Chapter 2- The Heir

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After getting to Gringotts Harry was escorted to meet Ragnok, the head Goblin to finalize the deal.

"Ah Lord Potter-Black it's... profitable to meet you" Ragnok greeted. It was of the highest degree greeting that a Goblin can offer. Harry was taken back. Seeing his reaction Ragnok quickly said "You Lord Potter-Black are the richest single depositor in Gringotts. So it's a pleasure to meet you" he said with a smile.

Harry was taken aback. He quickly replied "please call me Harry Mr. Ragnok. I don't... like to be called that with such great allies."

Ragnok was now shocked to hear that coming from a human but he quickly came back. "You truly are a great wizard Harry Potter. Many people consider ourselves to be lower than them."

Ah! Another stupid misconception. I am truly sorry for the hardships my kind place on you. If I can, I will try to lift that stupid notion. Now anyway back to business" Harry replied with a grin.

"Yes, it is said in Mr. Black's will that you receive 80 of black family fortune. Also you are now the Head of Black Family. We need a drop of your blood to identify you. It's just a formality and shows us your parentage." With that Ragnok removed a silver dagger with many runes inscribed in it. Harry took the dagger and cut a small cut in his palm and let a few drops of blood fall on the parchment which immediately turned blue and started to shake. After a while lines began to form in the parchment telling his heritage.

Harry was shocked. No he was beyond shocked. So was Ragnok by the way he was looking.

Lord Harry James Black-Potter

Lord Potter

Lord Baron Black

Lord Gryffindor

Lord Ravenclaw

Lord Hufflepuff

Lord Slytherin

Lord of Pendragon

Wait! He is the heir of the four founders and King Arthur. He really is the heir of Slytherin. So the people in his second year were correct. This was certainly he had not expected.

Ragnok returned to his self first. "Well Mr. Potter this is certainly an interesting development. We need you to undergo the acceptance ritual to claim the Heritage. You will be judged whether or not to accept the heritage. Griphook take Lord Potter to the heritage ritual room."

Harry was too shocked to resist. Before too long he found himself inside a cave where there is the statue of King Arthur. In the middle of the room there is a stone in which a massive sword was embedded. This must be the legendary Excalibur mused Harry. He was suddenly shocked when the statue of the late king turned into a flesh and bone. "Who is it that wishes to take my claim" he asked in a deep voice.

Harry gulped and answered in a small voice "I do."

"Well to prove yourself you must pull that sword out of the stone. Only a person of a gentle and at the same time a strong character can pull that sword out of it. Also if you are unworthy unpleasant surprises will await you."

Slowly Harry went to the stone where the sword is kept. He took a good grip on it and pulled it with all his might. The result was that he fell to ground as the sword easily came out of it.

He heard Arthur chuckle. "Well that happened to me also when I pulled it out. So anyway you are judged worthy and therefore I grant you my heritage. You will inherit the Castle of Avalon. You also now command the army of Warlocks who have well hidden to await their Lord's return. Seek them out. They will help you to fight. Do you accept my gifts?"

Harry could only answer one thing. "I do". If he has an army maybe he can defeat dear old Moldywart. As soon as he said that he became unconscious.


Harry was now starting to get consciousness. He suddenly became aware that he no longer alone but was watched by four people. Slowly he felt a soft feminine hand put his glasses on his face. His vision returned and what he saw made his jaw drop to the floor. There standing in a solid form were the four founders of Hogwarts.

A small chuckle came from a lady who was petite. She has blonde hair and brown eyes. She was shorter than the rest of them. "Yes! We get that reaction most of the times. I am Helga Hufflepuff by the way." She finished with a small smile.

"Let him be Helga" came a voice from his left. She was an Angel was the only way Harry could describe her. Her hair was jet black straight and silky. But she was not as beautiful as Fleur thought Harry. Hold on. Where did that thought come from.

Rowena offered her hand and helped Harry up who only managed to offer a thanks and an apology while trying to impersonate a tomato. Rowena laughed at this and was soon joined by two male voices also chuckling.

"Sorry for that. I am Godric Gryffindor and my not so charming friend here is Salazar Slytherin." Godric told Harry. Salazar only grunted in reply.

Salazar did not strike as the talkative type to Harry.

"Who is this fool who dares claim my inheritance" hissed Salazar in parseltongue.

"You should be careful about what you talk, someone might understand it" hissed Harry back. Salazar was stunned. "So you can speak?" asked Salazar in normal English.

"Yes I can."

"Well now onto business" interrupted Godric.

Harry suddenly felt like he was stripped naked. He then recognized that it was the founders using Legilimency. His entire life flashed in his mind.

"He is very loyal. He will not hesitate to take a curse for his friends. He always forgives his friends even if they have wronged him more than twice. He is worthy to receive the heritage of Hufflepuff. I thereby grant him the ability to talk with animals and knowledge of transfiguration and charms." With that Helga transferred a magic core from within her into Harry. "You now possess all the knowledge that I have."

Harry was relieved. One founder has given him their gifts. Only three more should find him worthy.

"He is also intelligent. He has not used this for the fear of losing his friends. He is also intelligent. But his mind has a bind on it. Probably placed by his headmaster. I will remove it. "Harry suddenly felt like he was under cruciatus curse again. The last thing he saw before passing out was Rowena's face.

Harry woke up in someone's lap. He felt a hand run through his hair. It was calming and felt good. He opened his eyes and saw into the black eyes of Rowena. "Now that you have woken up, I have judged you worthy to receive the heritage of Ravenclaw. I hereby grant you the gift of Arithmancy and runes. "Now Harry felt Rowena's magic core pass into him. "My Knowledge shall be yours."

"You are cunning when required. But you refuse to use it fear of being called evil. You also will use any means to defeat Voldemort. You hereby receive the gift of Potions and Grey arts. These are not Dark Arts but are just as powerful. Not everyone can defeat Voldemort with only stunners." Salazar's magic core now infused with his and he could feel the knowledge of Potions and Grey Arts in him.

"You are very brave. You face any situation and never back down. I hereby judge you worthy of receiving my gift of Transfiguration, Muggle fighting and the most important thing that has been neglected. A body to suit your power." With that Harry felt magic pouring into his body and the third time in the day he lost consciousness.


Harry woke up to see the worried faces of the four founders. To his shock the most worried was Salazar. He must have thought it out loud because Salazar smiled.

Godric now took the stage. "Now you have took the cores as the primary heir, your job is to find the other four of our blood line. They will receive a gift from each of us." He gave Harry a ruby, emerald, sapphire and a topaz. "You know that the world is in darkness. We now have to renew the ancient society to protect the world. The Protectors Orden."

"Excuse me Salazar sir. Why have you granted Tom Riddle the heir hood status?" Harry asked gathering his Gryffindor courage. He was confused. If Voldemort already has his inheritance why should he bother to find the secondary heir of Slytherin?

"He is not my heir as everyone believes. He is the heir of Morganna Le Fey. A stronger and better parseltongue than me. That is why he was able to control Blissy in the chamber of secrets."

Harry couldn't help but roll on the floor laughing. The founders looked as if he has lost his mind. "Blissy" laughed Harry. "A 60 Feet Basilisk that terrorized the school and you find no other name than Blissy" laughed Harry hard and the other three founders joined him. Salazar scowled.

Recovering Harry asked "Do you have any idea as to who might be the secondary heir and to how we can confirm the."

"The gem stones in the presence of the heir will immediately be drawn into them. So if they are close by you will know. Also we believe that your friend Luna Love good might be my heir as the heir of Ravenclaw."

"Hermione Granger is my heir. I will bet you 1000 galleons on it" Godric started but stopped when Helga hit him on his head.

"Be serious. Now the Longbottom family has my blood in them. I am sure that Neville is my heir."

"Blaize Zabini" simply told Salazar.

"That is great but how can we start the orden with only 5 people."

"I think it is time to explain about our past. You see when Hogwarts was being built, we were attacked by a group of people under the leadership of the Heir of Le Fey. We eventually were led into a war. We had under our command each a 5-man army with some of our abilities. You also need to find them. We were almost losing when the Heir of Merlin helped us. But the Heir of Le Fey did not leave quietly. He promised the world pain by the next Heir. After this ritual is done Voldemort will start regaining the knowledge of Le Fey. So you need to start the Orden quickly. We also can give you the names of the heirs that helped us. You will give them the power from the magic core. They will be able to summon their magical cores and their weapons. Take the respective heir to the castles. Gryffindor castle is in Ireland. Salazar castle in Wales. Ravenclaw castle in Normandy. Hufflepuff castle is southern Scotland" explained Rowena.

"I think I need to sit down. This is way too much information."

"I think this list of names will help you." helped Helga.


Oliver Wood

Angelina Johnson

Seamus Finnigan

Lavender Brown

Norman Beclay


Cho Chang

Su Lui

Rodger Davies

Justin Finch-Fletchley

Fiona Fairlight


Hannah Abbot

Susan Bones

Ernie Macmillan

Nymphadora Tonks

Glacine Berder


Daphnee Greengrass

Christopher Draven

Alice Windrunner

Draco Malfoy

Samine Salsin

Harry's heart leapt. Most of the people in the list were his friends and are in the DA. But the others he has no idea. and Malfoy. How can he convince him? Sensing his frustrations, Salazar told him that he might be under the imperious curse by his father.

Harry also could not understand how Fiona could be the heir when she was a muggle born. When he voiced his concern Godric answered him. "Her Great grandfather from her father's side was a squib of my familial line. They disowned him. So she is now my heir.

When you give them the gems they will be able to summon our weapons. But since you already pulled my sword you have to give it to the secondary heir. Once the magic core infuse they will be able to summon the weapons. Also in the castles you will be able to find the weapons to give to the members of the orden. They are crafted after our own. Now all you have to do is find the Heir of Merlin. Unfortunately the heir will not be by blood but by magic. So we cannot help you."

"I understand." So all he has to do now is to take the effort to rebuild the orden.

With that said he took the Excalibur and sent it to his personal dimensional storage Rune."

He then felt someone or something land on his shoulder. He looked up and was shocked at what he saw. A light Phoenix. His mind reeled when he felt the bond of the familiar formed between them. Hello Harry wizard I am Linnie the phoenix of light and the legacy of the Pendragon family.

Hello Lin. Is it OK if I call you Lin?

Yes Harry. We have to get going now. We have to start the orden.

Yes but first I have to get the money.

Yes hold onto my tail. I will transport you to the bank manager.

They materialized in the bank again. Harry asked if there was a way to withdraw money without coming often and the bank offered him a Gringotts card. It is good in the Muggle and the Wizarding World.

Harry went into Diagon alley. He bought new clothes. Both Wizarding and Muggle. He then went into muggle London and bought some exercise equipment and clothes. He paid with his card. When the owner was not looking he wandlessly shrunk them and put them in his pocket. Wandless magic cannot be traced. Since he got the core of the founders he was able to do any magic wandlessly and easily.

He then bought a trunk which has inside it a two-story apartment. With this Harry flamed to Hermione's home to start the orden.



In the next chapter The Orden will be reborn