Chloe gave up on getting her hands free. The cuffs had already rubbed her wrist raw. She was tired and just wanted to lay down to sleep and forget everything. Exspecially her feelings for Clark. The door opened and she through open her eyes to see Justin. He was carying a box of items. Chloe could see a loaf of bread and a bottle of wine sticking out of the top.

"Hey, pretty princess, did you miss me?" He said as he placed the box on the table by the door. "I brought you an antibotic cream for your wrist. I know they must hurt." In some twisted way Justin still had feelings for Chloe. He never wanted things to be the way they were between them. And he definelty didn't want her to hate him.

"How long are you going to keep me here? It's been two days and still no Clark. I told you he wouldn't come." Chloe said in a heartbroken voice. She knew that Clark didn't have his powers and even if he did she just figured he didn't care enough to rescue her.

Justin pulled a chair over to Chloe. He sat down and reached around her tiny waist to unlock the cuff. He's eyes shown concern at just how bad her wrist were. "Oh, Chloe,…" He begin to clean the place on her wrist.

She squinched as he poured the alcohol over them. "Justin,…"


"Did you really care about me? You know in high school."

He shook his head. "No." He lifted her chin and smiled. "I loved you, Chloe. I never stopped loving you. But because of Clark and Mr. Kwan I lost the one person that I ever ared about. The person that had me mind, body and soul. I lost you."

For some reason her heart seemed to seattle down. The fear that overcastted her just disappeared. And she breathed a sigh of relief. "You know, I always thought that I could have easily fell for you."

"Yeah, right. You were so in love with Clark and I didn't stand a chance."

"Justin, that's not true." She said. "I found you so amazing and so attractive. And the way when we first kissed, everything in the room just floated. Justin, that ment everything to me." She moved closer to his lips. "We could make everything float again." She was so close to his lips she could feel his breath upon her.

Justin was hesitatin for a moment. But he slowly reached out caressing her face with his hands as he leaned in closer. Finally their lips met and he kissed her with such warm and longing.


The place of solitude was as huge and cold as usual. Clark was sure he'd have to have a verbal fight with Jor-el on humans and sacrifices. But he didn't care. He needed to get Chloe and bring her back to his arms where he missed her like crazy. Where he longed to hold her.

"Jor-el,…" Clark screamed. "Jor-el, I know you can hear me. I know that I defied you and that your punishing me by taking away my powers, but I've learned my lesson. Jor-el, Chloe is in danger, I need my powers back." Clark hung his head when there was no reply. "I'm your son. I'm gonna make mistakes. I was raised by humans and that was your choice. I fell for these humans. I grew love for these human." Tears begin to swell up in his eyes. "Jor-el I love her. I never told her that. Please, I need my powers so I can tell her the way I really feel. I need to help her. Please, Jor-el, Please." He pleaded.

"Kal-el,…" Jor-el said in that intense deep voice of his. "Humans are the weaker species."

"Jor-el, please." Clark begged. He could literaly feel Chloe slipping farther away.

"Kal-el, let me finish. You did defy me and there will be consequences as is when any child defies their father. This Chloe that you speak of… Do you love her? Do you love her enough for the consequences that you will endure?"

"I'd die for her, Jor-el. I'd die for her with no hesitation."

"Then I have no choice but to grant you, your powers back. But in due time you'll pay for the defiance of your father and make no mistake they will be serve punishment."

Jor-el's voice disappeared just as it had appeared. A beam of light surrounded Clark. He could feel this warm and tingling energy flow through his body. When the light faded Clark looked down at his hands that still glowed, then a smile came upon his face and he super speeded out of the forturess of solitude.