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The girl next door

I guess you could call me a normal teenager: 16 years old, dark hair, green eyes and around 163cm. I lead a normal life, do what normal teenagers do: ride motorbikes, skip lessons and eat mayonnaise. Ok fine, you got me. Not all teenagers ride motorbikes. Oh well. I live with my parents and I'm the only child thats probably one of the reason as to why I'm such a loner sometimes.

I wouldn't say my life was very interesting. It's the same old crap I did each day. Now tell me , if you lived your life doing the same old thing everyday wouldn't you get bored eventually?


I thought so.

Your probably wondering why I talk in past tense when I say my life was boring? Well, recently someone - (no that's too vague...) - A girl full of energy, life and with a hint of mystery managed to turn my dull world into a colourful one. Shizuru.

Mmhm. Shizuru Viola, the girl next door. Calling her beautiful would be an understatement. She has the fairest skin I've ever seen, red eyes, pink luscious lips, sandy blond hair and the cutest as- Ahem. I'm guessing you get the picture now?

I hardly know her, wait scratch that out. I don't know her at all. I've never actually had the chance to speak to her. When Shizuru and her family moved into the house next door two weeks ago, my parents went to go meet them. I would have gone with them but fortunately I was at work. I was glad to miss the welcoming dinner party because I know I'd make a fool of myself if I do go. You see, I have a serious problem: every time I meet new people, I get embarrassed easily and stutter as well as doing other silly things like getting my words muddled up.

Unfortunately for me, Shizuru's parents have organised another dinner party that I can attend.

If there is a God out there – please I'm begging you, save me.

Seeing I have not actually met Shizuru, I know a heck of a lot about her. No I'm not stalking her thankyouverymuch! I'm just really good at observing people and I have… uhhh connections?
She's pretty popular, my whole school has already warmed up to her. Now that - my friend is strange, since the whole school tends to bully new students. Especially if the new student has an accent. Yes, Shizuru has an accent.

Do you know I have a really bad habit of staring at people. It's something I can't stop myself from doing.
Classic example:

Back then it was lunchtime, when me and my friends were eating together in the lunchhall. Shizuru and her group of friends were eating together at a table right in front of ours. She had a group of fan girls standing around her; attacking her with questions. Idiots, they were blocking my view. It bothers me how they never leave her alone, I don't see why she doesn't just tell them to bug off. Before I knew it, Shizuru had put down her food and looked at me straight into my eyes. Shitcrapfuck.

According to Chie I managed to blush a thousand shades of red. Even though her gaze was so gentle… it felt pretty fierce. Although I managed to snap away from her gaze, I had a hard time doing so. After I managed to look away from her I could still feel her staring at me, making me feel uneasy.
Eventually she looked away from me, giving me the chance to steal one more glance at her. She was laughing heartily at a joke one of her friends had just shared with her. Her smile was captivating… there is something about it that makes me want to smile.

The bell rang meaning lunch was over and it was time to go back to lessons. Being the 'rebel' that I am, I was planning on going to lesson late. But then I saw from the corner of my eyes that Shizuru was approaching me.

I really surprised my friends when they saw that I was the first one in class, not the last one. Knowing Mai, she probably has detected what was going on. That girl know me too damn well.

It's 8pm back from work and relaxing in my balcony. Oh yeah, I've not told you have I? I work at a garage fixing cars and motorbikes. Mainly bikes because they are my speciality. I don't work for money, I work to keep myself busy. Work takes up a lot of my time, but I don't mind – I enjoy work. The guys I work with are a pretty cool bunch too, I get along with everyone there especially Reito and Takeda. Reito is a good problem solver and Takeda is useful for a good laugh.

So here I am standing in my balcony, looking down at the world. I like coming here after a long day at work. I enjoy my time here even more when it's a Friday night like it is today. Mmm, I could do with a cream soda right about now…

Just then when I was dreaming of a cream soda, Shizuru walked out into her garden in bikini, a black one decorated with red flowers. Good God, I'm going to get a nose bleed.
I know I shouldn't be staring but I just can't stop myself, but she's just so…I can't think of a word to describe her. I've never been really good with words, Nao is always making jokes on my limited vocabulary.

As I stood there thinking to myself, Shizuru dived in the pool. I stopped breathing.



After a few laps around the pool she got out and started dabbing herself with a towel. My mouth had turned dry by now and my freaking heart was throbbing in my head. I realised by now that I had been staring at her since she walked out into her garden. I could feel myself burning up, after I managed to pull my eyes away from Shizuru's half naked body on display. Looking up at the sky, I sighed deeply. I have a serious problem on my hands: I have a crush on the girl next door. Or something like that.


A voice snapped me out of my reverie, the voice belonging to none other than the Shizuru. I didn't know what to say to say to her. I had temporarily frozen there on the spot staring at her, my mind was currently trying to register what she had just said but it failed to do so. Shizuru then smiled up and me and waved her hand.

Oh my.

"It's a beautiful day, is it not?"

Wait, hold on a minute. Is she talking to me? I turned my head around to check if she was talking to someone behind me. My head snapped back round when it finally hit me: Shizuru was talking to me!

You can't blame me for not replying properly, my mouth had run away with my brain. At this point there was no possible chance that I would be able to form a verbal reply. So I did the next best thing (I hope so), I nodded furiously. So there I was, nodding away like little Noddy while Shizuru laughed at me.


I'm such an idiot. What the hell was I doing? Ah!! I stopped nodding and just stood there, feeling embarrassment engulf me. I spun on my heels and headed out of the balcony like the devil was after me.

Ahh, that was terrible of me. That was so rude to just run off like that when she was talking to me. I'll have to apologise for my rude behaviour sometime. In the future..? I hope she forgets by then… Blah.

"What's the matter Natsuki-chan? You've been poking at your food for ages now? Don't you enjoy your mothers food? I can understand if that's the reason, I can't swallow anything on my plate either-uuumph"

I love it when mum hits dad on the head. He makes the funniest faces ever.Nothing cheers me up more than that. Hey - I'm not evil! It just looks really funny.

"Okokokok, sorry. Hmm Natsuki, what's the matter?"

I panic for a moment as I try to come up with an excuse. Believe it or not I have a hard time trying to lie to my father.

"Uhhhh… n-nothing. Just a little tired is all!" I flash my parents one of the most convincing smiles that I can muster up.

They don't seem to believe me. Well, that's what it looks like.

"Fine don't tell me. Just so you know, I will find out what has been bothering my little Natsuki. After all it is my job, it's called a fathers intuition."

"No dear. It's MY job and it's called a mothers intuition. A mother knows everything about her daughter. Natsuki has not spoken a word to either of us and I've already found out what's been bothering her. Tsk, tsk… you men. You'd never know what was bothering her unless she hit you on the head with a pole and screamed it out in your face. And even then you'd still not get it."

"Hey, give me a break. Give us men a break! I understand that we can be dense at times, but we can also be very understanding when we want to. Natsuki, if you ever need a shoulder to cry on… come to papa! I'll always be here for you."

"That's better. Atleast your not trying to take over a woman's role anymore."

"Give me a break wom-Natsuki? Are you ok?"

I didn't really answer that question. I just excused myself from the dinner table and sprinted back to my room. To be completely honest, I can' stop thinking of Shizuru and what's in store for me tomorrow. With the bloody dinner party in my mind it's eating away at my head.


Next chapter: Natsuki finally meets Shizuru and her family. Why is Natsuki so anxious? Find out in the next chapter.

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