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Note: Before anyone starts throwing rotten yams at me, I'd like to clear up some things: In this story, Inuyasha is actually pure demon and he actually possesses a lot of vampiric mannerisms in here. My take on the whoe'demon' thing is different from the series. Also, this is my first suspense fic, so please be gentle with the rotten yams.

The Demon's Minion


The distinct sound of leather against wood resounded in the room. It would have been the perfect scene for the faultless neighborhood, were it not for the sudden rush of impending fear that waited to be unfolded like a well-guarded secret. The scent of sweet beeswax mingled with freshly picked apples from the house's backyard filled the air as the hinges of the white wooden gate creaked slowly. The red doghouse with the words 'Barky Sparky' tackily scrawled in spidery letters above the hole that served to be its entrance lay at the back of the home that could have been the ideal confinement for the souls which choose to desire the happy, perfect life.

But, alas, there was no such thing as perfect, and the five-year-old child by the name of Kagome Higurashi started to understand this in the hard way. She stopped herself from letting out the whimper that threatened to surrender the fear that was gradually building up more in her. Her pudgy hands intertwined with each other around her knees. It was getting harder to breathe in her parents' closet, but she didn't mind that. She shouldn't. After all, it was better to hide in a dark, stuffy closet rather than staying outside. She cringed at the sound she was starting to become terribly familiar with.

Click. Click.

...It was the sound of leather against wood again.

A warm, damp feeling made the pale flesh of her thighs tingle. It began to reek of piss. And she tried to stop herself from crying out; she truly, truly did. But her efforts weren't enough as a strangled sound emanated from her thinning lips.

She waited to hear that haunting sound once more, but it wasn't there. An overwhelming terror flooded in her veins. The man who had come into her house wasn't gone. No, she could still sense him. Even if she silently prayed to whichever deity she hoped to be present, he would still remain, she knew this. And yet, this knowledge did not stop her from chanting out her useless pleadings for him to go away; it was purely human instinct to beg when all seemed lost.

The closet's door opened, making its rusty hinges creak slightly.

Her eyes widened with frightened anticipation. Could he see her behind her daddy's clothes?

She knew the answer right away as reddened orbs peered down at her. The man's black trench coat and his equally dark boots had what she supposed as blood all over them.

"Hello there, little girl."

Despite the scant amount of light that the room had, she could see the pointed structures of the man's teeth. He stared at her with an icy malice that replicated what the little girl believed the stars had to her on that night.

She remembered the time when her grandfather told her the story of the Boogeyman and that she couldn't sleep after that. Her mother then said to her that the creature that had ignited such horror in her wasn't true. And she believed the older woman as she lulled little Kagome to sleep. She always did believe her.


Tonight was a different tale, though.

This was real. And there could be no lullaby to soothe the fear of this reality.

Kagome gathered the white fabric of her night gown with her hands shakily. What was she to do? She was so scared; all she wanted was to sleep and hear her mommy sing her songs again and feel her daddy's warmth whenever he tucked her in.

"Little girl…" the man who had ruined Kagome Higurashi's happiness in a matter of a few minutes grinned menacingly at her. He was a handsome man, true: long silver tresses that captured the pure dark blue of the night, a face carved to the form of the sculptures made to the likes of Adonis, a thin nose, and a generous mouth that looked rather mean in a way. She found him inevitably hideous, though.

He rested both hands against the frame of the wooden closet, mock exhaustion painted on his features. "Let's just make this as quick and neat as possible, shall we?" Snow-colored thick lashes stuck onto rosy lids fanned his cheekbones whenever he blinked.

…A demon; that was what he was. Kagome soon realized this as she noticed the peaks of white triangles placed on top of his head.

He bent forward so that he was only a few inches apart from her. "You're scared," he ridiculed, his tongue running across the pointed ends of his fangs. A hungry desire contorted his face in an even more frightful light. "That's good. I love it when they get scared." He paused for a while, as if considering something vital. "…But then again, where's the thrill of it all if I just kill you off with the rest of your kin?" Clawed hands scratched the sides of the small closet to emphasize the manner in which he slaughtered Kagome's family.

She cowered in tremendous fear, hazel eyes shut close and hands clenched at the sides of her frail, limp form. "Tell me, then," he continued, "What's your name?"

Perhaps things wouldn't have had turned out the way they have been if she didn't answer that query.

"Ka…gome…" It came out as a whisper.

And a whisper is all she was left to utter that night.