namine takes out munny from her wallet and throw it to Seifer and Rai. They took it and quickly run back to their fruit shop. Namine walks over to the young blond. Noticing the seriousness, she quickly orders Axel and Riku, "Quick!" She is about to take the boy but is stopped by Axel who has quickly picked him up and run away.

"He's faster, Namine. Let's go." Riku smirks, running away. Namine sighs and follows.


The blonde boy wakes up with dizziness up his head. He eyes his surroundings and finds himself already treated and in a very big room on the big king size bed on the side of the room and a table, full of foods in the middle. Without any hesitation and with the instinct of living on, he jumps from his bed and runs over to the table, quickly shoving himself with foods. Chicken, lobster, vegetables, soup, fruits… He is not able to finish it all though and his eating speed is slowed down when he is getting fuller and fuller but he still stuff himself. The door to the room suddenly opens, alerting him. He jumps from his chair and take his stance to defend himself.

"Slow down, there." Axel said with a grin. At his back, stands a tall man with the same but longer red hair.

The boy stands straight after knowing that he is his savior, quickly cleans his mouth with his clothes and bows his head, "Thank you."

"He knows his manners." The much taller red-head says.

"See, Uncie Reno, I said he's a good guy."

"No one said anything about him being bad. You have to send him back to the street before night, Axel. Or else, Yazoo, your father is going to be mad at you." Reno warns.

"I know, Uncie. Hey, didn't you say you have a date with Aunt Namine?"

Reno blushes, painting his face red, the same color as his head. "It's not a date, Axel." Axel smirks. "Oh?" Reno scratches the back of his neck, "We're just going out. A-anyway, Riku should be coming here soon. I'll leave the blonde with you two. If you need anything, call the servant or the doctor."

"Got it, Uncie. Now, don't make Aunt wait." Reno glares and hastily goes away. Axel closes the door and walks over to the blond boy, finds himself a head taller than him. "You're small." He comments with a grin.

The boy frowns. "I'm Roxas." He says.

"Oh, the name's Axel. Got it memorized?" Roxas frowns even more but nods his head nevertheless. His big blue eyes scan the red head. Noticing his stare, Axel says, "See something you like?"

Roxas blushed, being caught staring and quickly puts his eyes away. "Your hair… it's beautiful…" He mumbles.

"Oh, I've been taking care of it." He grins, proud of being praised. In fact, this is the first time that anyone ever praises him for his hair. "And you're smelly. Finish with your food?" Roxas nods as an answer again. "Well, let's go get you cleaned up then." Axel grabs his wrist and pulls him away. They go out of the room and Roxas finds himself in a very big hall. He estimates that it is even bigger than the town square. It is made of ceramic and silver walls shone with bright white lights. Sparkly and blinding. Nevertheless, he is amazed, never in his life he is ever been to such a big place. They descend the long stairs covered in red carpet all the way down. Finally, they go in a room and arrive in the royal bathroom. Roxas just stares with wide eyes.

"Whoa, your eyes are so big and blue." Axel smirks. "C'mon, take a bath. Riku and I will help with that."

'Riku?' Roxas frowns but when he eyes around the bathroom a little more he finds a silver haired boy which he assumes is shorter than Axel. Riku smirks and smiles at him, coming closer and stretch out his hand which is bubbly with soap. "Riku." At that, Roxas grabs his hand, not minding about the soap. "I'm Roxas."

"We've got only three hours until night, Axel."

"I know. I'll undress Roxie and you clean him." Roxas blushed, 'Undress?'

"And I get to do the dirty work because…"

"Because you're younger. Accept the fact." Axel laughs and quickly grabs Roxas, undressing him. Roxas squeaked and struggles at that. "I-I can do this by myself!" He protests.

"And how long has it been since you last taken a bath?"

"…Two years ago." Roxas answers embarrassedly and hesitantly.

"Right. We have two years of dirt to go in three hours, Riku. Let's make this easy and don't struggle, Roxie."

Roxas finally abides and remains silent while holding his face that is as red as tomato now and just let Axel and Riku do all the work. After getting stripped of clothes by Axel, Roxas covers himself with his hands. Both Axel and Riku laugh seeing that and remind him, "We are boys too, Roxie." Nevertheless, Roxas is still embarrassed being watch naked. His small body is nothing to be proud of. He jumps in the fully filled bathtub and fills the warm water takes in his body. He sighs in pleasure. It has been a while since he has taken a bath and feels the warm water.

Riku is already standing at the side with a big brush in his right hand. He starts doing his work, brushing all of Roxas' body until the black color fades away, leaving his body burning red. Seeing his little brother in trouble, Axel finally comes with another brush and helps. Roxas grits his teeth at the pain of the brushes rubbing his body. Soon, Roxas is sparkly clean, they even helped him brush his teeth. His body is white and smooth though still red from all that brush leaving the bathtub filthy with gray-ish water and his teeth is shining; it is white to begin with even though he hasn't brush it for the whole two years. He had been keeping it clean by chewing leaves at night. He steps out and takes the shower as ordered, further cleaning himself. Finally he takes a towel and wraps himself.

"Beautiful." Axel smiles, proud of his work.

"White and clean." Riku laughs too.

"Thanks…" Roxas said, embarrassedly. "Ummm, but why?"

"Now, you don't start asking questions at your savior."

"Sorry." Roxas looks at the floor.

"Take it easy. He's just joking." Riku laughs.

"I guess we just have nothing to do, ain't that right, Riku?"

"Don't think so. Roxas, even though he is just thirteen, you see, he has this fetish over small kids."

"Pedophile?" Roxas quirks an eyebrow.

"Hey, you don't say that to your savior." Roxas is again, apologizing. Axel laughs. "You are so innocent. And Riku, the he, you are talking about happens to be your big brother." Axel puts his hands on his hips.

"Who cares?" Riku smirks.

"You guys are brothers?" Roxas asked, confused, yet beaming.

"Too hard to believe?" Axel asked.

"Umm, no… It's just."

"This is what you get from a silver haired father and red haired mother. Though it really is unbelievable, huh? I have a devilish brother. Poor little innocent me." Riku laughs at his own joke and Axel just mouths a 'bleh'.

"C'mon, let's go get Roxie dressed up before father comes back." Axel goes out of the bathroom followed by Roxas then Riku. "But…" Roxas calls. Axel turns back to look at him and Riku eyes him. "I-I can wear back my old clothes. It's okay." Roxas says, unconfidently.

"That belongs in the trash." Riku comments. "I'm sure Axel has put it to where it belongs." He laughs.

"He's right, Roxie. No 'buts'. Let's go."

The three ascend the stairs with Axel leading yet again. However, they aren't going back to the room where Roxas has awoken, instead to another big room painted in red and arranged messily; a big bed to the side with red bloody cover, a dresser at the left side, and a round table in the middle. There are several clothes scattered around the floor. "I can't believe you lead us to your room, Axel." Riku puts a hand to his forehead.

"Why?" Axel frowns, putting his hands to his pocket.

"Your room is messy. You'd make a bad example for Roxas."

"I… don't mind…" Roxas says, trying to be polite.

"Don't, Roxas. Our parents won't allow the servants to clean the bedroom for us. That's why we have to take care of it ourselves. If you start to put up with Axel there, his room will become a hellhole." Roxas just mouth an 'oh' at Riku's remarks and Axel grunts muttering, "I'll clean it later."

"Oh, and haven't you notice that you are such a giant, Axel?" Riku smirk, Roxas laughs but silenced himself immediately, finding it rude to laugh. Axel, who notices that, comments, "It's okay, Roxie. You can laugh at his jokes." He smiles, reassuring. Both Riku and Axel know that Roxas hasn't gotten used to them yet and is very shy. They are trying to make him feel like he belongs. "You have any idea? Smartie?" Axel eyes Riku.

"I can say for sure that Roxas can fit in my clothes a whole lot better than in your giant size."

"Stop with the giant, meanie." Axel pouts. The three laugh together then. Then, they direct their next destination to Riku's room. Riku's room is very neat unlike Axel's. It has the same arrangement but with book racks and the books arranged neatly in them. Not a single dust nor clothes are scattered around the floor.

"Been cleaning it once a week." Riku comments, noticing Roxas' stares of amaze. Roxas laughs a little then. Axel and Riku are really the polar opposites but they are brothers and get along very well. Roxas is a little bit envy. He has long since lost his family.

Axel goes in the room and starts his massacre around the room. He opens the dresser to search for clothes. Riku just watch. It is not unusual for him. It has been a lot of times that Axel starts coming into Riku's room and starts searching for what he wants without any permission, rummaging and sometimes destroying stuffs in the way. Roxas just eye Riku, wondering if he is bothered at all. Riku leans his back to the wall, "No big deal."

"This should do fine, Roxie." Axel throws a black button up shirt and a thick oversized gray-ish jacket at Roxas. It falls softly on Roxas' head. And next, Axel starts searching for pants when he finds baggy long pants with many pockets and boxer, he throws it to Roxas again. Roxas just stares and looks at Riku. "Is this alright?"


"I-I mean… It's your clothes…"

"Oh, it's okay, just wear it and see if it fits, you can let Axel start rummaging again if it doesn't."

"Yeah, Riku's a good little brother." Axel mess with Riku's hairs.

"Thanks!" Roxas beams, heads inside the room and start changing. It fits perfectly, if not more than that. "Looking good." Axel grins. Though it is still a little oversize, it really suits Roxas' little body.

"Thank you…" Roxas bows his head. "I-I should get going before your father finds out…"

"Where will you go?" Riku asks.

"The streets… Where I belong… I… don't have a family…" Roxas answers, staring his bare foot.

"Riku?" Axel eyes Riku. Riku gives a nod. They are thinking the same thing. "You can stay here with us, Roxie."

"Huh? But…"

"No, 'buts'." It is Riku who warns this time. "Besides, I think I need a little brother to take care of this childish big brother of mine." Riku grins.

Axel scoffs, "Yeah, whatever he says." Axel and Riku laughs then.

"W-What about your father?... I don't want to get you guys in trouble and besides… I'm… dirty…" Axel and Riku shoots death glares at him. Roxas is sweating, he knows he is in trouble now. "Roxie." Axel calls with a deep voice, intimidating. "Did you just say we didn't do our best to clean you?"

"N-No! That's not what I meant! I…" Roxas backs away.

"We put our best into it, Roxas." Riku adds. And the two tackle Roxas down to the bed, tickling him. Roxas laughs so hard. He tries to explain but can't say anything clearly due to his laugh. "Our little brother's ticklish." Axel smirks.

"S-Stop… haha… I'm sorry… hahaha, really sorry."

Finding Roxas pleads; Riku finally stops, followed by Axel. "So, you are officially our little brother." Riku laughs, putting a hand into his pocket. Roxas though is crying now. He is so happy that he can't help but cry. "Axel, what'd you do?" Riku glares, trying to blame Axel on it.

"I didn't do anything! I just did the same thing you do!" Axel backs away.

"Thank you! Thank you very much!" Roxas laughs, crying all the while, and wiping away his tears with the long sleeves of his jacket.

"Aww, Roxie." Axel and Riku smile at each other. They both join Roxas in the bed then.

"It's bad for the health to cry while laughing. People might think that you're crazy and that Axel has infected you."

"I don't infect people, Riku! And I am so not crazy!" Axel gives him a death glare. However, the three laughs together again.

Roxas cries himself to sleep afterwards and mumbles, "Family...". Finding themselves also tired, Axel sleeps at the left side of Roxas and Riku at the right. The three little boys sleep peacefully.


Kairi and Yazoo is finally home from their tiresome work at the Never Was Parliament House. Reno and Namine still aren't back from their 'date'. The first thing that comes across the couples mind as they enter their house is their kids. They look up and finds Riku's bedroom door wide open. "Yazoo…" Kairi said worriedly. Their kids' room has never been left wide open before. Yazoo dashes upstairs followed by Kairi running. When Kairi arrives, her face softens seeing three kids sleeping peacefully in Riku's bed.

"Who's that?" Yazoo frowns at the sight of Roxas.

"Maybe one of Axel and Riku's friend. Yazoo…" Kairi smiles softly. "Let's go before we wake them up."

"Kairi…" Yazoo seems reluctant to go.

"Yazoo, you see their smiling faces? That's the most peaceful thing I've ever seen. Let's not yell at them, okay?" Kairi said as she leans over to kiss Yazoo's cheek. Yazoo's face softens then. "Alright. But I still have to ask them questions later when they are awake."

Kairi nods in agreement. The two leave the room silently with Kairi closing the door slowly, trying to make as little noise as possible.

Roxas 'finds' two brothers that day and maybe also, a family, in which he belongs to. He is not alone now.


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