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I don't know what came over me.

I don't know what gave me the sudden courage to go out in the middle of the night and climb up into Shizuru's back balcony.
I don't know what it was in me that made me tap on her window lightly until she came out of her bed, dressed in her delicious skimpy night gown to open the window for me.
I don't know what happened to my mellow, stuttering voice when I boldly asked her to join me and my friends on a day out.

And most of all, I don't know why she accepted my offer.


So we agreed to meet at 12 outside our homes. I was there, on time and leaning on one of the palm trees as if I was just casually waiting for someone. If anyone passing by noticed me, they probably wouldn't have realised that I was in fact having difficultly breathing. Yes, I was having a minor panic attack. What can I say? Shizuru makes me nervous. I haven't felt like this about anyone in such a long time.

At ten past twelve, I saw Shizuru's front door open - my breathing pace started to pick up again. And then, there she was, dressed in simple blouse and pleated skirt. Her eyes were focused on the floor as she stepped out of her front door. Her left hand moved around behind her back as she blindly felt for the handle on her front door to close it. I felt so gawky standing there, staring at her like some sort of creepy stalker. Straightening up, I shoved my sweaty palms into the base of my jean pockets. My eyes dropped down to the slip-on vans I wore on my feet.
Suddenly a dirt stain on my shoe looked so interesting.

"Natsuki?" Her silky voice called out to me.

I glanced up at Shizuru with a smile ready for her, "Hi there." I felt her smile grow warmer as she moved closer to me.

"Sorry to keep you waiting. I hope we're not too late." The way her lips moved so sexily, made the flesh on my cheeks burn.

"Ah, don't worry we won't be too late. I've got my bike. We'll be there in no time. I can guarantee you that." I grinned confidently at Shizuru. My Ducati is my pride, I can't help it - it turns me into a cocky show-off.

"Bike?" I could tell by the raised eyebrow that she didn't have the right type of bike in mind.

"Yes, here" I pointed smugly at my most prized possession, that was currently parked on the side of the road. "This, Shizuru, is my Ducati. I hope you're not afraid of motorbikes."

Her eyes briefly landed on my bike but then turned back to me. "Ah, then we'll be there in no time like you said." Shizuru sauntered over to my bike and peered at it for a few seconds before straddling it. Her hands wandered from across the rim of the windshield to the hand grip. "How do I look?" She called out to me.

Fucking sexy.

"Like a pro." I bit back my tongue.

"That's what I like to hear." She grinned cheekily at me before striking a sexy pose on my bike. I made my way over to my bike with a silly grin plastered to my face. "C'mon, that's enough playing around for today. We've gotta' be somewhere important in exactly 15 minutes."

"Ara, but Natsuki, I was having so much fun..." Her lips formed a cute pout.

"You can play another time" I zipped up my leather jacket and took out two helmets. "Here put this on."

Swinging one leg over my bike, I took out my keys and started up the engine. Shizuru's arm snaked around my body, "Hold on tight!" I yelled out.

Her grip on my waist tightened, giving me signal that she was ready.

With a load roar, my Ducati came to life.


Thanks to my Ducati, Shizuru and I were able to make it to the meeting point on time. In fact, not only were we on time, but we were also the first ones there.

"Natsuki, are you're friends usually this late?"

"Not really. I'm usually the one who turns up last." Shizuru nodded slowly, acknowledging my words. I watched her fumble with a loose string on her shirt. It didn't take a genius to figure out that Shizuru Viola was nervous.

I could understand why she was nervous, she would be meeting people that were new to her, (except Reito, she had already met him). I guess I'm just like her in that aspect; I get incredibly shy when I'm attending a social event where there are people that I'm not familiar with.

One by one everyone turned up. Mikoto was the last to appear since she was the one who lived furthest away. It was true what Mai said about Mikoto, the little bugger had grown over a foot taller than me and Mai. Looks like puberty finally happened. Her appearance changed a lot, her hair had grown out quite a bit - it was looking slightly messy. Don't get me wrong, her hair was still short but it had just grown out a little and stuck out in some awkward places. I guess some of the others thought it made her look more mature.

The messy looking hair look suited her better than her old hair style. I could tell Mai couldn't keep her hands off Mikoto. At times she seemed a little jealous of all the attention her girlfriend received from the other girls - at one point Mai looked like she wanted to tear Aoi's hands off Mikoto when she saw Aoi fingering Mikoto's new hair style in approval.

"Mikoto..." Mai called out, a soft pink blush tainting the bridge of her nose. Upon hearing her name being called out, Mikoto turned her body to face Mai. She was grinning from ear to ear.

"Mai?" I watched my best friend strut up to her girlfriend and kiss her senseless. The rest just gawked at the two of them, until Chie coughed loud enough to pull both Mai and Mikoto out of their dream-like world.

"Get a room." Scoffed Nao as she walked past them, leading the way through the busy street.

I stole a quick glance at Shizuru and caught her red-handed staring at me. I hate to admit it, but she was really quick to recover. "Does Natsuki always stare at her friends like that when they are kissing?"

"W-w-what? No-I-"

"Yeah that creep is always staring at the most awkward moments, right guys?" Interjected Nao.

"Shut your mouth Nao before I stuff my fist down your throat!" Crap, I shouldn't have said that. I squirmed inside when Shizuru raised an eyebrow at me.

"Ara, Natsuki is quite a violent individual."


We didn't have a plan for today, which was odd. Usually Mai would plan the day out for us. Something was up, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Like usual I shrugged it off.

"Chieeeee, lets go to the magazine store. Please. Please. Pleeeeeeease." Aoi fluttered her eyelashes at Chie, who just scoffed in response. "Whatever." Chie replied as Aoi dragged her away.

As if on cue, Mai spoke up. "Mikoto, would you like to help me pick out some new lingerie?" Mikoto nodded enthusiastically and pulled Mai into another direction.

My jaw dropped open, it didn't take a genius to figure out what was going on. Before I could stop the other two from running off Takeda yelled at the top of his lungs, "Oh! Would you look at that new stall. Come Reito let us check it out. Laters Natsuki, see you Shizuru!" They both speedily walked away.

It took a moment for me to speak up to Shizuru, who by the way, realised what was going on - judging by her amused face.

If only they gave me heads up, then at least I would have been expecting it... and maybe I would have had something planned. I clenched my hands into fists; Tokiha Mai is going to be minced meat once I get my hands on her.

"So... uh..." I fiddled around with the zipped in my hands nervously.

"It looks like it is just us. What should we do?" Said Shizuru.

"I... have absolutely no idea." I replied honestly.

"How about Natsuki shows me around? And if we see anything interesting to do, then we'll do it?"

"Sounds like a plan to me."


Shizuru's hands are really soft. I realise this when she curls her fingers around mine as we walk down the busy street.
The moment her skin touches mine, I flinch. I regret it immediately. Mai told me to never flinch.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" Shizuru pulled her hand away from mine.

"No, no. Don't be, that was an accident. You just caught me off guard. That's all."

I reach out for Shizuru's hand this time round. She's just as surprised as I am but doesn't show it. My fingers curl around hers, and I pray to god that my hands don't start sweating.

We walk through the crowded streets, hand in hand. We probably look like a couple, but it's not what it looks like. We're only holding hands because Shizuru could easily get lost in the large crowd, I think. Why else would she want to hold my hand?


Screw this. This is boring. We've been wandering around this place for ages now and this day seems to be getting more and more boring. I'll have to take matters into my own hands, Kruger style.

Shizuru seemed to be really surprised when I half dragged her back to my bike, but she didn't question me once. Either she trusts me a hell of a lot or she's too scared to ask me anything. "Aren't you going to ask me where I am taking you?" I eventually caved in.

"No, I trust Natsuki is not kidnapping me." Score! She trusts me, and I don't even know how I earned her trust over 24 hours.

"Now that's a great idea." I replied half seriously.

"Oh dear, whatever will I do? Natsuki Kruger is going to kidnap me, and I brought it upon myself on my own. No one will believe that story!" Shizuru pulled her hands up and into her chest, she looked irresistibly weak and defenceless for someone who was faking it.

"Is it time for me do my evil cackle?" I rubbed my hands together like an evil dictator and grinned maliciously.

Shizuru giggled delightfully and gave me a small push, "As much as I'd love to hear your evil laugh, I'd much rather know where you're taking me."

"Well, it's a surprise. Don't worry, I don't plan on kidnapping you – you'll be home before 8pm like you told your parents."


I took her to the lake house. It's actually nothing like a house, it's more like a cabin. When it was built, my friends and I decided that it was better called the 'Lake House' rather than the 'Cabin'. Sounds much more extravagant, don't you think?

The lake house was built during the summer. It was built out of pure boredom. During that very hot AND boring summer, Reito and I decided we needed to do something productive. So we both recruited all our friends and together we built it over the time span of 5 weeks. We worked non-stop and the finished product was well worth it. The cabin is used by all of us, we can go use it whenever we want any peace and quiet, it is near the lake: a brilliant location to just relax or chill.

The cabin was made on land that Reito's father owned; he doesn't know what we've done with his land. It's not like he is ever going to do anything with that land… well that was what Reito told us.

"Wow, Natsuki… what is this place?"

"It's our Lake House, me and the others built it a while ago. It's a secret lake house, so you can't tell anyone about it!"

"I won't. It's absolutely amazing, how did you do it?" Shizuru gazed out at the magnificent scenery.

"Well, I played a small role in this lake house. I just told the others what to do and they did it. I'm lazy." I grinned stupidly.

"So you were the brains behind this. That's really amazing."

I wasn't expecting that kind of reaction, I just told her I was a lazy bum. "Oh-well-no-I-uhhhhh…" Shitcrapfuck! I'm blushing again! "Not really, Reito did all the calculations and the paper work…" I mumbled.

"Kawaii! Natsuki is so adorably modest!" Shizuru poked my flaming cheeks just to make this situation worse.

"C-come on. I'll show you inside."


The minute we entered the cabin, Shizuru was drawn immediately to the picture in the frame that was hanging above the fire place. It was a huge picture taken of the guys who took part in the building of the lake house. The whole gang was included in that picture; we were all dressed in overalls, protective helmets, goggles and gloves. And we're all holding up a tool of our own, except me and Reito. Us two have a pencil each tucked behind our ears and we are both holding the blueprint.

"Is that everyone who helped build this place?" Inquired Shizuru.

"Yup, that is all of us." Shizuru raised her eyebrows in utter shock.

"But there's so little of you? How did you manage this all on your own?"

"We're a hard working bunch. There were days where we worked from sunrise to sunset."

"You guys were really dedicated and hard-working..."

"Yeah I suppose, we all put a lot of time and effort into it. But take a look at this place - it's the perfect escape from our stressful lives. I spent my whole summer here, last year..." It is true, I spent my whole summer here when I ran away from home... that was after I was... Never mind.

That was then. This is now.

Shizuru must have caught the expression on my face before I could hide it. That would explain the reason why she dropped her eyes down to the floor the moment I steered my eyes back to hers.

"Come, lets go outside, there is nothing more refreshing than taking a walk outside beside the lake."

I briskly walked back to the front door and let us out. Shizuru was avoiding my gaze and I wished she'd look at me. "Shizuru?" She hesitantly tilted her chin up and gave me direct eye contact. I smiled warmly at her, "You know, now that you know about this place. You can use it too. You're a part of the gang now. Ok? The others will be happy to have you join our group."

She looked positively alarmed, "Oh, no I couldn't. I'm just an outsider... I'll probably be leaving again soon." Her voice sounded like broken glass, something deep within me wanted to reach out to her and hug her.

Instead I stepped out in front of her and firmly gripped her shoulders, I stared intensely into her enticing crimson eyes. "Don't talk like that. You're here right now, so enjoy your time here while it lasts. You hear me Shizuru? Live for the moment. There is no time to dwell on the past or future, life is too short." I gave her a reckless grin and tugged her along with me. "Now come. I have something else to show you."


"Natsuki, are you sure that is a good idea? The water looks freezing cold." I continued to pull my socks off and lay them aside. Without any further hesitation I dipped my aching feet into the cool water.

"Ahhh, that feels great. It's not cold. It is the perfect temperature. Come join in, Shizuru. We haven't got long until we have to leave again."

It didn't take long until Shizuru started to peel her shoes off too. I watched her curiously take her shoes off; her feet were possibly the prettiest, most delicate looking pair of feet I'd ever seen. They were pale, and her toenails were painted a sexy shade of red that matched her eyes.



Before I realised it, my cheeks were blushing again. Shizuru innocently peered up at me, my neck and ears started to heat up. I can't believe I was getting off on Shizuru's feet. "Are you ok? Natsuki?"

I shook my head and forced my eyes away from Shizuru. My mind floated off again, I started daydreaming and before knew it I felt water hit my face. I blinked stupidly for a moment, trying to gather my thoughts. Did she just...?

I lifted my head to Shizuru and caught her grinning mischievously at me. "Got you." She smiled wickedly and dumped a load more of water over me.

Instantly I jumped up onto my feet and rolled up my sleeves. If she wants a fight, then a fight she'll get. Planning my revenge, I circled her body as she giggled nervously. And then I went into action, I ran directly at her, and caught her body in one snatch. She wriggled under my grasp as I heaved her body up and over my shoulder. At the moment, I didn't have time to think how close our bodies were otherwise I would have collapsed from a massive nose bleed.

I staggered over to the edge of the lake with Shizuru on my shoulder, without thinking I let go of her and dropped her surprisingly light body into the lake.

I was expecting her to scream and maybe splash some water at me, what I wasn't expecting was her to grab onto my shirt and drag me down with her. I yelped and fell into the water straight after her.

Shizuru started to laugh, and before I could stop myself I was laughing along with her. Our bodies drew closer and closer; neither one of us decided to get out of the water. Our bodies were close to contact, and suddenly our laughter ceased.

Her body was moving closer to me with each deep breath of air she breathed in, her lips were slightly parted… and I had never wanted to kiss someone as much as I wanted to kiss Shizuru right now.

I glanced down at Shizuru and found her grinning secretly at me. I opened my mouth to ask her what she was smiling about, but before I could even say a word she reached up to my face, cupping my flaming cheeks... and then she did the unexpected - she abruptly pushed my head down into the water. And started to swim erratically back to the dry land. I was too busy coughing and spluttering to have yelled at Shizuru for that little stunt that she had just pulled.


I got the fire place started and warm air gradually began to fill the small cabin. I turned my body back to Shizuru and found her peeling off her wet shirt and before I could stop myself, my eyes darted to the erect nipples that I could see through her damp vest. My face went up in flames.

I wanted to slap myself silly there and then.

I immediately looked away and prayed to god that Shizuru hadn't caught me being a pervert. "Uhh, Shi-zhizuru. Just wait there, I'll get you a spare set of clothes." I speeded out of the room faster than lightning.

I rushed into the bedroom, and before I could do anything else I grabbed a wad of tissues and shoved them up my nose. The image of the wet material clinging onto Shizuru's perfectly rounded breasts and darkened nipples was etched into my memory.

"Natsuki?" Shizuru called out to me, just as I was about to respond to her call, her body appeared from behind the door. "Have you forgotten about me or are you still looking for some spare clothes?"

Shizuru's soaked body moved closer to me, as I backed away from her. "Shi-shi-shizuru." I managed to croak weakly.

Shizuru's eyes glanced down at her own chest and back up to mine again. Am I dreaming or are her eyes twinkling dangerously?

"Natsuki? Are you ok?" Shizuru's wet body was suddenly pressed up against mine.

Before my world turned black I felt the erect nipples pressed up against me. I was in Heaven and Hell...


I groggily opened my eyes. "Natsuki!" Shizuru sighed in relief. "Thank god, you're awake! For a second I thought you weren't going to wake up again!"

I sat up straight, "I'm ok. What's the time?"

"Well, if we leave now I'll be back at home on time." I quickly stood up and grabbed my leather jacket. "Ah, traffic might be slow! Come Shizuru, we need to leave as soon as possible." My head was still spinning, but getting Shizuru home on time was much more important.

We got onto the bike as fast as our legs could carry, and I raced home as fast as we could. Once we reached our street, I slowed down. We still had 15 minutes to spare. I slowly brought the bike to the curb. Taking off my helmet, I took the one Shizuru pulled off her head. We both got off the Ducati together. The whole ride home I contemplated on walking Shizuru up to her doorstep or not. In the end I chose to walk up to her doorstep with her. Once we reached her doorstep, she took out her keys.

"I had fun with you today Natsuki. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate being included in your group of friends."

"Yeah, I had a good time too. Nah, don't mention it. I've noticed the others really enjoy your company." Shizuru fumbled with her keys in her hands.

"Goodnight Natsuki." Shizuru slipped a key into the lock. And then faster the speed of lightening she turned around and placed a small kiss on my right cheek. It all happened so fast that I almost didn't believe my eyes.

I was so dazed that by the time I snapped out of my heavenly daydream, she had already bid me goodnight and goodbye one last time, entered her home and closed the door behind herself.

I somehow floated back to my house and back to my bedroom with a silly grin plastered to my face.

Sitting down at the edge of my bed I placed my hand on my cheek, right where she kissed me.

'Pinch me, I must be dreaming.'

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