This is my new project: Twilight snapshots, since I can't bothered to write proper long stories. Suggestions are welcome, and enjoy reading!


This takes place BEFORE Bella goes to Forks, at the cafeteria during lunch. No murders here, I was just wondering. Why didn't Alice get any warning about Bella's arrival?

Edward snorted.

"What is it?" Alice asked, her face bright with curiosity.

"People are thinking... things," he said.

"About the new girl?" Emmett said. Typical Forks; they had only been in the small town for a year and could already predict its inhabitants every move.

"Is she pretty?' Rosalie asked, casually examining her reflection in the cafeteria's scratched silverware.

Edward rolled his eyes. "Possibly even better looking than you," he said, a slight mocking edge to his voice.

The blonde vampire tossed her head. Edward smiled at her annoyance.

The Cullens.

The thought was crystal-clear admist the chaos of the cafeteria; almost as if every other sound had faded away, and that unfamiliar voice was the only sound left.

He supposed it was the new girl being introduced to the infamous Cullens in the school. Funny, he couldn't remember his name now...


He and four other heads snapped towards the sound of the voice. And there she was; the new girl. What was her name again...

"Can I sit here?" Without waiting for a reply, she dragged out the aluminum chair and had sat down.

Strangely enough, there wasn't anyone staring; no one had noticed the strange new girl walk up to the recluses of school...

A low growl sounded from Jasper as he stared at her, his dark eyes fixed on her neck...

"Elizabeth Mansen," she said, smiling, oblivious to Jasper's murderous thoughts.

"Control yourself!" Rosalie hissed at Jasper, too softly for a human to hear.

Elizabeth's smile widened. "Look, I'm not here to cause any trouble. I just have a message."

She looked directly at Edward. "If you know what's good for you, get out of Forks as soon as you can."

"Weirdo," Rosalie muttered, this time loud enough for Elizabeth to hear.


That was the word that flashed in Edward's head. Elizabeth continued to smile as she stared intently at him.

"I know what you are," she said softly. "All of you. Haven't you noticed?"

Her face seemed to blur for an instant, and then her ordinary features changed, not entirely, but just enough to make her appear inhumanly beautiful. For the first time, they saw her, saw her for what she really was; long lustrous waves of bronze-coloured hair that framed the sides of her pale face, the tell-tale purple shadows under her eyes. Eyes that were almost black with thirst.

"A talent of mine," she murmured in explanation. "You won't see me again, don't worry. I mean you no harm. But Edward Cullen, heed my words. Get out of Forks. Soon."

The chair scraped the floor as she stood up again, and she was gone, moving away at an impossible speed.

She was right. They never did see her again. And it was only months later when Edward realised that she had looked very much like his dead mother.