And this one because Raj gave me the idea of the wedding.

August 13. The day passed like a dream, and like a nightmare. One that you couldn't wake up from, no matter how much you wanted to.

Something is going to happen today.

I was up the second Alive prodded me awake; what little sunlight Forks had had barely poked through the thick grey clouds.

Most people think rain on a wedding day was ominous. I saw it as inevitable. Besides, if it wassunny, we would probably have to board up all the windows, so no one saw the Cullen family glittering like diamonds in the sun.

I had spent the night in a guestroom at the Cullen's house (not with Edward since Charlie would have a fit if he found out) so that Alive could get her hands on me as early in the morning as possible.

"Dress-up time," Alice sang.

I groaned and pulled the pillow over my head.

"You promised," she said, a note of threat in her voice. Before I could respond, she picked me up easily and carried me to the en-suite bathroom.

"Bella, you're getting married today," she said as she shoved me into the steaming-hot, rose-scented bathtub. "Doesn't that mean anything to you?"

I had to smile at that. I had spent the last few months worrying so much about the wedding, I even had nightmares about it.

"I'm just a little tired," I said. Alice frowned.

"I knew I shouldn't have given you that manicure last night," she muttered. My nails were now painted a dark shimmering pink. "But there wouldn't be any time today – "

"It's okay Alice," I assured her while stifling a yawn.

She scrubbed me over three times before she was satisfied, handed me a bright pink fluffy bathrobe and matching slippers, then marched me over to the walk-in wardrobe cum vanity room. Rosalie was there, an angelic smile on her face. It contrasted strangely with the lethal-looking hairdryer she held in her hands.

"Sit." The blonde vampire pushed me onto the padded chair in front of the vanity mirror that was laden with intimidating-looking bottles and jars of beauty products. My reflection stared back with bleary eyes, softly-lit by the light bulbs that surrounded the mirror.

And then the real torture began. It was worse than prom two years ago. I was primped, prodded, poked and painted to the 'd'. And after the make-up, they threw on, as carefully as they could, the dress.

"Voila," Alice declared, leading me to a full-length mirror and stepping back to admire her work.

I blinked, looked around for my reflection, before realizing the person standing before me wasme.

Alice had curled my hair, and it was now twisted into an elegant knot; a few curly strands escaped the bun and now framed my face. And as for my face… I studied the reflection, trying to figure out what they had done to me, to make me look… Beautiful. Nothing compared to vampire standards of course, but I didn't look as painfully plain as I usually did standing next to Rosalie and Alice. The dress further emphasized the soft, angelic image. I almost looked like one of the Renaissance paintings of angels.

I realised that Rosalie and Alice were looking at me anxiously for approval.

"Thank you," I whispered when I found my voice. "Thank you."

Rosalie beamed while Alice whooped with delight.

And your veil!" Alice cried, then produced it out of nowhere. It was made of a fine organza, edged with delicate lace and seed pearls. She arranged it on my head, careful not to smudge the make-up or ruin the hairstyle. Rosalie handed me the lacey gloves that went along with the dress, and the bouquet. The roses in it were the purest white, artfully arranged along with rosemary, baby's breath and other flowers I couldn't name.

"She looks…" Rosalie stopped, an incredulous expression on her face.

"Gorgeous," Alice finished. "Edward's going to be amazed."

And some details and stuff I can't be bothered to write about.

"You came," I whispered.

Jacob smiled, but it didn't meet his eyes. "You invited me, didn't you? Besides, I had to see you, before – " He didn't complete his sentence.

"Damnit Jake." I wiped a tear that had crept to my eye. Thank god Alice had used waterproof mascara. "I'll always be Bella."

He smiled sadly again, but said nothing, as if he was too tired to argue with me.

More stuff. Bella trips over her veil walking to the altar, Charlie gets a heart attack when Edward kisses Bella, y'know, things like that.

"Congratulations," Jacob said stiffly to me. He gave Edward a hesitant hand to shake, which Edward took, an amused expression on his face. Jacob turned to me again.

"I'm sorry I hurt you," I said quickly, hoping he understood that I really was

He shook his head, then unexpectedly, gave me a hug.

"It's okay Bells," he said, his voice more husky than usual. "As long as you're happy."

"It's not fair," I said, feeling tears threatening to overwhelm me again. It was this that made me fall asleep every night, tears still staining my face. "You're the only one isn't."

I saw his sad smile again as he turned to go, and this time, there wasn't anything I could do to make him happy.

"Jacob," Edward called. Jacob stopped in his tracks but didn't turn.

"You're not going to stop me," Jacob said evenly.

I looked between the two of them, confused.

"I won't," Edward said.

Later in the evening. Edward and Bella are alone at home, since Carlise believes that they should have some privacy on their wedding night…


Billy, as old and majestic as ever wheeled himself into the room. "Where's Jacob?"

"Jacob? I haven't seen him since – "

"He's dead."

Edward gazed at me serenely, his velvet voice forming the words that just didn't make any sense.

"No." Billy trembled, a crumpled piece of paper dropped from his hands. I picked it up. There was a roaring sound in my ears that seemed to drown out all other noise; even Edward, speaking rapidly to Billy sounded distant and far away.

Sorry. But it's the only way was what the note said, written in Jacob's familiar scrawl.

"When did you realise?" Billy asked quietly.

"In the morning," Edward said. "I was ordered to stay out of it."

"You should have stopped him!"

I hadn't realised that the cry came from me; the voice was unfamiliar, a high-pitched shriek of rage.

"Bella, I – "

"Where is he?" I demanded, ignoring Billy. Confusion was written all over Edward's face.

"Bella, calm down – "

"I will not calm down!"

"I don't see why you're so upset Bella. This is your fault."

I whirled round to face Billy. "What?"

"You hurt him. You've been hurting him since you met him."

"Shut up." My voice was soft.

"And then you chose to go with the bloodsuckers – "

"SHUT UP!" If I were a vampire, I would have killed him there and then.

Billy laughed hoarsely. Mania glowed in his eyes; his son's death had unhinged him more than he had let on.

"The day Jacob met you, Isabella Swan, was the day he began to die," Billy continued, staring intently at me, hatred burning in his eyes.

"Enough." That was Edward now, his voice quiet, but laced with venom.

"You may as well have signed his execution! You killed him Bella – "

"I said enough." White hands tightened around Billy's throat. There was a sickening crunch as his bones broke. Edward released his grip slowly, a look of horror on his face.

"No." The moan that escaped his lips as I watched the scene, detached, an observer. It didn't matter, nothing mattered, except that Jacob was dead, and I as good as killed him.


And that was when I saw the blood on Edward's hands, more gushing out of Billy's broken neck like a crimson stream.

Edward shuddered, and then fell on Billy's body a monk who had abstained from meat for too long. He gulped the blood like a sweet dessert, and I could only stare on almost indifferently.

And then Edward turned to face me, his eyes glowing red. I could only stare at him blankly. I continued to look on as he advanced towards me, as he reached out –

Jacob, I'm sorry -

His hands tightened on my neck as he leant down

I'm so, so sorry

He bit down hard, but I wasn't aware of anything but

I'm sorry