Prompt : Jawline Kiss

Sasuke wakes up alone on their bed, sighs when he feels a soft brush of a thumb over his temple, and the whistling kettle and gentle thudding on a wooden board fully returns him to consciousness.

It's a simple mission today, an escort mission, as their Hokage forced to accompany him to Wave for a diplomatic visit.

It's the first time that he leaves from their home, with Sakura awake - coherent and free from any obligations for the day. Dressed for the day, he picks up his supplies and finds his pack a little bit filled on its pockets, either with antidotes or her homemade burn salves, made from tomatoes. She hums, while shaping the third rice ball to a decent shape, & completes the meager meal on the table.

(no matter how many facades his wife had - either as a doting apron-clad housewife in a kitchen or a bloodied warrior-queen in a battlefield - it was always something he appreciated daily.)

He was still in a daze, while buttoning his flak jacket, when he felt a warm touch, grazing at the edge of his jaw.

Sasuke blinks. Then he inclines his head to the side, Sakura pouting back at him.

Green eyes annoyed, Sakura's still on her tiptoes - probably trying to kiss his cheek, but couldn't reach him and pecked him on his jaw instead.

His mouth twitched a bit, tempted a smirk.

i'm leaving

She frowns, settles her shy gaze on his neck. Her fingers fiddles at the button of his jacket, pensive. He knows how his leaving had always affected her.

But she smiles; it was weak compared to her real, bright ones, but her eyes still shone.

It's a determined one. Trusting.

He exhales, closes his eyes, & places an arm around her shoulders. He leans to her, settles his chin on the crown of her head.

Yes, she need not to worry.

please come back home

He will.