Next one is to be entitled 'Defeat'

"Ryuzakki, you know how much I despise being with you twenty-four seven?" asked Light one day when he and L were yet again trying to find Kira. "The same amount of despise Kira has for me?" L replied slyly. "Ryuzakki. How many times do I have to tell you, to prove to you that I am NOT Kira!" "No matter how many times you do prove that fact to me, I still think that there is seven point nine percent chance that you are Kira." Retorted L. Light's voice was getting louder but L's was still the same quiet pitch. "What evidence supports your theory of the seven point nine percent chance that I'm Kira?" "None. I'm just really stubborn. I can't get over the fact that there is something…fishy about you."

Light glared at L while L gazed back. "What will it take to prove to you that I'm not Kira?" Light finally asked. L kept his monotonous tone, "Well, to prove to me that you are not Kira… this is frustrating. To prove your innocence to me, I think you will have to show at least some happiness at being chained to me. Twenty-four seven." "Um, uh, hmm, there is a f-fat ch-chance that I w-would be the sl-slightest bit g-glad to be chained t-to you R-Ryuzakki" stammered Light, quickly dropping his eyes away from L's. L chuckled quietly.

"Ryuzakki, I'm tired and I can't stand to sleep on the floor here next to your chair for another night! I'm going to a proper bed. I don't care what you do as long as it doesn't prevent me from a good nights sleep." Said Light after a long time. "You know the chance of you being Kira heightens because you're pulling us away from our investigations?" said L, trying to get Light to confess again." Bring a computer with you then!" exclaimed Light throwing his arms up in frustration.

Light tried to pull L along with him to the bathroom. "Uh, Light, bedrooms that away" L stated, pointing in the opposite direction. "Every body needs to crap sometime Ryuzakki" Light made L sit outside the bathroom door while Light did his business. "Now can we go to bed?" L asked impatiently. Light blushed behind L's back when he heard the word 'we'.

Light stripped off down to his boxers, he had no pyjamas and, trying not to think about L watching him, slid under the covers. He soon felt L's warmth beside him, it was a double bed. "Light?" asked L, rolling over on his side to look at Light. "Yes Ryuzakki?" asked Light, getting annoyed. L leaned closer to Light's face. "You are Kira" he whispered, then kissed Light passionately. Light kissed back, furiously.

L then sat up, forcing Light to sit up because of the handcuff that joined them. "If you were Kira, you would want to make me love you so as to turn all suspicion away from you. Though also, if you were Kira, you would not kiss me, because you hate me." L muttered to himself.

"I didn't kiss back!" yelled Light, his face turning a delicate shade of pink. "Though Kira would try to turn all suspicion away from himself yet again by denying the fact that he ha kissed back. If he did that, he would try to make himself look innocent by denial, and therefore heighten the fact that he was trying to make me love him so as to turn suspicion away from himself more. But if he'd denied kissing me back he might really love me because he'd be embarrassed about kissing me. Though…" L was interrupted in the middle of the little speech he was giving to himself because Light had just came and kissed him.

L rolled he and light over so that L was on top. Still kissing madly, L slid his hands down to Light's waist and slowly inched his boxers off, Light's hands did the same. L pulled away. "Admit that you are Kira" L said having finally taken off Light's boxers. L then leaned down again to press his lips to Light's, not letting Light speak. L, still crushing Light's lips with his own, ran his hands down Light's toned torso. L wanted light to wither with pleasure beneath him, so it could be easier to get a confession out of Light.

L's hands then proceeded further down and grabbed hold of Light's, now stiff, length.

Light gave a gasp when he felt L's cool hands on his length. A gasp wasn't enough for L; he wanted Light to scream.

Light knew what L was about to do so his idle hands reached down and grabbed L's. Light separated three of L's fingers with the rest and started to pull L's hand down, lower than his length. "Tut tut light. You're impatient." L stated.

L didn't want to do that just yet, he was going to make Light beg. L kept stroking Light's shaft, making it go harder still. "Please Ryuzakki" Light whispered. "Sorry Light, what was that? Didn't hear you" "Please Ryuzakki!" said light more pleading in his voice, now that his sexual urges had reached their maximum. "It's going to hurt," L stated. "Please" Light begged again.

L then put his hand further down and put one of his fingers in Light's entrance. A shiver a gasp, not enough for L yet. His second finger went in. A shiver, a gasp, a small moan, not enough noise to satisfy L. His third finger went in, and hit Light's prostrate. A shiver, a gasp and a loud moan. "More" moaned Light. L shifted so that his length was at Light's entrance. "Are you sure?" asked L teasingly. "D-Do it!!" moaned Light, louder this time.

L went into Light, slowly. "Ahh!" screamed light, breathlessly. "Again!"

L thrust forward, slowly increasing speed, with each thrust hitting Light's weak spot, making him moan in pain and pleasure. Moaning still wasn't enough for L.

L pushed harder and faster until light was nearing an orgasm. "Admit that you are Kira" said L in Light's ear. L slowed and stopped until Light answered. "N-not Kira."

L pulled out and Light whimpered, missing the contact between them straight away. "Admit that you are Kira" said L again in his monotonous tone. "I'm not Kira!" Light shouted more coherently than before.

L moved his head down to Light's length and put his mouth over Light's length.

"Ryuzakki, I don't think we should be doing this" Light whispered. "Don't worry, I have an excuse, I can tell them that either I was trying to get you to confess, which I was, or I can tell them that you are Kira and you forced me to fuck you." L said. "You still think I'm Kira? I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU RYUZAKKI!!" Light yelled. Light tried to sit up but L pushed him back into the pillows. "Are you saying that you didn't try to stop because you like me?" L whispered in Light's ear. "No I-I –"Light stammered, his cheeks turning red. Light didn't get to finish because L had started to kiss him again. "Don't worry, this time I'll get you to confess." L said. "What do you mean?" Light asked. "You know very well what I mean," L said.